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Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Red Scorpion    Red Scorpion  Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 7:51 pm

The plot centers on Lundgren's character Nikolai, a Soviet Spetsnaz-trained KGB agent who is sent to an African country where Soviet, Czechoslovakian and Cuban forces are helping the government fight an anti-communist rebel movement. He fights with dedication for his Soviet commanders, until he is thrown in jail for drunkenly shooting up a bar. During his night in the cell, he meets an American journalist and a resistance fighter whom the Soviet command have designated both as an espionage/criminal threat, and Nikolai learns the truth about the Soviet presence.

Nikolai is ordered to assassinate the movement's leader, but eventually turns against his government by switching sides. Disgraced and tortured by his commanding officers for failing his mission, he breaks out of the interrogation chamber and escapes to the desert, later to be found by native people. He soon learns about them and their culture, and after receiving a ceremonial burn scar in the form of a scorpion (hence the title), he rejoins the freedom fighters and leads an attack against the Soviet camp after a previous attack at the rebel stronghold. Nikolai steals an AO-63 from the armoury, fights his corrupt officers and hunts down General Vortek, who attempts to escape in a Mil-24 Hind only to be shot down after takeoff. Nikolai defeats and kills Vortek, as the freedom fighters finally defeat the Soviet oppression.

in my opinion this film is cool

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