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 Ruined World?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Ruined World? Empty
PostSubject: Ruined World?   Ruined World? Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 8:08 pm

(We see two girls on somekind of newstation.)

Ruined World? Radio10

Girl 1: Hello and Welcome to our latest news show, today's weather is bright sunny and clear.

Girl 2: Well were currentally having a fun time, here we have no crime reports and all in alll a good day let's take this story to our informat on the latest story in the news.


(We see a boy who is carrying a microphone he looks like this)

Ruined World? Double10

Double D: Thank you ladies, * Clears his throut* Hello my name is Eddward and I shall tell you this story.

(Double D notices something and just stacks his script he wrote.)

Double D: In the 21st century, there's only love adventure for this young artist he has-

(Suddenly a vortex rips through the sky.)

Double D: Okay, isn't that a vortex appearing in the sky? Is this one of you're pranks Eddy?

(Suddenly Meteors start falling from the sky and pelt several buildings below.)

Double D: Meteors? WHAT THE HECK!!!?? I don't care, the government has laser tower everywhere.

(Double D hears a phone ringing he picks it up.)

Ruined World? Edd_is10

Double D: Hello...............................................What do you mean there's an Electromagnetic pulse storm following?

(Suddenly Monsters come out of the meteors.)

Double D: Wait those meteors are eggs?! What kind of creature does this?!

(Suddenly we see monsters attacking the city and then some jet planes show up. The monsters eat them.)

Double D: I prepared for everything only to findout the entire airforce of this city is EXTINCT!

Girl 1: Double D are you OK?

Double D: I'm having the worst day ever.

Girl 2: What are you going to today.

Double D: I'm taking the rest of the day off to get out of here and find someplace safe! Let's get out of here!

Girl 1: Wait, this isn't over yet!

Double D: Huh?

(Suddenly Ed shows up.)

Ruined World? Big_ed10

Ed: This episode has been brough to by the letter "G" for "Godzilla"!

Girl 2: That's all everyone and incase you're wondering............................THERE IS NO GOOD NEWS!!!

Ruined World? 111

Now to return you to you're article

Ruined World? 049

Music for the Article

First things first, no real life example counts. This is a metaphysical trope that's clearly defined by the writer, not an opinion by people complaining about the world as a whole.

A Ruined World is a horrible setting where the pessimistic notion of "anything that can go wrong will go horribly wrong" almost always applies, and it corrupts its inhabitants into perpetuating that nastiness against each other. Trying to survive in one of these places stinks.

Stories are often Dark that take place in ruined worlds and are very cynical.

Please also note that a Ruined World will stink for everyone and everything. NO one benefits or enjoys their existence in such a place, and if so, it is only brief.

For example Heroes and Villians a like suffer for their actions both good and bad.

It comes in three flavors:

From here, these worlds can be depicted by authors in various ways, whether it would be dramatic or comedic, immutable or mutable.

• A dramatic Ruined World has plenty of angst to go around, and often makes tragic people out of its sympathetic cast, particularly the protagonist, as they suffer horribly in their attempts to do the right thing or pursue their dreams. Expect characters who do the right thing to suffer for it. Expect characters who do the wrong thing to prosper.

• A comedic Ruined World is Played for Laughs and is made up of idiots, Jerks, Chew Toys and the occasional Only Sane Man, with plenty of Cartoonish mayhem a to go around. The "upside" is that it's usually parodic and funny in its extremes.

• A mutable Ruined World simply starts out as crappy, but a determined protagonist and his True Companions and the Knight In Shining, can actually cause some, but mostly few, positive changes in the setting.

The enviorment is worse here is a list of problems:
. The Beach is full of toxic chemicals

. There is an old weapons testing ground filled with killer scorpions

. The people are actually ashamed to live in the town and all to happy to leave

. The job employers send you tips for work at a criminal group disguised as an advertising agency

. The fast food places are garbage

. The oceans are barren

. The remaining ecosystems are on the brink of complete ecological collapse

. Zombies are attacking world wide

. The so called "Hero of Justice" who is not the actual main character, is a vigilante psychopath

. There are warmongering kingdoms and their corrupt nobility

. There is an evil god like being that was created as a result of humans subconsciously wishing for a cause to their misery, and has been busy being that cause ever since

. A paranoid megalomaniac is actually one of the most sane and collected members of a disfunctional city

. There is no mention of school

. War planes and Biohazard zones are in some areas

. Thugs and Organized Criminals rule the streets with impunity

. An entire universe where Humanity is surrounded by unimaginably horrifying Cosmic Abominations, compared to whom we are insignificant ants, and who will plunge all of them into madness when they awaken from their slumber

. North America has collapsed into a totalitarian nightmare which considers watching children slaughter each other on television to be the height of entertaining People from the satellite states (which supply the children in question) did we mention the whole country is required to watch

. Towns that tend to be dirt-poor and will be beaten or killed for pretty much no reason at all

. A fighting area complete with neurotoxic mists, nightmare-inducing bees, giant walls of fire, mad dogs who happen to be templated off your dead friends

. The rest of the world is conspicuously absent, possibly destroyed in the vaguely implied calamity that brought the government in question to power

. One tourest attraction may look all sparkly and pretty, but look past that, and it would make 1984 look like a Sugarbowl. People living in fear? Check. Run by a currupt Beaurocrat? Check. Willing to destroy an entire city to kill two Cosmic Abominations? Check. The entire population set up as a mass sacrifice to their deity? CHECK

. Even joining the rebels isn't much better. After risking everything following a rumor with risk of being killed or becoming a mute slave of the dictatorship, you get to look forward to a civiliztion where everything must be rationed and everyone works

. Even Hero's the Rebellion 's symbol for hope isn't given much special treatment by The President of the Rebellion. The President herself is just like the Dictator playing for the good side, One of her suggestions when they beat the dictatorship was to hold a Hunger Games-like competitons themselves except using children of their enemies. Which, other then completely destroying their pampered way of life would give them ample reason to start a rebelion on their own later down the line

. One city is located on the edge of the radioactive wasteland that covers most of North America and there are tens of thousands of crimes there every single day, and the authorties only have the manpower to respond to around 6% of all that

I hate these places!

I think i know what you think....................


Ruined World? 112

Double D: Well the monsters were destroyed by the military that's good to know.

Ed: Aw man I wanted to keep one.

Double D: We can have movie night, you're choice.

Ed: Thanks buddy.

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Ruined World? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ruined World?   Ruined World? Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 1:20 pm

This place you describe seems sad. Does it happen naturally or is it due to some catastphoic occurance?

Is this situation able to be corrected? Blade runner and water world seem like they have this as thier schema.

What do you think?

Your article does not leave any situation out!
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Ruined World?
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