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 Final Destination 3

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Final Destination 3 Empty
PostSubject: Final Destination 3   Final Destination 3 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 1:09 pm

The story is set six years after the Flight 180 curse from the first film. Wendy Christensen, a soon-to-be graduate from McKinley High School, enjoys a Grad Nite visit to an amusement park with her friends, Carrie, Carrie's boyfriend Kevin and her boyfriend, Jason, before their graduation. While there, one of the friends has a camcorder and Wendy has a regular camera taking pictures of their visit. Wendy and her friends decide to ride on a roller coaster (in reality, a digitally modified version of Corkscrew (Playland)) which has a talking demon statue at its entrance which unsettles Wendy.

While waiting for the ride to start Wendy has a premonition that the roller-coaster will crash, killing everyone on board (it is a feature of all the Final Destination films that the principal character foresees their own and friends' deaths). She wakes up from this premonition, still in the roller coaster. She demands to be let off the roller-coaster. The attendant frees all the seats in the front, and some people left the roller-coaster with Wendy. The roller-coaster leaves the station, it crashes as Wendy predicted, killing her boyfriend, her best friend and other people on it.

Weeks pass, and the survivors start dying one by one in freak accidents. The photographs which Wendy takes on the evening before the roller-coaster crash give clues to how the survivors will die. The first people to die are Ashley and Ashlyn, who are burned alive in their sunbeds at a tanning salon. Looking over Ashley and Ashlyn's photo on the evening before the roller-coaster crash relates to their deaths, the picture of the two are over exposed. Wendy also realizes that the people who survived are now dying in the order they would have died if they stayed on the roller-coaster. She tries to prevent further deaths with the help of the photos she took and her best friend's boyfriend, Kevin Fischer. Wendy and Kevin figure out that there is a link in each of the pictures that correlates to how they will die. Wendy and Kevin attempt to stop Death from killing the people who got off the roller-coaster one by one.

In my opinion this film is very upsetting and I feel unhappy it is also very scary
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Final Destination 3
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