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 Valentine’s Day

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Valentine’s Day   Valentine’s Day Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 2:59 pm


(We see Zim and GIR drifting through space.)

GIR: Common Zim you haven’t said anything for 2 days.

Zim: I’ve had enough.

GIR: What?

Zim: Enough I tell you! Enough of Space! Enough of Bouncing around the cosmos! I want stability in my life you know solid ground, a nice little not hostile planet under my feet, and a family. All this infinity, there’s no end of it.

GIR: Wait a minute you said you can’t re-

Zim: Well an Irken Family consists of two individuals both are spouses.

Drive through Robot: Welcome to MCSpacy How can we help you two.

Zim: Let’s see two individual burgers for the both of us.

A couple minutes later

Drive through Robot: Thank you and have a nice day.

Zim: Wait a minute why am I given a bouquet?

Drive through Robot: That’s because of the holidays.

(As they go to some where else Zim stares repeatedly at the flowers.)

Zim: I got an idea.

GIR: Do you mind if I keep the flowers?

Zim: Take them, But I keep wondering why you eat anything you find, GIR.

(GIR instantly eats them as the opening credits roll.)

Valentine’s Day

Opening credits:

Irk, film studio, inside, day

(Zim and GIR land on the Mayan blue planet with red rings known as Irk, they enter the film studio and go to the front desk.)

Zim: Hello Miss we came here to see a guy called “Pakow the Foot” do you know where him.

Office Woman: how are you affiliated with him?

Zim: Oh were his friends.

Office Woman: He’s in room number 989776

Zim: I am seeing him soon.

(Zim and GIR proceed to walk down the hallway.)

GIR: why does this guy call himself “the foot”?

Zim: its kind like a title like “the bookie”, also do to he was finically unstable but managed to stand his ground.

GIR: Zim, How do you know this guy because I’m hungry?

Zim: Well during collage we tried to make a cereal brand this failed do to that we needed some vitamins and this resulted with us having to use Borg meat in the cereal. Here room 989776.


(They walk in to see a Round Irken With white eyes, and dressed in a Tuxedo, he spoke with a slight Chicago accent.)

Pakow the Foot: How you doing Mr. Zim.

Zim: Well long time no see Pakow, can you do me a favor.

Pakow the Foot: Well I can’t help finically and I’m not producing chick-flicks

GIR: What are chick-flicks?

Zim: something like this.

(Zim shows a film reel projecting a love seen.)


GIR: W-what are they doing it looks as if they’re trying to eat one another.

Zim: It’s called “Kissing” get used to it. Anyhow can you help me with this?

(Zim whispers and only Pakow understands what he’s saying.)

Pakow the Foot: MMMM Ok.


(We see all these women auditioning for something while Zim and Pakow are talking about something.)

Pakow the Foot: Remind me Mr. Zim what are these people with little to no acting career are doing for this audition.

Zim: Simple, young, beautiful women would audition for the "part" of my wife, under the impression that they are auditioning for a new film, but in actuality so I can marry one of the final contestants.

Pakow the Foot: SO that explains why you hired non famous people. Wait a minute haven’t you ever tried I-Harmony?

Zim: Look buddy I tired it at least 790 times and I STILL don’t have any people visiting it. Plus I’m first going through the relationship status before I do the wedding.

Pakow the Foot: right we’ve gone through all constants and still no one you can decide on?

Zim: Well is there any more.

GIR: I like this game system where do you get this stuff?

Pakow the Foot: Well one more a woman known as Vix.

Zim: CUE!

GIR: My bug never pupated!

Zim: GIR that’s a potato chip.

GIR: *eats’ it*


(After the audition we see Zim come back covered in red splashes.)

GIR: ZIM?! DID you get into a G-?!

Zim: no that’s lip stick.

GIR: So that the marks Kissing leaves?

Zim: GIR even if I did get into a fight my body fluids are GREEN not RED. Were going to the jewelry store.

Jewelry store, night

(We see Zim and GIR visiting a real Jewelry store.)


Zim: Hello?

Pakow the Foot (off screen): That woman’s finically shaky historically speaking.

Zim: Look mister you were that once.

(Zim hangs up.)

GIR: Why are at a Jewelry store?

Zim: Women like jewelry it makes good rings and profits.

GIR: I’ll be exploring the mall see you later.

Late night at the Woman’s house
(We see Zim wakes up at the middle of the night and comes across a rather weird room and enters he sees all these pictures of him.)

Zim: What the heck?

GIR (off screen): Hello.

Zim: Apparently this person may have an unhealthy obsession with me.

(We see a silhouette rises behind him about to-)

Narrator: This scene is extremely scary and violent so instead were going to show you something else.



Zim: Remind me what I’m doing in the basement again?

Much Later

GIR: Well that was extremely anticlimactic Zim.

Zim: That’s because the author wants to make it quicker.

GIR: SO what did you do with her?

Zim: I sent her to a therapist in order to calm her down, apparently I was the first person to show this individual affection.

GIR: SO the moral of the story?

Zim: Make sure you know the person first.

(Everything pauses)

Zim: So you want to get ice cream.

GIR: Let’s.

Zim: I’m starting to think you’re a good worker.



. the entire episode parodies Audition by Ryū Murakami

. the speech patterns and behavior of Pakow parodies the characters of mobster films
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
specices: sea sponge

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine’s Day   Valentine’s Day Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 3:13 pm

AN inetesting look at relationships

How smeone meets another -plus the valentine Holiday

I think checking e harmoney is a good idea

I like the begining music selection
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Valentine’s Day
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