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 godzilla final wars

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PostSubject: godzilla final wars   godzilla final wars Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 2:03 pm

Endless warfare and environmental pollution has brought forth giant monsters, which are a grave danger to the world. As a result, the Earth Defense Force (EDF) is created to protect the planet, uniting every nation. The organization is equipped with some of the best of technology and weapons, warships and soldiers, as well as mutants with super-human abilities. Godzilla, a giant mutant dinosaur, is claimed to be EDF's only unstoppable opponent. The EDF's best combat vehicle, the Gotengo, manages to corner Godzilla at the South Pole and bury him under the Antarctic ice, cryogenically freezing him.

Decades after Godzilla was buried, the EDF discovers a mummified space monster. Mutant soldier Shinichi Ozaki and U.N. biologist Miyuki Otonashi are sent to research it. The Shobijin, fairies of the guardian monster Mothra, reveal to them that the monster is Gigan, an alien cyborg sent to destroy the Earth 12,000 years ago, and that a forthcoming battle between good and evil will eventually arrive.

Suddenly, monsters all appear around the world at major cities and the EDF promptly swings into action, attempting to drive away the monsters, but achieves little success. Then, after destroying much of their cities, the monsters vanish as an enormous alien mothership hovers over Tokyo. Aliens called the Xiliens then reveal themselves, insisting they are friendly and that they have eliminated the monsters. They also warn the Earth's governments about impending danger in the form of an asteroid called Gorath that will crash into Earth. Consequently, the Space Nations is established, an alliance that would unite the universe. Ozaki, Miyuki, and several others distrust them. After much researching and undercover work, they discover the Xiliens are up to no good. Finally, the Xiliens turn out to be evil and unleash the monsters to destroy Earth. Gigan is also revived and joins in the frenzy. The EDF eventually loses and Earth's cities are destroyed.

Elsewhere at Mt. Fuji, a hunter and his grandson discover Minilla, later revealed to be Godzilla's son. The trio are successful in outrunning the Xiliens' assault, traveling here and there in order to keep a low profile.

Ozaki and the protagonists, the leftover crew of the EDF, settle on a final, risky decision: free Godzilla. They pilot the Gotengo to Antarctica and are chased by Gigan. As soon as Godzilla is released from his hibernation, he quickly destroys Gigan by blowing the cyborg's head off with his atomic ray. Spotting the Gotengo, Godzilla immediately follows it with the intention of destroying the ship. The Gotengo returns for Tokyo, with the plan that Godzilla will unwittingly help defeat the Xiliens. Along the way the Xiliens send all the monsters they control, which includes the giant iguana Zilla, the giant spider Kumonga, the giant praying mantis Kamacuras, the giant Pteranodon Rodan, the guardian of Okinawa monster King Caesar, the giant Ankylosaurus Anguirus, the smog monster Hedorah, and the sea monster Ebirah. Godzilla defeats all of them in short battles. The Gotengo and Godzilla then arrive at Tokyo.

The battleship heads for the mothership and a pitched battle occurs. Eventually, a meteor falls to Earth. Godzilla destroys the meteor; however, a powerful space monster, Monster X turns out to be inside, and a vicious battle between the two titans ensues. Gigan, who has now been upgraded, aids Monster X, but Mothra arrives to engage him into battle. Mothra sacrifices herself to kill Gigan. Inside the Xilien mothership, the humans enter final confrontations with the Xiliens and their Kaiser commander, a human-Xilien hybrid, and after an extended battle, the humans eventually win when Osaki awakens his own Kaiser powers and kills their leader. With Gigan and Mothra dead, Godzilla continues his battle with Monster X, who eventually transforms into the three-headed dragon Keizer Ghidorah, a type of King Ghidorah. After a long, painful battle, Osaki infuses Godzilla with his Kaiser powers, enabling Godzilla to destroy Keizer Ghidorah with his spiral ray. He then attempts to destroy the Gotengo and the humans, but Minilla convinces him to stop. Godzilla then returns to the ocean with his son and roars in victory.

in my opion it was a very cool movie especually the sound track and monsters and a great way to end a popular sires
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godzilla final wars
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