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 No More Mr. Nice Sergeant

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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No More Mr. Nice Sergeant  Empty
PostSubject: No More Mr. Nice Sergeant    No More Mr. Nice Sergeant  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 2:19 pm

No More Mr. Nice Sergeant

Japan, day, suburbs, outside

(We see Zim and GIR standing outside a house.)

GIR: Remind me Zim why are we doing this again?

Zim: to get money to fund ourselves.

GIR: I mean why are we standing outside one more house.

Zim: While you were trying to travel time using nothing except a chicken, I mentioned that we have one more house to visit.

GIR: I better stop eating this candy it gives me weird dreams.

Zim: Like the kind I get involving the side effects where I wake up screaming, Take out a baseball bat, and the Neighbors are calling 911?

GIR: No I get the ones where there things like Meeting a Punk Caterpillar, a bunch of playing cards that can talk, and a guy who drinks silver liquids.

Zim: OK 1.......2.......3. Hello miss would you like some candy.

Woman: I'm On my way to work so I left the money on the counter.

GIR: I like money.

Zim: Just don't eat it.

(We see a Silhouette watching them enter the house.)

Silhouette: Hello Sergeant.

Voice (off screen): who are you again? You're a Keronian right?

Silhouette: I'm Lance-Corporal, I've been working for you for 3 years. I got this image.

House, inside

GIR: Zim this place looks nice.

Zim: OK time to leave........wait it sounds like a clock.

(Zim then grabs the box and runs outside with it and eventually runs away in terror.)

GIR: Hey Zim what is that?

Zim: Explosives There activated RUN!



(Zim and GIR manage to escape the explosions and hide.)


Silhouette 2: Did the explosives activate Sergeant?

Silhouette 1: Shh Corporal .......I'm trying to see if the humans exploded. Then I'm going back to playing with my toys.

Silhouette 3: You're looking fine Serge, Hey at nighttime could you read me a bedtime story.

Silhouette 1: Sure Private.

(Suddenly the footage turns off.)

Silhouette 2: Enough of you're dumb games Sergeant Major were trying ton observe if our explosives work!


Silhouette 4: *KUKUKU* You forgot to pay me 10 yen.

Silhouette 1: OK fine.


Zim: What the heck just happened.

GIR: That was so cool do it again.

Zim: I can't I need to recover because I think you squashed my that music?

Pan Flute:

(Zim and GIR follow the music to see an alien creature resembling.........................A BLUE NINJA FROG )

Zim: is that A Keronian?

Dororo: Lance-Corporal Dororo Speaking what is........WOAH INTRUDERS!

GIR: Hey Ninja.

Dororo: Oh man there going to get me!

( A fight occurs between the two Eventually Zim knocks Dororo Into the pond he was standing near.)

GIR: Go Zim.

Zim: GIR we better figure out what these weirdos are up to.

(Suddenly Someone shows up we see an alien resembling a....................BLACK TADPOLE.)

Zim: OH-

Tamama: Hey what's up I'm Private Tamama........You Knocked out Dororo!

GIR: Zim did it.

Zim: why you little-

Tamama: You're going to be sorry.

(A fight occurs between the two Zim manages to knock him into the pond.)

Zim: We better find the system where there hiding.

GIR: I take the snacks if there are any.


Zim: HMMMM I wonder what this button leads too?

Zim: this the Laboratory alright.

GIR: No sign of any mad doctors.

(as the song plays Zim and GIR walk across the Laboratory and hear voice,

Voice (off screen): *KUKUKU* I beat you have some fun with this Thing!

Zim: Odd laugh.......wait I know that guy!

GIR: The Milkman?

(We see another alien resembling................A YELLOW MAD DOCTOR FROG)

Kululu: Sergeant Keroro got worried so he sent ME, The brilliant Scientist Sergeant Major Kululu to do the job.

Zim: Oh no......not the giant robot!

(Kululu attacks Zim while the Keronian while piloting a giant robot, after some time of fighting Zim eventually Smashes the Robot and...................KULULU'S GLASSES.)

Kululu: MY GLASSES!!!! Stop! Cease! I tell You where he is! He went to the control room.

Zim: well what are you waiting.

GIR: Cool!

Control room

Zim: Corporal Giroro show yourself


Giroro: What you know who I am?!

GIR: For someone small you looks tough.

Zim: Same for you Sergeant Keroro.

(We see a GREEN FROG.)

Keroro: Not yet I have one trick up my sleve.

(A battle occurs between Zim, Giroro, and Keroro Zim eventually wins again.)

Zim: Let's get out of hear before anyone notices this.

GIR: Right.



. the dream GIR mentions is similar to Alice In Wonderland

. Normal adult male Keronians look like this

. Keronian Soliders looks liek this

. Normal Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Keronian Children look like this

. Keronian Scientists Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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No More Mr. Nice Sergeant  Empty
PostSubject: Re: No More Mr. Nice Sergeant    No More Mr. Nice Sergeant  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 6:07 pm

Funny-i like that the candy gives you some wierd DREAMS lol! lol! lol!

I would not eat it either cherry cherry cherry

The title was unique alien alien alien alien

A fun read on such a nice day Plus I STILL HAVE CANDY-THANK GOODNESS NOT ILL SIDE EFFECTS affraid affraid flower flower
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No More Mr. Nice Sergeant
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