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 Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Empty
PostSubject: Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR   Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2013 9:21 am

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Invade10


Produced, Directed, and Written by: The Irken Empire, Nickalooden and Paramount pictures

Rating: PG For Viloence, Scenes of peral and some rude humor

Relase: summer time

Country: USA

Languge: English

(We hear the Voice of the Narrator.)

Narrator: A long time ago and very far away there lived a great empire that expanded across the universe, they did this by sending a group of military officers known as Zim who was accompanied by his robot companion GIR to go and conquer a mysterious planet known as Earth. However all was not well, for you see one day another person who wanted to conquer the planet arrived. Her name was Tak and accompanied by a robot known as MIMI she started to plot against Zim to overthrow his position. However, one day that was all about to change when Tak hired a scientist who she broke out of a cell.....

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR

Opening theme:

Zim's Base, Day, outside

(We see Zim and GIR relaxing outside.)

Zim: What a beautiful day GIR.

GIR: MMMMMMMMMM Leaves, so what did you hear about Tak?

Zim: I'm not sure of her exact whereabouts but I'm pretty sure she's planning something, I think it's going to be big.

GIR: Do You think it has something to do with expired pie, Zim?

Zim: Um......No GIR it probably has something to do with giant war machines, massive bio mutants and devices that can level entire continents.

GIR: no picnic?

Zim: You do realize that Tak will stop at nothing to get our jobs even if it means destroying us right.

GIR: Oh something more dramatic.

(Suddenly we see large mutant creatures that resemble insects they then attack the neighborhood)

Zim: What the heck are those things?! What kind of chemical can cause something like that?!

GIR: I have no idea.

Zim: GIR activate duty mode we have to fight those things.

GIR(Robotic): Yes my lord.

(Zim and GIR proceed to attack the mutant life forms, in the end Zim and GIR manage to destroy all of them except one of them that's a lot bigger than the rest.)

Zim: Well he's impervious to our attacks but I know what to do.

GIR: what's that?

Zim: Run for our lives!

(We Zim and GIR running away from the bio mutant they manage to run into various places across town including the city streets, an amusement park, and a football stadium.)

Chapel, day

(eventually Zim and GIR show up at a chapel where a wedding is going on at. We see the Bride and Groom they look like this.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR 0120

Priest: Do you miss, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband.

Bride: I do.

Priest: Do you sir, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife.

Groom: I do.

Priest: You may now kiss the bride.

(As Bride and Groom kiss, Zim and GIR run straight past them.)

Zim: Excuse me, pardon me, coming through.

(Suddenly the bio mutant follows them, everyone stares in terror except the bride and groom to busy kissing. As the bio mutant leaves everyone stares in terror.)

Bride: What's wrong with two adults kissing.

Groom: You look like you saw a ghost, is something wrong?


(Zim and GIR manage to use a chandelier to crush the bio mutant.)

GIR: What do we do now?

Zim: Well Tak sent that against us in a failed attempt to destroy us so we better strike first GIR.

GIR: Quick question, why is the number 119 painted on the monsters body, Zim?

Zim: We better figure this out before were done for.

Voice (Off screen): Not so fast!

(Zim and GIR turn around to see an alien standing directly behind them they look like this.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Space_10


Poyon: Officer Poyon, of the Space Police.

GIR: I never seen nor heard about you in my life.

Poyon: I am going to make your arrest Tak.

Zim: Wait, there's some mistake I'm not Tak!

Poyon: You're under arrest for trying to destroy a high ranked military officer known as Invader Zim-

Zim: I’m not Tak!

Poyon: And it's time for you to go to the big house Tak.


Poyon: That's what they all say.

(Just before Poyon can attack arrest them, Zim knocks them out and steals their hand cuffs.)

Zim: Any how we better find Tak before more crazy stuff happens to us.

(Zim and GIR leave as we see a silhouette watching them, It has bloodshot eyes and it smiles revealing needle-like teeth. It talks in an old raspy voice)

Silhouette: By means destroy Tak, after you do that I’ll destroy you, after all destruction is my specialty.

Tak's Base, inside, day

(We see a girl who looks like this.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Tak_210

Tak: Well What's the status report on that subordinate MIMI.

(MIMI does a series of gestures to indicate something.)

Tak: SO he started this mess, well that figures. I shall destroy him and then destroy Zim.

(Suddenly we see the room turn red and security alarms)

Alarm: Zim has been detected.


(We see Zim and GIR fighting their way past all kinds of weird security devices.)

Zim: Man this is starting to become a hassle, is there any short cut to the room she's in?

GIR: Where does she get these wonderful toys?

(Zim and GIR continue to fight their way to the control room to see Tak inside it.)

Tak: Well you made it past my security system.

Zim: Look I have to end this so you don't cause anymore havoc, especially with your bio mutants.

Tak: Bio mutants?

Zim: Yes you sent them all out on us this morning.

(Suddenly a tiny robot appears.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Mimi-110

Tak: I didn't make any bio mutants but I'm still going to destroy you, MIMI!

(Zim proceeds to fight MIMI and eventually after sometime of fighting Zim manages to use the Handcuffs on Her.)

Tak: I am sick to death of your insolence and refusal to accept me as you're superior, it's time to fight this out.

(Tak takes off her disguise revealing her true form.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Tak_112

GIR: Tak, you really have authority issues.

Tak: Shut up you piece of metal.

(Zim proceeds to fight Tak after sometime Zim eventually manages to defeat Tak in the huge battle and uses a pair of handcuffs on her.)

Zim: OK now that I have you're attention, tell me what you know about the bio mutants in the area.

Tak: Well they were created by a chemical substance that I gave to my subordinate known as Agent 119 he managed to create a series of Bio Mutants and use them in an attempt to over throw me and destroy you.


(As Zim is trying to ask Tak questions Poyon shows up.)

Poyon: So that's what Tak looks like, well I'm placing her under arrest.

Zim: But I already handcuffed her.

Poyon: Aw man, well in that case I'll handcuff her feet too.

(Suddenly we hear a voice coming from the loud speakers. It is old and raspy)

Voice (off screen): Attention everyone I have activated the self destruct sequence of this base, you have about a limited amount of time to flee for you're wrenched and miserable lives.

GIR: That can't be good right Zim.

Zim: defiantly.

(Zim and GIR manage to escape the base as Poyon is too busy trying to fit handcuffs on Tak's Feet. As Zim and GIR run out of the lair-)


GIR: We survived, thankfully............oh look some delicious wood.

Zim: Wow this is getting more dangerous than I though.

GIR: What do you mean Zim?

Zim: Poyon, Tak, and MIMI were still in the base when it exploded, does that mean there-

GIR: SO what are we going to do next?

Zim: We have to stop this guy before he destroys everything.

GIR: What do you mean, Zim.

Yogi Bear: I'm going to steal some Pic-a-nic baskets. SO which one of you Technicolor people want to help me.

Zim: Wrong show.

Yogi Bear: Oh Sorry.

(Yogi Bear leaves as Zim and GIR continue to talk.)

Zim: GIR, we were forged in victory. A victory that ended the great war and brought forth the reign of Irken Empire. Born from a far off world. We brought order and emerged out of the Chaos. As it grew, so to did the might of our Invasion. I shall created a world of peace, a world of prosperity, a world of safety, a world that lives in the shadow and safety of my power. Our empire has come to be the absolute measure of strength and power. Now, on this day, that power is to be tested. This mad man seeks to destroy all that I have wrought. GIR let's aside the petty problems that we face for sometime. We will unite. We will stand together. And I will wipe out this plague!

GIR: I with you through and through Zim but where will we find this mad man?

(Suddenly the sky turns dark and Zim looks up and sees a floating land mass it looks like this.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Sky_is10

Zim: A battle station the size of a moon is probably the correct answer.

(Zim Summons the Voot Runner and he and GIR proceed to go into it.)

Battle Station, inside

(We see a Silhouette Planning something)

Silhouette: That wretched boy will never see what's coming when he get's here.


(We see Zim and GIR fighting their way through the bio mutant army in an attempt to find what's going on.)

Zim: This place is crazy where are things coming from?

GIR: Pop-tarts?

Zim: It's not Pop-tarts. It's something a lot more powerful.

(As Zim and GIR continue fighting their way through this horde they come into a weird room where they see tiny insects with black liquid being injected into them.)

GIR: And I thought I had a weird diet.

Zim: Where is this stuff coming from? What is this weird goop?

(Zim notices a weird vile of black liquid labeled “X”)

Zim: So let me get this straight this madman decided to get a bunch of Chemical X and inject these into insects in order to create an army to specifically destroy everyone he hates, do you know what this means.

GIR: Yes...................wait a minute no.

Zim: We are defending the world as it stands from this mad man's thoughtless and destructive actions. We fighting for family, subjects, and arguably life itself. We must not fail!

(Zim and GIR enter a room and see the master mind behind this is an Old Scientist in a wheelchair who has pale skin, has needle like teeth, a mouth resembling a duck's bill, and an exposed brain. He looks like this)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Weird_11

GIR: *Screams in terror*

Zim: What are you doing here?! Aren't you supposed to be serving community service?!

Mad Doctor: Good question, That wretched Tak broke me out but I was tired serving her so I mass produced these bio mutants to destroy not only you two miscreants, but Tak and everyone else on this planet!

Zim: What do you honestly expect to achieve if you destroy all life on earth.

Mad Doctor: Simple I consider this a science experiment.

GIR: Science experiments aren't supposed to destroy the entire planet.

Mad Doctor: Sacrifices must be taken.

Zim: You're crazy! All you do is try to blindly justify your actions do you know what you really are?

Mad Doctor: What am I?

Zim: A parasitic worm. You're strange looking but incredibly vile and with a variety of powers that rely on drawing health and surviving from hurting, destroying, enslaving another organism.

Mad Doctor: Enough talk Zim and GIR, it's time for you to meet you're maker.

Zim: GIR activate duty mode.

GIR (Robotic): Yes My Lord.

(The Mad Doctor summons a series of machines and lasers to fight for him after sometime of fighting Zim and GIR manage to destroy all forms of defense and knock him into a vat of chemical X.)

Zim: Our work here is done.

GIR: Wait what did he fall into.

(Suddenly the Chemical X starts to bubble and a huge creature emerges and it starts to talk in a voice that sounds exactly like the Mad Doctor. it looks like this.)

Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Fairy10

Mad Doctor: Have you ever wondered, Zim, why you are untouched while those around you wither and rot in the grip of Chemicle X? Could it be that you are already blackened by you're betrayal of me? How can you defeat that which seethes in your own heart? You cannot stop me, without forever dooming yourself!

Zim: So be it.

(Zim and GIR proceed to fight the transformed Mad Doctor for sometime eventually they manage to wound him.)

Zim: It's over for you Doctor.

Mad Doctor: What are you talking about.

(Suddenly cracks appear on the mad doctor's body.)

Mad Doctor: W-what the heck?!

(Suddenly the cracks spread across the Doctor's Body as he looks frighten at what's happening to him)

Mad Doctor: WHATS HAPPENING!!!??? WHAT IS THIS!!!???

Zim: This is you're last on earth Doctor.

Mad Doctor *In Human Shriek*

(Suddenly the Cracks spread across the Mad Doctor's entire body, causing him to crumble and his body is reduced to a pile of dust, which GIR sweeps away with a broom and puts in the trash bin.)

GIR: Well it's finally over, I no longer have to check underneath the couch to make sure he isn't hiding there.

Zim: Let's go back down.

(Zim and GIR hop into the Voot Runner as the Battle Station falls apart.)

Tak's base, ruins, day

(Suddenly Tak and MIMI rise from the rubble of their base the handcuffs are completely disintegrated)

Tak: I will have my revenge against you Invader Zim!

(Suddenly Poyon rises from the rubble and handcuffs Tak and MIMI.)

Poyon: You have the right to remain silent and are facing jail time from the space police.

Tak: Curse You Invader Zim!

City, streets

(We See Zim and GIR walking down the street.)

GIR: What shall we do now Zim?

Zim: Let's get lunch.


End Credits:



. Batman, Sponge-bob, the Pink-panther, Rush Hour, Final Fantasy XIII, the Power Puff Girls and the Nightmare Before Christmas are referenced
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR   Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2013 5:03 pm

First of all your word usage for the world paragraph sounds like a speech for democracy like Presiden Barrak Obama !!

I like your music selection a surprise around each corner. cheers cheers cheers Fun to listen to yeah !!!!!!!

The story was fun you story has youth and drive and work together-words President. appeal for this country to work going Forward.
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Invader Zim, Tak, and The Mysterious Number 119: Featuring GIR
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