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 Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Empty
PostSubject: Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle   Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 10:02 am

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Invade10


Produced, Directed, and Written by: The Irken Empire, Nickalooden and Paramount pictures

Rating: PG For Viloence, Scenes of peral and some rude humor

Relase: summer time

Country: USA

Languge: English

(We see this image)

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle C69

Narrator: Along time ago in a distant land an Empire invaded a planet and added it to their vast empire, however there was a man dissatisfied by the behavior of the inhabitants of the planet he lived on. This man was a sage who was in contact with a being who called herself “The Will of the Cosmos”. He naturally expired cursing the heavens. Just as he expired a being with vast power came who carried a black rod it had one end was a spear and the other end was a moon. After a huge battle with the Army and it's government leader. She was blasted into the sky and was never seen again. These people are known as the Irken Empire and sent their invaders to various planets to conquer. On Earth, an Invader known as Zim arrived on earth with his robot GIR.

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle

Opening Theme:

Zim's base, day, inside

(We see GIR watching TV and eating some.......................PLANKS)

GIR: Hey Zim there's some show on TV!!!

Zim(off screen): In a minute GIR.

GIR: What are you doing?

Zim(off screen): I'm Making some lunch.

GIR: So how's it coming along.

Zim(off screen): It's OK but where did you get all those flavors of jelly, I'm having a hard time deciding.

(Zim walks to join GIR in eating lunch as they watch some of GIR'S cartoons suddenly a news broadcast shows up on TV.)

GIR: Who stole my broadcast? I want to see how it ended.

Zim: Well what's important is the fact we have to figure out what is going on here-

Newsman: We interrupt this broadcast for some breaking news! A large group of battle robots of unknown origins are heading straight for New York at an unknown location. Be careful of these odd devices.

(The news turns off and suddenly Zim hears a loud noise)


GIR: Hey Zim, that must be the biggest bird ever to land on our roof.

Zim: I think the robots landed on our roof.

(Zim walks out side only to be attacked by the robots. A fight occurs. Zim wins the battle and destroys the robots. GIR walks outside with him.)

GIR: Hey Zim who made those things.

Zim: According to a label on them it says”Property of Dai-Jadow”.

(Zim notices a spaceship that has the exact same label on it.)

Zim: GIR, we have to follow it.

GIR: Can I bring my snacks.

Zim: Sure why not.

(Zim and GIR hop in the Voot Runner and proceed to take off into the sky after the ship travailing at a extremely fast speed.)

Later, in space

Zim: we went after it for a long time where could it possible be going.

(Suddenly the Ship moves into a wormhole Zim and GIR proceeded to follow it only to see the following.)

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Omnive10

Zim: If my theories are correct this must be what they call the Omniverse.

GIR: What's the Omniverse Zim?

Zim: Well we exists in a group of dimensions that are scattered. Each dimension contains are completely different.

GIR: Does this mean we have evil versions of our selves in another dimension that exists in our massive Omniverse because that would sound like a poorly written comic book.

Zim: No GIR, with all to respect that would be weird and pointless. You see with the minor exception of species the history and individuals that exist in these Alternate Dimensions are COMPLETELY different from the people that we know.

GIR: Really? Wow! give me an example.

Zim: Well the Irken Empire is aware of Alternate Dimensions but never visited them because we prefer to stay in our own world. But in one reality the Irken Empire might still have cave man level technology.

GIR: Wow.

(Suddenly the aircraft they were following darted into one of the dimensions Zim and GIR follow it into there.)

Alternate Dimension, Planet M-720, day

(Zim and GIR land their spaceship on the planet that is a large desert.)

Zim: Time to investigate what is happening.

(Zim sees even more robots attacking a large village.)

GIR: Is that suppose to be happening?

Zim: No GIR it isn't let's go fight these robots. Activate Duty mode

GIR(Robotic): Roger.

(Zim and GIR fight the robots for sometime and eventually manage to destroy them. Suddenly some creatures come out they look their made out of paper.)

Village Elder: You have saved us! How can we ever repay you!?


Zim: Well you could tell us what is “Dai-Jadow”?

Village Elder: Well Dai-Jadow is a massive organization that terrorizes the Galaxy we live in. They are lead by something called “The Will of the Cosmos”.

Zim: That must be a mistake the Will of the Cosmos was defeated 80000 years ago.

Village Elder: We don't know what you're talking about but they are looking for something they call “The Greatest treasure in the Universe”.

GIR: Was it made by Gol D. Roger?

Village Elder: Who?

Zim: You do realize that he's not real GIR.

GIR: Sorry.

Zim: What is the name of this Galaxy?

Village Elder: The Bubblegum Galaxy.

Zim: oh, well what is the Greatest treasure in the universe?

Village Elder: I don't know but I know someone who does.

Zim: Who is that person?

Village Elder: Princess Lolly.

Zim: OH COME ON!!!

Village Elder and GIR: Why are you angry?


Village Elder: Just find her OK.

Zim: *Sigh* fine.

(Zim and GIR hop into their spaceship.)

GIR: Why are those aliens look like paper.

Zim: They're talking and mobile plants.

GIR: oh.

(Zim and GIR manage to fly to another planet when suddenly a huge spaceship picks them up.)

Spaceship, inside

Zim: What the?!


Computer: Commence memory deletion.

Zim: Oh crud we have to get out of here!

GIR: I have a poor memory already! What should we do.

(Suddenly a tiny Robot comes into the room. He looks like this. NOTE: HE SPEAKS IN A SLIGHT GERMAN ACCENT AND IS HIGH PITCHED VOICE, LIKE THIS

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Dr_sca10

Robot: stop.....these people register as no threat.

Zim: What are you?

Repair Unit #6: I am repair unit number 6, welcome aboard.

GIR: Do you own this ship?

Repair Unit #6: No Princess Lolly does. Shall I take you to her?

Zim: Please do.

(Zim and GIR follow Repair Unit #6 down a long hall way they eventually come into a large door.)

Voice (off Screen): Hi Number 6 how's it going?

Repair Unit #6: Good I have two guests who want to talk to you.

Zim: who was that?

Repair Unit #6: Princess Lolly of the Ludoviso Dynasty.

(Zim and GIR walk in and see Princess Lolly, she looks like this.)

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Dress10

Princess Lolly: What a cute little dog come here.

(She squeezes GIR causing him to look happy.)

Zim: Um..............?

Princess Lolly: I'm going to watch some cartoons.

Zim: Excuse me?

Princess Lolly: I Can't wait for a prince with a huge white horse.

GIR: I just want food.

Zim: AHEM!!!

Princess Lolly: What would like Sir?

Zim: I would like to know the location for the greatest treasure in the universe.

Princess Lolly: It's on the planet Zanzogas, in the mean time want to hear a song.

Zim: No this is not a musical I could just watch Disney to hear a princess sing.

Princess Lolly(singing):

(Suddenly in the middle of her singing Zim turns on a radio and puts a CD in.)


(Zim and GIR dance to this music as the ship lands and they throw Zim and GIR out of it.)

Planet Zanzogas, day

(Zim and GIR land their Voot Runner in a jungle, they search for the treasure eventually they see something......)

GIR: What's that?

Zim: It appears to be a temple of some kind.

(Zim and GIR walk in to the temple and see a large black Rod it has a spear on one end and a moon on the other.)

Zim: Oh no, so that's why Dai-Jadow wants it. WERE ARE SO DOOMED!!!!

GIR: Zim, what is that?

Zim: That device is known as “Lucifer Spear Black” the most advanced forms of the Lucifer Spear. A device created by the Angolan. A Type of alien that use to destroy entire planets. If it wasn't for the disappearance of one individual there would be more of this type of weapon

(Suddenly someone appears. She look like this.)

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Fear11

Person: Well done thank you for finding Lucifer Spear Black.

GIR: Are you Angol Mois, the Queen of Terror.

Zim: No GIR, Angol Mois is silly remember.

GIR: oh yeah, so who are you again?

Angol Fear: My name is Angol Fear better known as “The Will of the Cosmos” and “The Great Leader of Dai-Jadow”.

Zim and GIR: WHAT!!!???

Angol Fear: Exactly, now to destroy some planets with this device, but first.

(Angol Fear summons some robots.)

Angol Fear: I can't be bothered with you two, Dai-Jadow Troops Attack them.

Zim: GIR activate duty mode.

(Angol Fear Leaves, as Zim and GIR battle the Dai-Jadow troops and destroy them.)

Zim: GIR we have to get Angol Fear, We can't have her destroy most of the universe.

GIR: Right, so how are we going to do it?

Zim: TO the Voot Runner!

(Zim and GIR fly out of there.)

Dai-Jadow Battle station, inside

(Zim and GIR fly their spaceship into the battle station and proceed to walk around.)

GIR: Isn't It amazing that there is no one to fight.

(Suddenly a group of robots appear.)

Zim: this can't be good.

(Zim and GIR fight their way past the Dai-Jadow Robots and manage to eventually fight their way into Angol Fear's throne room.)

Angol Fear: So you finally made it.

Zim: Why are you doing this?

GIR: What do you hope to achieve?

Angol Fear: simple really I Judged most if not all of sentient life and realized that they have flawed souls. We the Angolan decided to put all sentient life on trial and though that because of their flaws. We decided to destroy them, the Angolan are Judge and jury. I'm Simply the Executioner.

Zim: I-I may have used some extreme methods in the past but all I wanted was to make the galaxy a safer place under the empire's rule w-what do you honestly expect to achieve from all this.

Angol Fear: Nothing but the perfect society.

Zim: Let me get this straight you want to destroy everything just so you and you're hypocrite Angolan friends can have nothing but eternal peace, think of how many innocents will be lost. Everything is suppose to have flaws Angol Fear.

Angol Fear: You and you're stupid robots lives end here.

(Zim activates GIR'S Duty mode and they proceed to battle Angol Fear. Eventually Zim and GIR win and knock Angol Fear into a pit of energy.)

Zim: Is it me or does every single Disney villain get destroyed that way.

GIR: I don't think Angol Fear is done.

(Suddenly Angol Fear in the liquid absorbs some energy as Lucifer Spear Black and starts to Change into something......................a huge monster rises out of the liquid it looks like this.)

Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Leviat10

GIR: A-Angol Fear!!


(Zim and GIR proceed to fight Angol Fear's Mutated form and eventually destroy her. And manage to escape the exploding ship.)

Voot Runner, inside

Zim: The Day is saved but how do we get get back home?

GIR: I found this device on a Dai-Jadow trooper.

(GIR Clicks and it transports them somewhere.)

Earth, Zim's base, attic, night, inside

(The Voot Runner is in attic. Zim and GIR walkout.)

Zim: Were home, both dimensions are saved from Dai-Jadow.

GIR: So what do we do now.

Zim: I'm going to order some food from the Pizza place.

GIR: Want to play the Wii?

Zim: Sure, why not.

(Zim and GIR start to play on the Wii and party. As they the Pizza Guy shows.)

GIR: I love you Pizza Guy.

Pizza Guy: Thanks.

Zim: I'll get the money.

(Zim pays him and they proceed to eat Pizza)

End Credits:



.The Film Was inspired by Kamen Rider Decade, Ultra Seven X, and Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial/Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

. The Scene with Princess Lolly is a spoof on Disney Princesses

.The Paper Aliens were inspired by this image

. The Village Elder was inspired by this image

. Gol D. Roger is a fictional pirate who made a treasure known as the "One Peice" the Japanese cartoon of the same name features a group of many pirates going on a rat race across the globe to find this treasure
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle   Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 3:01 pm

A cheering story for the SUMMER.

The poster would make a grear T-Shirt.

Gir funny as usuall. I like how you found some more ways to work out a story-never boring.

I like the comment about Princess-lolli-oh come on.

Love the Paper guys-

THIS STORY GETS MY VOOOOTTTTEEEEE-whoa hoo cheers cheers cheers cheers
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Invader Zim Vs. Dai-Jadow: A Fateful Battle
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