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 Invader Zim Grand Anniversary

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Empty
PostSubject: Invader Zim Grand Anniversary   Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 10:42 am

Narrator: Hello and welcome to the anniversary of Invader Zim 2010, and for this anniversary we will show...............A CRUMMY CLIPSHOW!!!! Just kidding you deserve better than that. We will show 3 never before seen episodes as a huge triple feature. Let's Begin.

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary

Opening Theme:

(We see the following)

. A set of Irken Ship taking off and doing battle

. Zim and GIR practice fighting

. A silhouette playing music to himself

. A silhouette switching from shy to angry

.Zim and GIR standing triumphantly in battle

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary 1/3: Vocaloid World Tour

Electronic store, day, inside

(We see Zim and GIR Shopping for electronics.)

Zim: Well GIR here we are at the electronic store a place famous for creations such as cell phones.

GIR: MMMMMMMMM Screws. Why are we here again.

Zim: Well we need to find a Wii for our house.

GIR: I want to play Super Mario.

Zim: We all want to do that.

(Zim notices a silhouette of something he follows it and eventually.)


Zim:'s just Dr. Nefarious.

(We See a large robot. He looks like this)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Nefari10

Dr. Nefarious: OW WHAT WAS THAT FOR!!!????

Zim: I mistaken you for a bad guy they always hide in the shadows

GIR: Zim, isn't that the robot who helped us during election day.

Zim: Yes it is.

Dr. Nefarious: Lawrence!

(A robot resembling a butler enters the room. He looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Lawren10

Lawrence: Yes sir.

Dr. Nefarious: Help us carry these luggage.

Lawrence: Right away sir. You and you're friends put the wit in the word twit.

(Zim, GIR, Dr. Nefarious, and Lawrence continue walking through the mall they see a odd looking type of robot that looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Vocalo10

Zim: IS that what I think it is, GIR.

GIR: What do you think it is?

Zim: A Vocaloid.

Dr. Nefarious: Vocal.......what did you say?

Zim: Vocaloid, a Japanese product that's basically a waste of money.

Dr. Nefarious: Why are they a waste of money.

Zim: They Sing J-pop junk.

Lawrence: You mean there bad singers?

Zim: Well their not my kind of music and their overrated because they have little to no personality or individuality.

(Zim walks up to the Vocaloids)

Zim: Excuse me ladies.

Vocaloid: Hai?

Zim: Could sing one of your songs for all the mall to hear?

Vocaloid: Hai, Tokubetsuna rikuesuto?

Zim: no I don't have any special requests.

GIR: What language was that robot speaking in, Zim?

Zim: Japanese.

Lawrence (Sarcastically): This should be good.

Vocaloids (Singing):

(Suddenly just when their about to finish their song a voice interrupts them.)

Voice (Singing):

Zim: Not this is what I call music.

Dr. Nefarious: Get down and get funky!

(Zim, GIR and Dr. Nefarious start to dance. Until they notice something the Vocaloids are starting to behave very differently and start to chase them.)

Zim: We better run.

Lawrence: You think.

Dr. Nefarious: Run Lawrence run.

(Zim, GIR, Dr. Nefarious, and Lawrence start to run away from the Vocaloids until they come into a darkened room.)

Zim: Well GIR I think were safe for now.

GIR: *Gasp, Pant*.

Dr. Nefarious: Well I think they should be reprogrammed to join the Irken Army.

Lawrence: Even idiots have fields in greatness take for example you.

(We here a voice it sounds like........................ELVIS.)

Voice (Off Screen): you measly little humans thank you very much.


(Suddenly a spot light lands on top of some kind of monkey. It looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Etemon15

Zim: Who are you?

Etemon: The concert is in session in American, All right it's me, Etemon the king!

Zim, GIR, Dr. Nefarious & Lawrence: Never heard of you.

Etemon: Well you better not be interfering with my plans, because when I do I give them my banana flavored surprise.

GIR: Well actually we are.

Zim: Oh cru-

Etemon: Well in this case you get a taste of my powers.

(Zim, GIR, And Dr. Nefarious fight Etemon, eventually after sometime of fighting they win and knock Etemon into some pile of wires. He rises and transforms. He now looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Etemon14

Metal Etemon: Now I'm Metal Etemon!

Zim: Well here we go again.

(They fight Metal Etemon and narrowly manage to defeat him.)

Metal Etemon: I Lost...........

GIR: Etemon why did you do all this.

Metal Etemon: Well I was accidentally created by the same people who made those Vocaloid robots and was nearly deleted because how different I was. All I wanted to be was a singer.

Zim: Oh.......

Metal Etemon: Well it's nice knowing you but listen carefully there is someone who is using the Electronic data to get to the real world he ejected me from my prison his name is-

(Suddenly Metal Etemon dissolves and vanishes without a trace.)

Zim: I'm going to miss him.

GIR: You Want to get a Wii.

Zim: See you Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence.

Dr. Nefarious: Bye

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary 2/3: Our battle Royal

Japan, Mansion, day, outside

(We see 3 silhouettes swimming in a pool.)

Silhouette 1: Thank you for inviting us to your pool party.

Silhouette 2: *Shy* No problem.

Silhouette 3: Well at least we haven't seen anything unusual lately.


(We See The Voot Runner flying out of control.)

Zim: GIR I have good news and bad news.

GIR: The Good news?

Zim: Were going to make a landing.

GIR: The Bad news.

Zim: The landing is a crash landing.

(As the silhouettes are playing in the pool they then jump back when the Voot Runner lands directly in the pool and Zim and GIR float out of the spaceship.)

Zim: OK well were someplace that has water......................wait a minute were in a pool.

GIR: MMMMMMMM pool toys.

Zim: Well as I can tell there's nothing hostile...............wait how is that.......oh no!

GIR: What is it Zim?

Zim: Look over there.

(GIR sees a girl standing next to two people. She looks like this)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Clingy11

GIR: So?

Zim: WERE IN Momoka Nishizawa house!

GIR: Who's that again?

Zim: Remember the Girl you switched bodies with.

GIR: oh yeah, shes crazy.

Zim: we better make a run for it.

(We see a huge chase scene occur in the house while Momoka and two other people follow Zim and GIR.)

Momoka: *Shy* Hello mister where are you *Angry* you better get back here.

Zim: What do you want?

Momoka: Battle Royal!

Mansion, outside

Zim: GIR I just realized something else.

GIR: What is it.

Zim: Notice that person over there.

(GIR turns and sees a boy. He looks like this)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Boy11

GIR: So?

Zim: That Fuyuki Hinata! And look over there!

(GIR turns and sees a girl. She looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Tsunde11

GIR: Who is that?

Zim: Natsumi Hinata, those were the guys who stole our spaceship.

GIR: What are you saying?

Zim: I don't think well survive this one.

Momoka: Let the combat begin!

Fuyuki: Do I have to engaged in this?

Momoka: *Shy* of course not Sweetie you can stand over there.

Fuyuki: Thanks.....

GIR: so what do you want to talk about I'm not fighting either.

Fuyuki: You have any hobbies.

GIR: Does collecting dead insects count.

(Zim steps into the arena along with Natsumi both of them glare at each other.)

Zim: Well I'm not going back here anytime soon.


(Zim and Natsumi proceed to fight one another the result is that Zim wins.)

Momoka: *Shy* Well it's my turn, *Angry* I'll make you a lobster tossed in the boiling pot.

Zim: You don't have any flame based weapons.

Fuyuki: So what do you do exactly

GIR: Eat things.

(Zim and Momoka proceed to engage in a fight, Zim narrowly manages to defeat her.)

Zim: GIR let's get out of here before something weirder happens.

Fuyuki: What happened to Natsumi and Momoka?

Zim: I Just knocked them out, don't worry.

(Zim and GIR jump back into the pool and manage to fly their ship elsewhere)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary 3/3: The One Behind the Curtain

Tokyo City, night

(We see Zim and GIR land their space ship elsewhere and proceed to walk around)

Zim: Etemon mentioned earlier that someone unsealed him and allowed him to interact with the world, but who is behind all this.

GIR: Is it the chips Zim?

Zim: Chips.

GIR: You know Frito lays.

Zim: GIR This could be important to our cause and we must figure out who is responsible behind this.

GIR: Can we first buy chocolate.

Zim: Sure thing.

(Zim and GIR walk around the city only to see massive amounts of electronic interference. They walk into a store.)

Zim: I would like to buy two chocolate bars please.

Store owner: Let's see that would be.........................something can't be right here.

Zim: What do you mean?

Store Owner: The product used to cost $1.00 , now it's $10000000000000000000000000

GIR: Do we even have that money Zim?

Zim: What is happening?

(Suddenly Zim looks at a massive moon sized object in the sky and see pieces of it flake off it flying from it.)

Zim: Looks like we have a planet to save.

GIR: Right.

(Zim and GIR run into their spaceship and take off to the object. Zim hits eject and He and GIR are on the surface. Weird Creatures rise from the ground of it.)

Zim: Time to duel.

GIR (Robotic): Duty mode activated.

(Zim and GIR fight their way through the horde of monsters only to find someone else helping them fight when ambushed It's.............................DR. NEFARIOUS, LAWERNCE, MOMOKA, FUYUKI, AND NATSUMI)

Dr. Nefarious: I don't know who the rest of you are but we have a battle to fight!

Natsumi: Who put you in charge?

Dr. Nefarious: JUST GO!!!

(They proceed to fight until something they are complete ambushed..............then they hear something.)


Fuyuki: Is that Elvis?

(The monsters explode and as everyone turns they see something singing. He looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Etemon13

Zim: Is that who I think it is?


King Etemon: I used to be called that Now I'm King Etemon, Let me tell you how I became me. I managed to chill out in the digital network, I managed to survive somehow. Do you know how? I managed to realize that I am setting things right.

(Suddenly part of the Moon Sized burst open revealing a huge creature. It looks like this)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Neon_g10

Zim: What is that?!

(It begins to speak. NOTE: IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS

Millennium: My name is Millennium and I was the one who freed Etemon. I exist beyond this world, I exist eternally, I shall reverse this world to my liking.

Zim: GIR Activate duty mode.

(Millennium then proceeds to change the landscape to look like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary C19

Millennium: You shall be erased from existence for defying me.

(The battle begins for sometime. Eventually Zim, Dr. Nefarious, Natsumi, GIR, Fuyuki, King Etemon And Momoka wins.)

Lawrence: Is it over.

King Etemon: I sure scored a number on that one Baby!

Momoka: *Shy* we did it.

(Suddenly Millennium rises from the ground transforming into a different form. It Looks like this.)

Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Xenomo11

Millennium: Too much energy.

Zim: Everyone combine attack!

(Everyone charges their attack and suddenly and completely obliterates Millennium sending everyone flying to earth)

Zim's Base, day

(Zim and GIR land near their base along with the Voot Runner.)

GIR: We did it What should we do next Zim?

Zim: It's time to goof off on the Wii.

Ending Credits:

(As the credits roll we see the following scenes)

.Fuyuki, Natsumi, and Momoka watching a movie

. Zim and GIR playing video Games on the Wii

. Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence celebrating with the Irken Empire

. King Etemon and Vocaloids preforming a concert

. Zim and GIR going to bed

. The stars in the sky



. The entire episode was inspired by this song '

. The author finds Etemon hilarious the question is do you

. the reason the Doctor and Lawrence appear is because the author finds them Hilarious, the question is do you think the same

. a Vocaloid is a real product that the author thinks about it eh exact same way Zim does, it's a voice synthesizer and not a robot though

. The ending was inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Government Concil

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Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim Grand Anniversary   Invader Zim Grand Anniversary Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 4:52 pm

This was a fun read cheers cheers pig cheers cheers

It was amazing to see that Elvis is alive Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I thought it was funny for them wanting to run away from that girl who is crazy lol! lol! lol! lol!

lol! lol! The music collection caught me with the intro of Alice in land. Is that a movie Question Question
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Invader Zim Grand Anniversary
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