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 Evil Manchild?

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Evil Manchild? Empty
PostSubject: Evil Manchild?   Evil Manchild? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 8:05 am

Evil Manchild? 074

Music for The First Half of the Article

To those who don't know a Manchild is a term invented by William Faulkner, is usually an adult who possesses a very childlike or childish demeanor. He's emotionally both simple and fragile; he prefers (although does not always need) to have a parent figure to look after him. He usually isn't very worldly and is typically pretty gullible. The Manchild's interests are usually what most people consider to be immature or childish, even in comparison to actual children.

The Evil Manchild is a villain, either a teenager or an adult, with a childlike nature, which creates a dissonance between innocence and creepy.  Such characters can become a source of uneasiness, especially if their childishness is never explained.

They Come In several variations:

1: Be big brute force, frequently of low intelligence, that operates under someone else's direction. This type may be the most famous, and also the most likely to play to the audience's sympathy. Expect him/her to try to help people, often with disastrous results.

2: Seem superficially powerful and greedy, but have very childish or simplistic goals or motivations. Has political power to make laws unfair and stupid. He is very short-tempered and quite bossy towards everyone. May overlap with a Normal Man Child.

3: Actually possess a lot of power, intelligence, and/or prestige, but also have some childish qualities or behaviors, to fit in with a certain aspect of the story being told, or else advertise that there is something seriously wrong with him/her, to make him/her creepier. These are most likely to be a story's Main villain.

4: Appear cute and harmless on the surface, but actually be this type of character. Especially common with female examples, because of the stereotype.

5: Be subject to a personal variation of the mood they invoke where violent, savage actions are viewed by the character in question in the same light as regular play is viewed by most real children. This variant is often an especially strong source of fear due to the uncanny dissonance between his/her childish demeanor and the viciousness of his/her actions.

Whichever version these types of characters qualify as, often they are not fully aware of how nasty their actions actually are. In some cases (though not all), a Realization may cause the character to develop into a better person. A more innocent or well-intentioned Evil Manchild may be a Noble villain.

Music for the Second Half of the Article

As an added bonus if you want to see a funny Example from a KIDS CARTOON click Here

Here are Some examples of this type of character:

Evil Manchild? 072

Evil Manchild? Almigh13

Evil Manchild? 073

Evil Manchild? 071

Evil Manchild? 070

Evil Manchild? 069

Evil Manchild? Bills_10

Evil Manchild? Warden10
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Evil Manchild?
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