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 The Curious Tale of Squid Girl

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Empty
PostSubject: The Curious Tale of Squid Girl   The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2012 2:51 pm

Hospital, Cell 119, Night

(We see a Girl and Cat walking down a hallway until they come to cell 119. they look like this)

The Curious Tale of Squid Girl D10

Girl: I need this patient for the plans to destroy Zim.

(She opens the cell door to see a crouched silhouette trying to stab his food with a fork.)

Girl: Alphonse Elric is that the alias that they gave you when they put into this Hospital?

(The Silhouette turns to face her and we see it's wearing glasses.)

Girl: OK 119 we will need you to help us with our latest plan, which is getting rid of that pathetic Invader known as Zim will you agree to help us or stay in here.

(The Silhouette does a gesture to indicate that he agrees with the Girl.)

Girl: Excellent...........wait what are you eating.

(The Girl walks near the plate and shines a lantern over it, revealing this thing.)

The Curious Tale of Squid Girl B10

Little Thing: Hello Will you make a contract with me and become a magical girl.

Girl: What.

Little Thing: Sign here.


The Curious Tale of Squid Girl

Opening Theme:

Boardwalks, Bob's Burgers, inside, day

(We see Zim and GIR walk into a restaurant and sit down on a high chair.)

Zim: Well Here we are at Bob's Burgers, GIR what are you going to order?

GIR: Well the Cheeseburger look nice.

Zim: OK one Bacon-burger and one Cheeseburger.

(A Kid walks back to the counter. Zim notices GIR writing something down on a piece of paper.)

Zim: Say What Are you doing?

GIR: Zim, I'm trying to figure out the Secret identity of the Batman villain known as the Joker.

Zim: Well number 1 he's fictional and number 2 that could be anyone who ended up deformed to the point that he looks like a clown.

(Zim picks up a newspaper and reads it. As a kid shows up with a bacon-Burger and a Cheeseburger. Zim looks startled as he reads something.)

GIR: Did some guy preform a stunt that got him in the Word Dumbest?

Zim: Good guess GIR, but no. Someone broke into a Hospital and managed to break out a patient who was in Cell number 119.

GIR: Who do you suppose did it?

Zim: It's defiantly the work of Tak. But it raises one question, why does she need this person I particular? Why him specifically?

GIR: Maybe he's a Mad Scientist, Zim.

Zim: HMMM I'll consider that.

Meanwhile at the Beach..............

(We several kids playing at the beach until something rises out of the sea water. It's a White Hat that's squid shaped. Then a silhouette rises out of the water.)

Silhouette: Listen up humans and listen up good. This place shall become the base operations for my war on mankind.

(Everyone stares in confusion at the person ordering)

Man 1: Who are you?

Silhouette: What's the Matter Shark's got your tongue, no bother I'll maker you scardey fish my servants.

Man 2: Are you serious?

Man 3: is she for real?

(Zim and GIR walk out into the sun and see the crowd gathered around a strange girl, Zim pushes through to see she looks like this.)

The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Ika_mu10

Zim: Who the Heck are you?

GIR: Are you Old Gregg?

Squid Girl: My name is Squid Girl, who the Ink are you?

GIR: Where's she from again Zim.

Zim: I have no idea.

Squid Girl: I'm a girl from the sea who possesses squid-like tentacles and will conquer humanity as revenge for their pollution of the ocean.

Zim: Wait what?

Squid Girl: Oh Yes I'll will become the evil ruler of this world and make this place my kingdom.

GIR: Excuse me but how bad is the pollution in this area?

Squid Girl: Ask the Pelican over there.

(Zim and GIR turn to see a Pelican that looks like this. It's attacking the beach area)

The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Pelica10

Zim: Whoa what chemicals are they dumping into the water? GIR are you watching that thing?

Squid Girl: Arise my great servant and attack this area.

(Suddenly the Pelican starts to shrivel thanks to the mutations.)

GIR: MMMMM Mutant Pelican!

(GIR starts to eat the Pelican's shriveled body.)

Squid Girl: A minor set back no matter I'll attack the area by myself!

Zim: She's for real right.

GIR: So shall we track Squid Girl down?

Zim: Well she's not all that effective and I doubt she actually put any thought into her plans but I think we should stop her before she does anything out of the Worlds Dumbest.


Toy Store, inside, day

(We see Squid Girl Terrorizing a Toy Store)

Squid Girl: This dolls name's barbie, seriously this idiotic thing has a zillion outdated and lame occupations!

Chaser: Yes......

(Squid Girl Uses her tentacle-like hair to rip the Barbie dolls apart as Zim and GIR walk in.)

Zim: Well You there you go GIR, it's Barbie Dream Cemetery. Accessories sold separately.

GIR: I Want to buy 10 of them.

Squid Girl: *Giggles* Why look who's here, Glad you can make it because I'm going to become you’re worst Nightmare.

GIR: You're not my worst nightmare. My worst nightmare is when I'm Chased around by around by a guy with a Door Stopper for a Head and is armed with a Spiked Candy-Cane.

Squid Girl: Okay, alright, so I'm not actually your worst nightmare. But I am right up there.

GIR: Um, No You're Third Place.

Squid Girl: What do you mean?

GIR: The person who is right up there, is an Old Scientist in a wheelchair who has pale skin, has needle like teeth, a mouth resembling a duck's bill, and an exposed brain

(Squid Girl has a look of horror on her face as GIR tells his story.)

Squid Girl: The Point is that I'm Going to eat you right up!

(Squid Girl expands her tentacle-like hair and proceeds to grab Zim and GIR with her Hair holding them above her mouth.)

Squid Girl: Lunch Time! It's time to crush the

Zim: 1.......2....3!

(Suddenly Zim and GIR take out jars of hot sauce out and Pour it into Squid Girl's Mouth. She then proceeds to let go of Zim and GIR, coughing up Ink in the process)

Squid Girl: *Screaming because of the intense heat* Gotta to find water fast!

(Squid Girl Runs around fast until Zim cuts the string of the Chandelier of the toy store. When it falls from the ceiling it lands right on top of Squid Girl hitting her and right through the floor.)

Squid Girl: Oh Squid I'm falling through the floor.

(Because the toy store is located under a dock water spurts from the hole she fell through returning back to the sea.)

Zim: Well we stopped an Ineffectual Invasion, Now let's go home GIR.



(We see an alien who appears in a dark room she looks like this.)

The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Tak_110

Tak: You are the First and Last............The One Who Lives again...............You Were weak once but Behold......You Live again, across generations...........holding the keys to science that I need to defeat Invader Zim..........Then You Will Serve Me?

(The Silhouette does gestures to indicate yes.)

Tak: You're first task is to destroy Invader Zim, Arise Agent 119 my servant. My armor will allow you to sustain yourself in combat.

(Suddenly something in a suit of armor it looks like this.)

The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Black_10

(The Scene fades to black as we hear a voice that sounds old, raspy and strained.)

Voice (Off screen): *Laughing Manically*

End Credits:


. Entire episode parodies various sea monster films and b-movies

. the name "Alphonse Elric" was the Main Character's younger Brother in the japanese cartoon Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

. Bob's Burgers is spoofed

. Barbie and Batman are referenced

. Squid Girl states direct quotes from the film Loaded Weapon 1 in her conversation with GIR

. The Ending is based on this scene from star wars (WARNING THIS SCENE MIGHT SCARE YOUNGER VIEWERS)

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Curious Tale of Squid Girl   The Curious Tale of Squid Girl Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2012 7:29 pm

Funny article i like the babrie reference now they have new career choices like vet tech and politician!!!!
I like squid girl not to scary good choice. I think the mutant pelican funny.

One change is the mental ward- just take out the word mental. It makes it less r and more pg. especially if you just say hospital

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The Curious Tale of Squid Girl
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