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 The Matrix Revolutions

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The Matrix Revolutions Empty
PostSubject: The Matrix Revolutions   The Matrix Revolutions Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 2:13 pm

The film picks up immediately after the events of The Matrix Reloaded. Bane and Neo are both unconscious, but neural patterns reminiscent of the Matrix are present in Neo. Morpheus decides to start a search for Neo within the Matrix. Neo finds himself trapped in a subway station; a transition zone between the Matrix and the real world. At this station, Neo meets a 'family' of programs, including a girl named Sati, whose father tells Neo that the station is controlled by a program called The Trainman, an exile loyal only to the Merovingian who exerts complete control over the subway. When Neo tries to board the train with the family, the Trainman refuses to let him aboard.

Seraph contacts Morpheus on behalf of the Oracle. The Oracle, with a changed appearance, informs Morpheus and Trinity of Neo's confinement. Seraph, Morpheus, and Trinity pursue the Trainman to secure Neo's release. The trio enters Club Hel to confront the Merovingian to release Neo. The Merovingian demands "the eyes of the Oracle" in exchange for Neo's release. Trinity loses her patience and provokes a Mexican standoff, forcing the Merovingian to release Neo.

Troubled by visions of the Machine City, Neo decides to visit the Oracle. She informs him that as the One, he has developed a wireless connection with the Source. All of Neo's abilities - inside and outside the Matrix - exist because of this connection. She characterizes Smith, as Neo's exact "opposite" and "negative", who threatens to destroy the Matrix and eventually the Machine City. She states that "everything that has a beginning has an end", and that the war is about to end "one way or another." After Neo leaves the Oracle, a large group of "Smiths," after assimilating Sati and Seraph, arrive to assimilate the unresisting Oracle, gaining her powers of precognition.

In the real world, the remaining crew of the Nebuchadnezzar and the Hammer encounter Niobe's deactivated ship, the Logos, and its crew. They successfully reactivate the ship and begin to interrogate the now awakened Bane, who claims he has no memory of the events of the earlier battle. As the ship captains plan to return to defend Zion, Neo announces that he needs a ship to travel to the Machine City. The captain of the Hammer refuses to allow it, citing his rights as ship's captain. However, Niobe provides him the Logos, rebuking the captain of the Hammer when he attempts to prevent her from exercising the rights he just extolled.

Niobe pilots the Hammer through a series of service tunnels, which are nearly impossible to navigate in order to avoid the Sentinel army. Shortly after departure, they discover that Bane has murdered a crew member and has hidden aboard the Logos. They also come to realize that Bane fired the EMP that disabled the human fleet that had engaged the Sentinel army leading to their defeat. Despite this discovery, they are unable to warn Trinity and Neo. Before the Logos can depart, Bane ambushes Trinity and takes her hostage. Neo fights Bane, who reveals that he is Smith. During the struggle, Bane blinds Neo by cauterizing his eyes with a severed power cable. In spite of his blindness, Neo can see the glowing form of Smith and kills him. Trinity pilots them towards the Machine City.

In Zion, the defenders deploy infantry armed with rocket launchers and Armored Personnel Units. The docks are invaded by a massive horde of Sentinels and two giant drilling machines. Outnumbered and overwhelmed by the attackers, the APUs are unable to hold the Dock, and their leader Captain Mifune is fatally wounded. With his last breath, Mifune tells the Kid, who has been rearming his APU, to open the gate for the Hammer. Encouraged by Mifune, Kid pilots the APU and opens the gate. The Sentinels are on the verge of overwhelming the remaining humans when the Hammer, with more Sentinels in pursuit, arrives at Zion and sets off its EMP, disabling the Sentinels, but also the remaining defenses. Although they have bought a temporary reprieve, the humans are forced to retreat to the temple's entrance and wait for the next attack, preparing for what they believe will be their last stand.

Nearing the Machine City, Neo and Trinity are attacked by the city's huge defense machines. Neo uses his power to destroy the incoming bombs, but Sentinels overwhelm the ship. To evade them, Trinity flies the Logos into an electrical storm cloud. Her actions disable the Sentinels, but also disable the ship's engines. Above the cloud layer, Trinity sees a glimpse of sunlight and blue sky for the first time. The ship then free-falls directly toward the Machine City, and despite Trinity's attempts to ignite the engines in time, the ship crashes. The impact of the collision fatally wounds Trinity, and she dies in Neo's embrace.

Neo enters into the Machine City to strike a bargain with the Machines, personified by the Deus Ex Machina. Neo warns that Smith is beyond the Machines' control and will soon assault the Source. He offers to help stop Smith in exchange for a ceasefire with Zion: the Machines agree, causing all the Sentinels attacking Zion to stand down and await orders. The Machines provide a connection for Neo to enter the Matrix and confront Smith. In the Matrix, which is now wholly populated by Smith's copies, the clone with the Oracle's powers steps forth, claiming that he has already foreseen his own victory.

Neo and Smith in their final confrontation.The Smith clones stand by and watch while Neo and the primary Smith fight on the streets, through buildings, and in the sky, until they finally brawl in a flooded crater. Neo is outmatched by Smith but refuses to give up. A frustrated Smith continues to attack, but when he suddenly repeats the Oracle's words, "Everything that has a beginning has an end," Neo baits Smith into assimilating him. As the Machines sense the assimilation, Neo's body spasms as a surge of energy enters his body. The Neo-Smith and the rest of the clones then explode, restoring The Matrix and its citizens to normal. In the crater full of water, we now see the Oracle lying on the ground. The waiting Sentinels withdraw from Zion. Neo, having sacrificed himself to save both the Machines and humans, is unplugged from the Matrix and his body is carried away by the Machines.

The Architect and the Oracle agree to unplug all humans who want to be freed, and that peace will last "as long as it can." Sati, who has created a colorful dawn sky in memory of Neo, asks the Oracle if they will ever see him again to which she replies that she believes they will, hinting that Neo might not actually be dead.

In my opinion this a good science fiction film but I did not like how Neo died at the ending
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The Matrix Revolutions
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