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 Alien Delivery

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Alien Delivery Empty
PostSubject: Alien Delivery   Alien Delivery Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 2:16 pm

Alien Delivery

Zim’s base, day, inside

(We see Zim and GIR doing their usual things.)

Zim: GIR did you put the chemicals in the lab section.

GIR: MMMM well there’s some show at 3 pm and another at….

Zim: Never mind I found it.


Zim: It better not be anything we battled in the past….

(Suddenly a crashed spaceship is lying on the sidewalk.)

GIR: Is it pizza delivery.

Zim: Not really it’s more of a mail carrier.

Mail Alien: Oh hello my ship crashed could you give a lift.

GIR: Well…..

Zim: We got nothing better to do.

(They walk in and Zim clicks a button.)

Mail Alien: What do you know it works?

Zim: Well where’s the stop?

GIR: OOOOO a radio.

Zim: Well I think we can help you sir…

Mail Computer: Warning asteroid field ahead!



(Zim manages to avoid all the asteroids although they blew up several satellites.)

Zim: Well….that’s NASA’s problem now.

Mail Alien: I’m supposed to give some packages to some guys at some planet.

Zim: Well this is going to put the joy in “JOY ride”.

Mail Alien: What are you doing?

GIR: Buttons…..I like cake.

Mail Alien: ZIM!!!!

(GIR clicks all the buttons he sees resulting in the ship movie at the speed of a Tachyon.)

The Massive, inside

(we See the Almighty Tallest Seeing a ship moving faster than the speed of light move by.)

Almighty Tallest Purple: We really need to put that into our battle ships.

Almighty Tallest Red: Purple, It’s not really a big deal it’s a mail carrier.

Almighty Tallest Purple: So Red… want to go back to playing some video games?

Almighty Tallest Red: Let’s!

Irk, day

(The ship crashes at some guy’s house.)

Mail Alien: Package to you.

Irken: Thanks.

Zim: IT looks like our job is done here.

GIR: how are we getting home?

(Suddenly their space ship appears behind them and the two leave.)



. The Mail Alien was inspire by this image

. The Company is based on UPS
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Alien Delivery
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