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 Classical Villain?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Classical Villain?   Classical Villain? Icon_minitimeSat Aug 31, 2013 11:36 am

Music for the Article

A classical villain acts as an evil counterpart to the hero's personality and is a main block to his journey towards his destiny. Will always end up existing as an obstacle to, or as a consequence of, the hero's quest, and they generally have the following characteristics:

. Represents a particular vice, most often Greed, Ambition, Lust for Power, Pride or Wrath.

. If the hero represents a particular virtue, the Villain's vice will often be the opposite

. Also common  is a vice they share in common, but one which the hero overcomes and the Villain embraces.

. Visually different from the rest of the characters

. Speaks differently than the rest of the characters

. Sometimes he befriends the hero and sometimes outright lie to him in a polite façade,  which may or may not be known by the audience.

. Uses that deception to further hisown ends. This plan generally moves the plot, and is essential to the hero's character development and journey.

. Maintains a friendly attitude towards the hero even as they commit incredibly heinous acts, At heart, they're utterly Sociopath, while they mask it with a pleasant, polite, "normal" attitude, He is also incredibly polite and friendly and civil, even while he's got you tied up and offering you a choice between recruiting you for his organization or getting destroyed.

. Complete Lack of Empathy to the point he will proceed to  The friendly demeanor hides a Sociopath and doesn't waver even when he's getting ready to harm someone, while saying something along the lines of "I trust you won't take it personally"

. Achieves part of said ends before the final battle, usually this is what brings the deception to light

. Has a dramatic Final Battle against the hero, during which the visuals are of a noticeably different scheme, such as during a storm, or with fire in the background.

. At their core, behind it all, they are the complete opposite of the heroes, and lacks the strengths the hero does, while being strong where the hero is weak.

. An iconic demise or defeat, usually brought on by the character's own flaws or underestimations

The Earliest Examples were used in Shakespeare plays Caius Cassius represents Envy, possibly Ambition. He is also described as having a "lean and hungry look". While pretending to be Caesar's friend, he conspires to assassinate him, and it is not entirely clear whether he truly believes the stories he feeds Brutus about how Caesar is attempting become dangerously powerful, or whether he is simply jealous of his position and wishes to take it. In any case, he manipulates Brutus and others into conspiring and killing Caesar. His plan backfires when Marc Antony rallies the people of Rome against them, and they are forced to fight in a war where they loose.

Richard III, physically distinguished by his hunch back and limp. His opening lines states his vice is Ambition arising from Envy of the healthy: "... to command, to check, to overbear such as are of better person than myself". It means "a twisted body creates a twisted mind".

As a bonus they might sing a song like this

Here Are Some Examples:

Classical Villain? Scar12

Classical Villain? 032

Classical Villain? Mad_do10

Classical Villain? 028

Classical Villain? Rassil10

Classical Villain? 025

Classical Villain? 026

Classical Villain? 027

Classical Villain? 030

Classical Villain? 031
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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PostSubject: Re: Classical Villain?   Classical Villain? Icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 6:42 pm

This article was good portraying the classical villain.

However, there were some villains that I did not recognize. The modern ones with the smaller
photos-I bet the shows were exciting to watch.

Good description of these guys.
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Classical Villain?
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