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 Guess Who (Film)

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PostSubject: Guess Who (Film)   Guess Who (Film) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 6:37 pm

Theresa Jones takes her boyfriend, Simon Green home to meet her parents on the occasion of her parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Her father, Percy, dislikes Green almost immediately because of his background. With the help of his personal assistant Reggie, Percy tries to dig up as much dirt on Simon as he can. This temporarily strains his relationship with his wife, Marilyn.

Little does Theresa know that Simon has just quit his job. In order to impress Percy, Simon embarks upon a series of lies, which are discovered. Both couples quarrel but reconcile, and everyone learns a valuable lesson in race relations.

I personally think this film is funny especially Bernie Mac

Guess Who (Film) Great_11

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Guess Who (Film)
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