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 The Big Guy?

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: The Big Guy?   The Big Guy? Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2013 1:43 pm

The Big Guy? 0115

Music for the First Half of the Article

The Big Guy is essentially the powerhouse of the Group. They are usually incredibly and unflinchingly loyal, and often they are the largest member and even more effective in combat than The Hero or The Number 2. They will often be the point man, they cause a disturbance and hold off the Goons while The Hero challenges Mr. Big Bad. Of course, against stronger enemies they might end up suffering a brutal beating to set up the villain as a credible threat for The Hero.

Usually what holds them back from leadership is being Dumb Muscle, they know how to knock heads together but don't do much in the way of strategy. While The Hero and The Number 2 fight side-by-side, The Big Guy is a One-Man Army.

He comes in several variations:

• Class 1: The gruff, mean, scarred and withdrawn warrior. Could go so far as to be a Berserker, particularly of the Death Seeker variety. In an entire group of massive butt kickers, their big guy is most likely be a class 1, ready to punch you in the face for smiling at him.

• Class 2: The Gentle Giant who you don't want to push too far. Often when the other members are younger, he will be older and outside of battle is the calming element in the group, offering both experience and wisdom, or just being able to pull two others apart easily.

• Class 3: The kind that looks like the first but is secretly the second.

• Class 4: The Boisterous Bruiser, whose presence is larger than his physical size. Often a Boasts about his massive strength.

• Class 5: A Genius Bruiser who can also fill the role of The Smart Guy. This character is rare, as The Smart Guy is traditionally unimposing and the Non-Action Guy. This version uses muscle intelligently and is both BRAINS/BRAWN.

Powers and skills common to the big guy are:

• The Big Guy will often be the band's "tank" or "Stone Wall". He is a massive person who serves as the strongest physical fighter, but also the slowest and least proficient at magic

• Most Big Guys tend to prefer big, heavy weapons like axes or hammers (or oversized firearms like bazookas or chainguns if in a modern/futuristic setting)

• Others are powerful martial artists who are fast as well as strong and clobber the bad guys with their bare hands

• If it's a magical setting, they may also be adept at Ground or have Plant themed powers, as the "earth" element can be seen as tough, strong, and/or sturdy. Alternatively Ice may have similar connotations.

When It's a Woman they often have several powers or skills:

The Big Guy? 0409

• She Might be a cute little bruiser she who packs a surprising amount of punch. Traditionally a little girl, but can be stretched to any woman who is not obviously of amazonian stature. May be a martial artist or some other form of athlete. In cases of truly ridiculous strength, she may be a cyborg, Robot Girl, mutant, alien, possess Charles Atlas Superpower, or have some other justification for unusual power. Usually just as cute and/or pretty as more typical female characters. Male versions of a cute bruiser can exist too, only a Cute little Boy instead of a little girl.

• Alternatively and more unusually, she's a Giantess, and thus plainly strong. She's rarely masculine but actually attractive. (There's also nothing stopping her from being a robot, mutant, alien, etc. It's just that the surprise is gone.)

• Somewhat more rare are Amazon women, She's big, she's strong, she's attractive, and often many fall in love with her

• An exuberant Big Girl is either a Boisterous Bruiser or Sugery Girl. If she's instead a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, her softer side is often a secret cache of feminine traits or one particularly girlish habit, which may make her embarrassed when found out.

Music for the Second Half of the Article

Here are some examples

The Big Guy? 0135

The Big Guy? 092

The Big Guy? 093

The Big Guy? 072

The Big Guy? Patti_10

The Big Guy? 014

The Big Guy? 015

The Big Guy? The_ki12

The Big Guy? 0166

The Big Guy? 073

The Big Guy? Angol10

The Big Guy? 070

The Big Guy? 091
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Big Guy? Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Big Guy?   The Big Guy? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 4:24 pm

My first comment I like that you included women in this article Exclamation
I like that they are strong and Attractive-women everywhere would appreciate that comment. cheers

i like how the article was broken down seperately regarding the physical and the
mental qulaities of these characters. study study study

This helps the reader with understanding completely the qualities that are so unique.

The images you selected were fun. My favorite GRRR Suspect flower

But I did like the female images you showed they are a real representation of this character

lol! I think everyone should have this character in thier corner scratch lol! lol! lol!
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The Big Guy?
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