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 Save the Green Planet!

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Save the Green Planet! Empty
PostSubject: Save the Green Planet!   Save the Green Planet! Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 8:34 pm


The film's main character is Byeong-gu, a man who believes that aliens are about to attack Earth and that he is the only one who can prevent them. With his childlike circus-performer girlfriend, he kidnaps a powerful executive whom he believes to be a top ranking extraterrestrial who can contact the prince of these aliens during the upcoming eclipse. After imprisoning the man in his basement workshop, he proceeds to interrogate the executive and slowly Byeong-gu's true intentions are revealed.

It seems that the executives company poisoned his mother in a pharmacy test, and though Byeong-gu does seem to believe that the executive is an alien, he's deluding himself to his obvious act of revenge. When a detective comes calling to investigate the disappearance, the executive tries to escape but is thwarted by the psychotic Byeong-gu. The detective at first finds nothing unusual but on his way out sees Byeong-gu's dog (appropriately named Earth) gnawing on the bones of his master's past victims. After contacting a partner in the police force he is killed by the psycho's bees, is hacked up and fed to the dog. Byeong-gu then straps the executive to a dental chair and breaks his leg with his axe butt, to punish him for his attempted escape. In a desperate move, the executive convinces Byeong-gu that the bottle of benzene in his trunk is the antidote for his comatose mother.

As Byeong-gu races to the hospital to deliver the antidote, the executive frees himself by pulling his hands through the dtraps. He then travels deeper into his captor’s lair, finding evidence of his grim research. Photos of mutilated bodies are littered with scrawled notebooks, while hands and brains of past ‘subjects’ reside in jars. Reading through the journals the executive discovers Byeong-gu's traumatic past: his father was a coal miner who lost one of his arms due to his dangerous work and was killed by his wife when he attempted to attack her and his son. He was beaten in school and was a victim to the sadistic whims of his cruel teachers. He showed early signs of violence, such as stabbing a fellow school mate with a kitchen knife. His mother was then poisoned in the aforementioned incident and at a protest, his former girlfriend was beaten to death. He slowly went mad from the violence that surrounded him.

At the same moment, the dead detective's partner arrives and finds the frantic executive as Byeong-gu, after desperately rushing to the hospital, feeds the so-called antidote to his sickened mother, inadvertently killing her. Infuriated, he returns home with intention of killing the executive but finds the detective there. After a brief struggle and a bizarre turn of events, he captures both of them and plans on killing them both. The frantic executive then admits to being an alien and proceeds to spin an exotic tale which stretches back to the time of the dinosaurs, about how his race was trying to save humanity by experimenting on the genetic code of his mother. He also agrees to contact the alien prince at the executive's company factory.

Byeong-gu leaves the detective all his notes, saying that if he doesn't make it, he will have the responsibility of saving the planet. At the factory, the executive triggers a computer controlled robotic arm to kill Byeong-gu's girlfriend, and after a long struggle, he beats his captor near to death. When the police arrive, they shoot Byeong-gu, and as he bleeds to death he wonders aloud, "Now who will save the earth?"

In the end aliens do arrive and take the executive, who is in fact the alien prince himself, aboard their ship. After failing his mission, he deems Earth a failed experiment and blasts it from creation. As the credits roll a video recaps the entire journey of Byeong-gu's life.

This film is extremily misguiding and tragic I mean look at the poaster.....

Save the Green Planet! Save_the_Green_Planet_Poster

did you know that poaster is for the film you just read
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Save the Green Planet!
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