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 The happy Zim Smiley show

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: The happy Zim Smiley show   The happy Zim Smiley show Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 2:04 pm

The happy Zim Smiley show

City, Night,

(we see Zim and GIR walking down the streets talking about something.)

Zim: GIR what do suppose the reason all these people are vanishing and being fourced ot watch 30000 failed TV pilots, they have no criminal record and there all innocent.

GIR: I’m just happy to have some snacks.

Zim: I mean what if were next on this caputerors list.

GIR: then were going to stop it.

Zim: right but this building is the place let’s go in.

(we see Zim and GIR walk into the building and see it’s…..the VILLAIN CONATIMENT CENTER.)

Zim: THE VIILLAIN CONTAINMENT CENTER!!! But….What is doing on earth?

GIR: I like the radio playing.

Zim: GIR this is serious not only does it mean that our culprit is here but it means he has supernatural powers.

GIR: I like the TV sets.

(they walk down a hallway where we see every Villain Zim and GIR have defeated in jail cells: Mr.Huggy, several Criminals, and Harlem. After sometime they walk down towards the cells holding the innocent people.)

Zim: hold still

GIR: this is going to be cool.

(After freeing they go towards a room that says the man in charge.)

Office room, inside
Zim: WHAT THE!!!?? WHAT IS THIS!!???

GIR: this is getting weird.

(We see Videl the ruler in….a CLOWN COUSTUME.)

Videl: Oh hello, Could you leave I have to talk to my manger.


GIR: I want to meet him!!

(we see a chair flip over showing a creature…resembling ELMO for the show SESAME STREET.)

Elko: Videl did you do what Elko said?

Videl: yes Elko.

Zim: what is this?! How are you in charge?! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE!!!??

GIR: *Cries after finding out one of his favorite cartoon characters is evil*

Elko: ONE AT A TIME!!! Elko’s diabolical plot happened 3 months ago. After Months of running, Elko was eventually caught by the police after they lured him into a pool of ice cream….the police planted explosives in Elko’s ice cream. I was then sent here where I am forced into misery. Then I planed to over throw Videl then I turned this place form cosmic jail cell to Elko's World is the name of a place that man greatly fears. It is a dark and scary place ruled Elko.

Zim: and what would be you’re plan?

Elko: to rule the entire universe and conquer heaven! Also make a book on snakes on a plane.

Videl: that’s Crazy that’s where my bosses are form!!


GIR: and make me a sandwich

Elko: Looks like the crowd has had enough of you.

(he performs a ritual a strange ritual that involves creating a pit full of Lava…..only he did right underneath himself.)


(Zim pushes him into the pit as he falls straight into the Lava bellow….we can’t see though, in fact we only see Zim and GIR’S expressions.)

GIR (sarcastically): I going to m-

Zim: don’t say not even once!

Videl: now to restore everything but before you leave I’m forever in your dept.



. the episode parodies sesame street

. this image inspired the entire plot

. the snake’s on a plane book was inspired by this
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
specices: sea sponge

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PostSubject: Re: The happy Zim Smiley show   The happy Zim Smiley show Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 5:02 pm

My favorite part is Elko you will never be our most favorite monster No No No No

I like your post notes for infor Dr. Seuess and snakes on a plane LOL lol! lol! lol!

take heaven and write a book Snakes on A Plane study study study lol! lol! lol!
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The happy Zim Smiley show
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