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 On the Moon Again

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: On the Moon Again   On the Moon Again Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2012 9:52 am

Opening Theme:

(We various things happen)

. A silhouette stands near the planet holding a rod that has a crescent moon on one end and an asteroid on the other end

. Zim putting his disguise

. GIR putting his disguise

. Zim and GIR walking down the street

. Zim engaging a group of girls in a dance contest

. Zim and GIR being chased by a bunch of aliens wearing prison jumpsuits

. five silhouettes plotting something only for their leader picked up by some other silhouette glaring at him

. Zim and GIR having a picnic, GIR is eating a sandwich with rocks in it

. The Irken Empire winning a battle

. Zim and GIR visiting a mall

. Zim, GIR, and MANY other characters orbiting earth

On the Moon Again

NASAPLACE, Day, outside

(We see Zim and GIR walking outside.)

Zim: Here we are GIR at NASAPLACE home to the United States latest space technology.

GIR: MMMMMM Batteries, so what are we going to do their.

Zim: Take a self guided tour and maybe sneak in to parts of the building to see what it's like.

GIR: Sounds like fun, I want to do it.

Zim: Yeah, well I'll tell you about the planets along the way.

GIR: Zim, are the planets in this soul system edible?

Zim: No, they are too big for you to consume.

(We see a silhouette watching Zim and GIR talk and enter the building. He takes out a device and starts to speak into it.)

Silhouette: Sergeant I have something to report.

Voice 1 (Off screen): Who are you again?

Silhouette: I'm Your Lance Corporal I have been working for you for about 4 years.

Voice 1 (Off screen): What would you like to report?

Silhouette: Some guys just walked into the NASAPLACE, they could cause trouble in case they get their hands on the rockets.

Voice 1 (Off screen): How is that a threat.

Voice 2 (Off screen): He's got a Point Sergeant those rockets can take you to the moon which is the location were on.

Voice 3 (Off screen): Hey Serge can you read me a bed time story?

Voice 1 (Off screen): In a moment.


Voice 4 (Off screen): *Kukuku* You have to pay me about 40 yen in order for me to keep this transmission online.

Voice 5 (Off screen): Uncle you want me to make brownies.

Voice 1(Off Screen): I'll call you back later.

NASAPLACE, inside, day

Zim: Well here at NASAPLACE.

GIR: I hope theirs snacks there.

Zim: Our first stop is at the NASAPLACE Control room.

Control Room, day

(Zim and GIR walk around in it until they bump into a Girl operating the controls. She looks like this)

On the Moon Again C12

Girl: Hola Senior.

Zim: I don't speak Spanish.

Girl: Oh sorry. So what brings you to this place.

Zim: Well how are those moon probes going?

GIR: Are moon probes edible?

Girl: Let's take a look.

(We see various pictures such as half eaten cakes, a Doritos bag, and a toy robot on the moon.)

Zim: Are these hoaxes?

Girl: I'm not quiet sure but do you guys want cookies.

Zim: What?

GIR: Um..........

Zim: I think we better move on to our next trip to the space shuttle.

Space Shuttle, inside, day

(Zim and GIR sneak into a space shuttle.)

Zim: here we are in the middle of a space shuttle.

GIR: Is this a display.

Zim: I'm not really sure.


Girl: Hey what does this button do?

Back in the shuttle................

(As Zim and GIR are walking around in the Space Shuttle the ground suddenly shakes.)

GIR: Zim What's happening?

Zim: Were about to make a take off into space.

GIR: WHAT!!!????

Zim: I think were going to the moon.


(Zim turns around to see a small blue creature about the size of GIR standing behind armed with a ninja star, it wore a mask very similar to a Ninja and looked like a..........................FROG)

Dororo: Hello, I'm Lance Corporal Dororo, and I can have you interfering with our plans.

Zim: Have we been here before?

(Zim and Dororo proceed ton fight one another in the space shuttle, Zim eventually defeats Dororo and Proceeds to suck him out into space.)

Zim: That's taken care of-


Zim: What the Heck?

(Zim looks out one of the shuttle's windows and sees NOT effected by the lack of oxygen in space and is still attacking the Shuttle.)


(They eventually land on the moon and Dororo Falls off the spaceship on to the Moon's surface knocked out.)

Zim: Luckily I brought a spacesuit let's see what happening on the moon GIR.

GIR: right Zim.

Moon, outside

(Zim and GIR walk out to see the moon surface.)

Zim: Well this is the moon GIR, I kinda expected it to have some astronauts on it.

GIR: Hey Zim, what was that thing.

Zim: Those things are known as Keronians, the native inhabitants of the planet Keron.

(Zim and GIR walk around for sometime until they bump into a creature resembling a black Tadpole standing on top of a mound of candy)

Tamama: Hello mister, I'm Private Second Class Tamama want a cookie.

Zim: W-why are you eating so much.

Tamama: I'm hungry.

GIR: How can you survive without a breathing apparatus.

Tamama: Can't all aliens do that?

Zim: No they can't. Is something wrong, you seem troubled.

Tamama: Well I used to be serge's number 1 guy until that woman showed up. He pays attention to her more than he does to me.

Zim: Eh?

GIR: Please continue.

Tamama: I'm practically useless in serge's eyes right now if it wasn’t for the fact I train a lot.

GIR: I'm sure that's not true.

Zim: You need to stop being jealous.


Zim: Oh-

(Zim and Tamama proceed to fight. Zim eventually wins the battle and knocks out Tamama.)

GIR: Hey Little guy who is “That Woman”?

Zim: Um GIR, Tamama is Knocked out and we have better things to do.

GIR: Oh right.

Moon Base, inside

Zim: Well were in the moon base it's time to look for the frog in charge of this operation.

GIR: I like the taste of these moon rocks. MMMMMMMM moon rocks.

Zim: were going to infiltrate this moon base because that’s where there hiding.

GIR: right.

(Zim and GIR sneak around for sometime until they walk into a room.)

Zim: I can't see very well in here.

Silhouette: *Kukuku* Allow me to turn on the lights for you.

(Suddenly the lights turn and standing there is a yellow scientist-like frog piloting a massive robot.)

Kululu: I'm the great scientist Sergeant Major Kululu, it's time for your little antics to come to an end.

Zim and GIR: *Gulp*

(Zim fights Kululu for sometime eventually he defeats him by blowing up his giant robot and knocking him out.)

Zim: Time to get to the main control room.

GIR: Right.

(Zim and GIR walk for sometime until they bump into a red aggressive looking frog with a scar on his face.)

Giroro: Hello, intruders My name is Corporal Giroro, it's time for you to stop interfering.

(Giroro Takes out an energy gun.)

Zim: Here we go again.

GIR: Go Zim!

(a Fight begins between Zim and Giroro. After fighting for sometime Zim wins and knocks his opponent out.)

Zim: Time to find the leader.

GIR: Is this the end.

(Zim and GIR enter the control room to see a green frog sitting on a chair.)

Keroro: I'm Sergeant Keroro and................wait................Where is everybody?

Zim: I knocked them all out.

GIR: He won all his fights. MMMMMMM moon rocks

Keroro: Well...............wait where is she..............?

Zim & GIR: “She”?

(Keroro Flexes his body but Zim just punches him, causing Keroro to loose his balance.)

Zim: I still don't think this is over, who was “She”?

(We see the Girl from who was in the control room earlier enter accompanied by Dororo, Tamama, Kululu, and Giroro.)

Girl: Hey Uncle I got all the food you guys needed...........Uncle?

Zim: What's going on here?

GIR: could you explain who you are.

Girl: *Giggles* Certainly.

(The Girl's body starts to burst into blinding light as it she assumes a completely different.)

Zim: W-wait! I realize who you are! I seriously doubt we can Survive this GIR!

GIR: What are you talking about.

(The blinding light clears revealing an alien. It looks like this.)

On the Moon Again Angol10

Angol Mois: allow me to introduce myself, I am Angol Mois (Pronounced: “Mwa”)

GIR: Nice yo meet you, wait what is that thing Zim?

Zim: it's an Angolan, they are lead by the King of Terror and have the power to destroy entire planets with the Lucifer Spear.

Angol Mois: I'm pretty sure you met my Babysitter Keroro or as I call him “Uncle”, so looks like it's time to battle this intruder right Uncle?

Keroro: correct.

Angol Mois: *Giggles* anything for you my friend.

Zim: *Gulps*

(Zim and Angol Mois engage in a massive fight for sometime eventually-)

Angol Mois: Time out!

Zim: Wait what?

Angol Mois: Let's begin a dance competition instead.

Zim: OK...........

(Angol Mois takes out one of those “Dance Dance Revolution” Games and then selects a song.)

Angol Mois: 1........2........3

(Zim and Angol Mois proceed to dance to the music, After dancing to the music for sometime Zim wins.)

Angol Mois: Well you won see you around.

(Angol Mois and the Keronians leave.)

Zim: Well GIR let's go home.

GIR: How are we going to do that.

(Zim clicks a button suddenly the Voot Runner Arrives.)

Zim: Let's get lunch when we get back to earth.

GIR: Agreed, burgers maybe.

Zim: Sure why not.

End Credits Theme:

(We See the following Scenes.)

. We see a Small child walking down the street he looks to see the Voot Runner

. Zim And GIR eating fast food back in their base

. The Irken Empire Controlling a planet

. Zim and GIR strolling down only to see a group of people looking at a broken moon probe

. An alien in a spaceship flying over a planet only to pelted with some NASAPLACE Junk

. Zim trying to write in Japanese

. GIR eating while watching TV

. a Silhouette plotting something only to be pelted with junk

. Zim and GIR getting ready for bed

. The Night Sky



. The Entire episode is a spoof on Apollo 13 and Alien

. The Irken Spacesuit Zim Wears for the rest of the episode looks like this On the Moon Again Zim_s_11

. Normal adult male Keronians look like this

. Normal adult female Keronians look like this

. Normal Male Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Male Keronian Children look like this

. Normal Female Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Female Keronian Children Look like this

. Keronian Soldiers look like this

. Keronian Police Officers look like this

. Female Keronian Mail Dilvery look like this

. Keronian Ninja Masters Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

. Keronian Scientists Look like this

. Scientist Keronian Tadpoles Look like this

. Keronian Elites look like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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On the Moon Again Empty
PostSubject: Re: On the Moon Again   On the Moon Again Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2012 8:18 pm

Suspect Exclamation This was afunny article. i like the Female charatcter-she was interesting. It was something that she was told to stop being jealous. she seemed young and agressive. Always funny how gir comes into his own-that he wants to eat everything -lol lol lol

I like how the place Nasaplace sounds like saseme street place-who would expect that-funny.

You never know where these two characters will find themselves next- study cheers alien Exclamation lol! sunny santa confused cat
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On the Moon Again
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