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 Planet: Hobo 13

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Planet: Hobo 13 Empty
PostSubject: Planet: Hobo 13   Planet: Hobo 13 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 10:50 am

When Zim constantly keeps petitioning the Almighty Tallest for equipment, they remind him that he is not a battle soldier, and that he doesn't have the training. So they send Zim to Hobo 13, a training camp for the best of soldiers. Zim thinks he will prove himself to the Tallest; they just hope he'll die once and for all. But when he becomes the leader of his squad in training, he is shown to survive all the challenges in the obstacle course, albeit through needlessly sacrificing teammates.

Meanwhile, Bob, a servant of the Tallest, was forced into betting on Zim, when other Irkens bet large sums of "monies" (apparently, planet's currency) that Zim would be killed in various brutal fashions. At the very end when Zim survives and completes the test (and even bests Sgt. Hobo.), Bob defies the Tallest and throws his servant gear (a table with a brace like a helmet) on the ground and says "You can serve yourselves from now on!".

He is later seen at the end in Zim's newly granted ship strapped to the back seat with duct tape so he can't talk and is trying to warn Zim as they are headed toward the sun with locked controls. Off screen the 2 mange to avoid getting killed and escape in the veichal
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Planet: Hobo 13
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