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 Oblivion (2013 film)

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PostSubject: Oblivion (2013 film)   Oblivion (2013 film) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 10:11 pm

In the year 2077, Tech 49 Jack Harper is one of the last drone repairmen stationed on Earth, which was nearly destroyed 60 years earlier due to the destruction of Earth's moon and an invasion by aliens known as Scavs. From "Tower 49", a base standing above the remains of New York City, Jack and his romantic partner Victoria work as a team to protect the Hydrorigs and to secure and send Earth's remaining resources to a massive tetrahedral space station – called the Tet – that was humanity’s escape vessel. Their mission control commander is Sally, who guides them from the Tet through Jack’s recon and repair trips. The two expect to leave Earth and join the other survivors at a colony on Titan in two weeks. Although Jack and Victoria had their memories wiped five years prior for security purposes, Jack has recurring dreams about a mysterious woman on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in a time before the war.

One day out on patrol Jack rescues a woman, Julia, from a downed pre-invasion spacecraft. He recognizes her as the woman from his dreams. Julia says her ship – the “Odyssey” – was a NASA mission, and she and Jack retrieve the ship’s flight recorder. They are captured by Scavs, who are revealed to be humans living in an underground stronghold. Their leader, Malcolm Beech, claims the alien invasion was a lie and demands that Jack reprogram a captured drone to destroy the Tet. When Jack refuses, Malcolm releases the captives but urges them to seek the truth in the “high radiation zone” that Jack is forbidden from entering.

Jack and Julia climb the ruins of the Empire State Building on the way back, where Julia tells Jack she is his wife: Jack’s dreams were flashbacks to when he proposed to her on the observation deck. Victoria sees them re-unite via her video link to Jack’s ship and, when they return, refuses them entry. When she informs Sally that she and Jack are no longer an effective team, Sally activates a drone that kills Victoria. Before the drone can kill Jack, Julia uses the weapons on Jack's ship to destroy the drone.

Pursued by more drones, Jack and Julia crash in the radiation zone. Jack comes face to face with Tech 52, a clone of himself. He renders the clone unconscious, but Julia is accidentally shot during the struggle. Jack impersonates Tech 52 to steal a medkit from Tower 52 to heal Julia's wounds, and there encounters a clone of Victoria.

Shocked, Jack and Julia return to Beech, who tells them the disturbing truth: there is no colony on Titan, the Tet is in fact an alien artificial intelligence that seized Earth for the planet's resources, and that Jack is a clone of the original Jack Harper, an astronaut from 2017. The Tet initially used Harper's clones as an invading army, then later switched to drones programmed to kill humans on sight, thus forcing the survivors to disguise themselves as the Scavs. The Tet now uses Harper's clones to maintain the drones and thereby maintain its dominance. Hearing this, Jack agrees to reprogram the stolen drone to deliver a nuclear bomb into the Tet. When leaving the underground stronghold with the reprogrammed drone they are attacked by three other drones. The drones enter the base and wreak havoc inside, destroying the reprogrammed drone in the process. The humans finally manage to destroy the three drones, but are forced to find another way to deliver the nuclear bomb to the Tet. Jack proposes to deliver the bomb himself. Julia suggests that she accompany Jack, as Sally had already requested that he bring her to the Tet. This is apparently so that Julia can be cloned to replace Victoria as Jack’s partner in order to become a more effective team (although this is only indirectly implied and not explicitly confirmed). Jack places Julia into a sleeping capsule and tells Sally they are on their way.

During the flight, Jack listens to the Odyssey's flight recorder, which reveals that he and Victoria were originally pilots on the Odyssey mission to Titan, which was reassigned by NASA shortly before launch to explore the newly-discovered Tet. Sally was their supervisor at NASA mission control, with other personnel including Julia on board in sleeping capsules. Upon approach, the Tet drew them in with a tractor beam. Recognizing that capture was imminent, Jack was able to jettison the passengers, who orbited for 60 years before crashing to Earth.

As the flight recording finishes, Jack enters the Tet. He sees thousands of clones of himself and Victoria incubating. When the ship enters the central chamber, Jack is met by a sentient structure that seems to have assumed the identity of Jack’s former NASA mission control supervisor Sally. She welcomes Jack home while simultaneously sending drones to annihilate the resistance. Jack presents the sleeping capsule to Sally and opens it to reveal Beech instead of Julia, who simultaneously emerges from another sleeping capsule in a secret forest retreat Jack had built for himself. The two men trigger the nuclear bomb and destroy the Tet. The destruction of the Tet also deactivates the remaining drones around the world. Humanity is presumably saved by Jack and Beech's sacrifice.

Three years later, Julia lives a peaceful life with her young daughter in the forest retreat on the recovering Earth. She and the daughter then see members of the human resistance. A figure then walks out of the crowd, and it is revealed to be Tech 52.

in my opinion this is a cool but confusing film
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Oblivion (2013 film)
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