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 Carnival of the Amphibians

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Carnival of the Amphibians    Carnival of the Amphibians  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 9:37 am

Carnival of the Amphibians

Amusement park, day

(We see Zim and GIR at an amusement park.)

Zim: Well here we are GIR, this place is a new amusement park that recently opened up.

GIR: MMMMMMMMM Bird feed. Who built this park.

Zim: Prof. Membrane, I personally wonder how long it took, because he installed Guard Robots to guard the place.

GIR: So Zim what do you think could possibly go wrong with this place.


(We see 5 silhouettes plotting something.)

Silhouette 1: OK were about to execute our plan and get everything we want-

Silhouette 2: Wait sir are you sure this plan would work.

Silhouette 1: Well we are going to rule this amusement park.

Silhouette 3: hey Sarge when we get home could you read me a bed time story, please.

Silhouette 1: Um..................who are you again.

Silhouette 4: I'm you're Lance-Corporal I have been working for you for about 4 years.

Silhouette 1: Well were about to carry this out is anyone still here.


Silhouette 5: *KUKUKU* Well here's a easy riddle for a tiny............well you, who is the person who can destroy this planet with a single blast?

Silhouette 1: Oh wait were forgetting some one where is Ang-

(We see a Female Silhouette walk in carrying a tray of something.)

Female Silhouette: Who wants brownies, anyone who is a friend of Uncle is a friend of mine.

(Everyone except Silhouette 3 grabs brownies. Silhouette 3 simply pouts.)

Amusement park, day

(As Zim and GIR walk past the guard robots, suddenly they start to malfunction they start pop balloons and steal candy.)

Zim: GIR, what the heck is going on here!?

GIR: Maybe they ate too much sugar.

Zim: Hmm................*thinks* Some one must have hacked into them but where do I know someone who could do that.

GIR: Can we go to the candy land section, Zim?

Zim: Sure why not.

Amusement park, candy section, day

(Zim and GIR start to walk through a section with candy-like decorations, where the candy-like decorations used to be some bite into them.)

GIR: Who did this, Zim?

Zim: in a normal Circumstance I would have said that you did this, but judging from the foot prints he left he's about half you're size, we should follow his tracks.

(Zim and GIR follow the tracks and eventually come across a huge pile of candy sitting on top of it is a Black Tadpole.)

Tamama: Hi mister, my name is Private Tamama want some candy.

Zim: Um.......why are you eating so much candy.

Tamama: Well I want to regain my Sergeant's favor.

Zim: what do you mean.

Tamama: Well ever since that woman showed up he has made he pays more attention to her instead of me. I kind of rejected an Aesop my mommy told me. *Sigh*

Zim: What is this Aesop?

Tamama: Don't blame bad luck or others for you're problems or else you create killer bugs made out of negative emotions that will destroy the world.

GIR: that makes sense to me.

Zim: I don't get it.

Tamama: Well maybe you're just as crazy as that woman! I'M ANGRY AND YOU WON'T LIKE WHEN I'M ANGRY!!!

(Zim and Tamama engage in a battle for sometime Zim eventually wins by knocking the Tadpole out.)

GIR: So Zim, what is that alien.

Zim: He's a Keronian GIR ,the Keronians come form the Planet Keron, we got to stop them.

(As Zim and GIR walk away from the scene they bump into a Girl who looks like this. She takes out a book)

Carnival of the Amphibians  Girl14

Girl: Ola senior.

Zim: I don't speak Spanish.

Girl: Oh, sorry. Here's a piece gum.

GIR: thank you.

(Zim and GIR walk away to the next area.)

Amusement park, Aquarium, day

(We see Zim and GIR in the aquarium section.)

Zim: OK GIR all we have to do is look for the Keronian hiding in this area.

GIR: right he could be anywhere.

(We see Zim and GIR walking until they here a noise.)


GIR: I want to join in.

(GIR takes out an accordion-like instrument.)


(Suddenly a Blue ninja-like frog jumps out.)

Dororo: Hello I'm Lance-Corporal Dororo.

Zim: OK.

GIR: Hello Dororo.

Dororo: Since you have trust past I have no choice but to challenge you to a fight, may the best win.

(Zim and Dororo fight for sometime, Zim manages to defeat him and knock the Keronian out.)

Zim: We better get to the next part of this park, GIR.

GIR: Right.

(As Zim and GIR run out of this part of the amusement they bump into the exact same girl.)

Girl: Hello again.


Zim: why are you here again?

Girl: Oh, I’m just helping my uncle.

Zim: We have some business to do.

Girl: See you round.

Amusement Park, Disco section, day

Zim: OK, judging by little information I know there are about 5 Keronians in this amusement park, we have defeated 2 so that leaves 3 left.

GIR: So how do we find him, Zim?

Zim: Well he left, some kind of trail.

(Zim and GIR follow some kind of electric light trail until they stumble into a room. The door closes behind them.)

Voice: *KUKUKU* I have finally captured the intruders.

(The lights turn on and Zim and GIR find a Yellow frog that is a scientist staring at them.)

Kululu: I am Sergeant Major Kululu of this Platoon, prepare to be neutralized.

GIR: Nice glasses.

Zim: You and what army?

(Kululu jumps into a giant robot.)

Zim: I regret saying that.

(Zim and Kululu fight, Zim eventually destroys his robot and knocks him out.)

Zim: Let's get out of here before someone notices us, GIR.

GIR: Right.

( Zim and GIR exit the section of the park and bump into the Girl again.)

Zim: are you following us?

Girl: What are you talking about mister, I’m just getting band aids.

GIR: Say do we even known you.

Girl: See you around.

(the Girl walks right past them.)

Zim: Come to think of it I recall seeing a girl who looked like that on one of our adventures. But who is she.

GIR: Shouldn't we fight the last two Keronians, Zim?

Zim: Right.

Amusement Park, Heavy Metal section, day

(When Zim and GIR walk in they see a Keronian, he's a Red Frog who has a scar on his face who is a solider.)

Giroro: Hold it right there I'm Corporal Giroro and you have trust passed enough.

Zim: This is getting tiresome let's end this.

Giroro: I couldn't agree more, but if you Want to get to Sergeant Keroro you have to face me first.

Zim: *sigh* man you like the sound of your own voice.

GIR: Fight, fight.

(Zim and Giroro proceed to fight one another, Zim defeats him and knocks him out, he continues with GIR and eventually he gets to the center of this section. He bumps into a green frog.)

Keroro: I'm Sergeant Keroro prepare to figh-

(Zim simply punches him knocking him on the floor.)

Keroro: I call rematch.

Zim: Now time to go home.

GIR: YAY!!!!

(Suddenly the door opens and we see the Girl accompanied by Tamama, Dororo, Kululu, and Giroro. They're carrying groceries.)

Girl: Uncle I got the groceries............*cries* What happened to you.

Zim: Wait just a minuet here, what is going on.

Keroro: Don't worry I’m all right.

Girl: *Sigh of relief*.

GIR: So this is “that woman” Tamama was talking about, but who are you.

Girl: Allow me to introduce myself.

(Zim and GIR Stare in amazement while her body bursts into blinding light, Zim trembles in fear at what is happening in front of him.)

GIR: Zim why are you panicking.

Zim: She has returned, I have figured out who she is! Were doomed!

(Suddenly the blinding light stops revealing her true form. It looks like this.)

Carnival of the Amphibians  Angol16

Angol Mois: Hi, my name is Angol Mois (pronounced “Mwa”) and these are my friends Tamama, Dororo, Kululu, and Giroro. This is my Babysitter Keroro or as I call him “uncle”, it's really nice to meet you two guys.

GIR: Same here........wait who is she again.

Zim: She is Angol Mois, the queen of terror. The Angolan aliens are people who destroy other planets with a weapon known as the Lucifer Spear.

Keroro: Mois, Could not destroy the planet?

Angol Mois: Sure thing Uncle.

Keroro: Could you beat this guy to a pulp?

Angol Mois: Sure thing.

Zim: *gulp*.

(Zim and Angol Mois fight for sometime eventually-)

Angol Mois: Time out for a second, let's try something else.

Zim: Like what.

Angol Mois: a dance contest me vs. you.

Zim: Fine if you win you can return to you're plan, if I win you have to leave.

Angol Mois: I accept this is going to be fun.

(Zim and Angol Mois disco Dance to this song for sometime, Zim wins. Keroro, Giroro, Tamama, Kululu, Angol Mois, and Dororo then walk away.)

Zim: Wow that was anti-climatic.

GIR: you want to get lunch at Five Guys.

Zim: Sure.



. The entire episode was inspired by this song

. Normal adult male Keronians look like this

. Normal adult female Keronians look like this

. Normal Male Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Male Keronian Children look like this

. Normal Female Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Female Keronian Children Look like this

. Keronian Soldiers look like this

. Keronian Police Officers look like this

. Female Keronian Mail Dilvery look like this

Keronian Ninja Masters Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

. Cyborg Keronian Ninjas look like this

. Kunoichi Solider Keronians Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

. Keronian Scientists Look like this

. Scientist Keronian Tadpoles Look like this

. Keronian Guards look like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Carnival of the Amphibians  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Carnival of the Amphibians    Carnival of the Amphibians  Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 8:27 am

I want to GO to an Amusement Park like this one cheers cheers cheers

The Best part was candy land area-thats sound fun.

I like all the Characters . Anglo Mha-Great way to end the story a dance dance contest cheers cheers

Music selection very entertaining.

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Carnival of the Amphibians
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