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 The world shpere

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The world shpere Empty
PostSubject: The world shpere   The world shpere Icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 8:10 am

The World sphere

Zim’s base, night, inside

GIR: all of Zim’s Great work…..Ruined. I can’t believe I let this happen.

(Zim repairs what GIR broke and leaves)

GIR: what do you know about this project Known as number 2?

Zim: well it’s not close to done all I need are some power-cells (Irken Batteries) I wonder if we should head back to Los-Helios I’ve heard they have some of those.

(Zim and GIR wonder space looking for the batteries eventually try a planet that looks robotic.)

GIR: Sir, what lives in the Gamma star-cloud?

Zim: HEY YOU ON THE COMPUTER SCREEN LISTEN UP!!! Well a group of frog-like aliens known as Keronians are the most common creatures of the Star cloud but we ignore them.

GIR: how come?

Zim: well they take over planets but it takes very huge amounts of time. In fact I bet they are unable to take over a bowl of Jell-O.JELL-O!!!!

World sphere inside

(They look around in this place and see that everything including the people are….2D. suddenly a computer with mouth resembling the EKG-line and two pong lines for eyes appears)

Inter-NET: welcome to World sphere 2.0 I’m your host the Inter-NET.



Inter-NET: No you’re not its just that I’m a computer this is my body!

(Zim and GIR look for a power cell until they come across one on a ledge Zim throws GIR and he grabs it. The Little Robot puts in his carrying case. Security Alarm activates. )

Inter-Net: You have trespassed into a restricted zone!

Zim: This is reminding me of the time we rented the film……oh what was it called again….”Zardoz”

GIR: aw man

(Suddenly they fight their way into the city and find a large tower. When they walk in they find a large chamber)


Zim: cool game system. (Unplugs the Inter-NET and plays the system GIR then opens the Door revaluing the Inter-NET’s user……..A small, blue skinned man resembling……Albert Einstein with cartoonish facial features.)

Professor: Ok this is getting weird first meeting these aliens then getting unplugged.

Zim: well be leaving now!


Zim’s base, Night, inside

Zim: we have the power core the only problem is that the Project isn’t.

GIR: what exactly are you building?

Zim: nothing you’d be interested in!



. Zim briefly mentions a group of frog-like aliens

.some scenes are referent of the wizard of OZ
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The world shpere
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