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 Mysterious Mysteries

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Mysterious Mysteries   Mysterious Mysteries Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 8:53 am

The host of the popular paranormal TV show Mysterious Mysteries has no inspiration and low ratings. With the threat of unemployment, he desperately turns to the stories in "The Dib Archive" , which he stopped using after "that last time" (at this point he touches a scar on his face and a picture of Dib flashes on the screen for a split second), for help, and randomly picks a DVD containing footage of Dib exposing Zim as an alien. After deciding this is the best he has for the show, he has Dib comes on the show. On Mysterious Mysteries, the footage that was on the DVD is shown, and after the host asks Dib if he is prepared to defend that Zim is an alien, Zim himself joins the show to try to make everyone think Dib's footage is false. Dib then tells what his point of view from the night he took the footage. This is played out in a (poor) dramatic reinactment. Zim then tells a completely different version of the story that insists Dib is a bully (another stupid reinactment). After an overdramatic introduction, Gaz joins in the show and tells her version, along with a reinactment. Then a surprise guest (GIR) joins. GIR's version (reinactment) involves a giant squirrel that eats Dib's "greasy head". Zim get's up from his seat and then drags GIR off the set. The host puts his hands on his head and shakes it and says, "Nothing matters any more!" He leaps from his seat and screams that Dib is crazy, Zim is crazy, and Gir is crazy. He Runs to the camera, shakes it and makes babbling sounds. Then the host is shown watching this in his office. The producer then runs in and exclaims, "crazy gets good ratings, give me more like it,". Then, while the host is still seen babbling on his TV, a picture of Dib flashes on the screen three times in a row, like in the beginning.

The TV show in the title reminds me of eather UFO hunters or Monster Quest
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Mysterious Mysteries
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