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 Let the Robot out of the Bag

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Let the Robot out of the Bag Empty
PostSubject: Let the Robot out of the Bag   Let the Robot out of the Bag Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2012 7:58 am

Opening Theme:

(We various things happen)

. A silhouette stands near the planet holding a rod that has a crescent moon on one end and an asteroid on the other end

. Zim putting his disguise

. GIR putting his disguise

. Zim and GIR walking down the street

. Zim engaging a group of girls in a dance contest

. Zim and GIR being chased by a bunch of aliens wearing prison jumpsuits

. five silhouettes plotting something only for their leader picked up by some other silhouette glaring at him

. Zim and GIR having a picnic, GIR is eating a sandwich with rocks in it

. The Irken Empire winning a battle

. Zim and GIR visiting a mall

. Zim, GIR, and MANY other characters orbiting earth

Let the Robot out of the Bag

Zim's Base, day, inside

(We see Zim thinking about something as GIR stares at him.)

GIR: Hey Zim what are you doing? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM paint chips

Zim: I'm trying to figure out something, that cat you and I saw yesterday, there's something very odd about it like I’ve seen that thing before.

GIR: Maybe it was a movie or something.

Zim: No I saw that thing with my own eyes about 11 years ago.

GIR: Was it a friend.

Zim: No wait a minute.......................

GIR: Is it the ruler of some far off world.

Zim: GIR where do you think that thing is hiding?

GIR: I don't know.

Zim: I think that they might be hiding at a abandoned factor that produced wieners.

GIR: When We get there Can I eat some?

Zim: Sure, but they probably expired.


Abandoned Factory, inside, day

GIR: It sure is dark in here Zim.

Zim: You want to know something I noticed.

GIR: What is it?

Zim: There has never been a single horror film that takes place in an abandoned factory, they always just happen to take place in other abandoned buildings.

GIR: Why did this place close?

Zim: Well GIR, it closed down when the workers couldn't find the owner or his daughter after an earth quake.

GIR: Wow.

Zim: Speaking of which this pretty advanced technology for a place like this, isn't this place just suppose to make only hot dogs?

GIR: I think it might have alien stuff in here.

Zim: You could be right-

(Suddenly a series of large bladed traps shoot from all over the place, Zim manages to dodge them however suddenly a silhouette with red eyes grabs GIR.)


(The silhouette darts away as Zim just dodges the traps set before him.)

Zim: How feeble, How Childish. Is this the best you honestly got?

(Suddenly a platform that Zim was standing on starts to move on it's own above a huge bottomless pit)

Zim: I spoke too soon.

(Zim manages to jump across a ledge and scramble up before the platform falls to the ground.)

Zim: That was too close for comfort now I got to find GIR-

(Zim turns to see a cat standing behind him. She looks like this)

Let the Robot out of the Bag Mimi-213

Zim: W-what the?!

(The Cat glares at Zim and scurries off Zim follows the cat form sometime until it leads him to GIR wrapped up in some string.)

GIR: Hi Zim!

Zim: GIR who did this to you?

GIR: The person standing behind you.

(Zim turns around to see the cat suddenly become static-like in shape until it's form becomes completely different. She Looks like this.)

Let the Robot out of the Bag Mimi-113

Zim: WHAT THE HECK!!!???

(She Takes out a serious of flash cards with sentences written on them and shows them to Zim. NOTE: THIS IS HOW SHE “TALKS”)

MIMI: Hello Invader Zim my name is MIMI.

Zim: MIMI, wait a minute I know you work that reject.

MIMI: Say what you want but your days are numbered.

Zim: Are you saying that she sent you to destroy me?

MIMI: Is this a trick question?

Zim: No.

MIMI: You might be wondering why I'm telling this, it's because........

(MIMI takes out a flash card that says *Drum roll please*)


(MIMI Takes out a Flash card that says *Insane Giggling*)

Zim: Do I have to take this seriously because you written your threat letters on flash cards.

(MIMI pulls a lever that suddenly knock Zim off the platform their standing on and causes both Zim and MIMI to fall of it and onto a Assembly line, As this happens GIR struggles to untie himself)

Zim: So this is the fight.

(Zim and MIMI proceed to fight one for sometime. Zim Eventually defeats MIMI causing her to retreat elsewhere. GIR finally manages to free himself.)

GIR: Zim who is this reject you mentioned.

Zim: I'll tell you later. In the mean time let's have lunch.


Ending Theme:

(We see various scenes)

. Zim and GIR standing triumphantly as they are about to conquer the planet

. A silhouette with the rod earlier falls asleep

. Zim and GIR sitting on a mobile throne as a group of people follow them in a parade

. 5 silhouettes about GIR'S height walking around dazed

. Zim casually taking with a group of humans

. Zim and GIR looking into the horizon

. Zim reading a book in pajamas

. GIR sleeping

. Zim getting ready for bead

. Zim's base with all the lights turning off

. The Stars Night sky



. The episodes title is based on the idiom “Let the Cat out of the bag” or to give something away that you're not supposed to say

. The way MIMI talks through out the episode was inspired by this clip (WARNING: SOME MILD LANGUAGE)

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Let the Robot out of the Bag Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let the Robot out of the Bag   Let the Robot out of the Bag Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2012 12:57 pm

Real fun read. I like the music of the Beserk-real cool never heard it before Exclamation

I thought it was a fun story it was entertaing the setting unique-after a earth qauke as a natural disaster.

The end music was fun and appropraite-also liked the clip at the ends with Darwin and the Pirates study lol! lol! lol!
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Let the Robot out of the Bag
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