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 Taco Night

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Taco Night   Taco Night Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2012 9:33 am

Taco Night

(We see nothing except for two voices.)

Female Voice (off screen): Hi uncle what do would like?

Male Voice (off screen): Well pick up some Mexican food for me and my men, also don't forget to get yourself something.

City, Streets, Night

(We see Zim and GIR wandering the streets.)

Zim: GIR, I heard about some new product regarding the ability to gain an increase in energy.


Zim: I'm getting hungry, which restaurant would like to Visit?

GIR: The new Mexican one, I heard they make the best tacos Zim.

(Zim walks up to a pay phone nearby.)

GIR: Couldn't we use the Voot Runner?

Zim: An alien spaceship would attract some unneeded attention GIR, anyhow what was the cab number again?

(Zim proceeds to dial the phone number for the taxi cab, unfortunately he accidentally dials the final digit wrong.)

Zim: oops.

(suddenly the phone transforms into a computer-like device.)

Computer: Good morning Agent, today you will have to access a building held by Corporate Criminals.................GOT IT PUNK!!!!!

Zim: Y-yes.

GIR: Yes Mr. Computer.

Computer: YAY!!! THIS message will self destruct in 5 minutes..........BYE!!!! *BWAHAHAHA*

(Suddenly it turns back into a normal phone booth.)

GIR: What was that all about Zim?

Zim: We got mistaken for secret agents, and must help save the day.


Building, night, outside

Recording device:

(Zim and GIR are about to enter a building until GIR turns off the music)

GIR: I don't think that song motivates me.

Zim: OK, GIR what song do you want?

GIR: That one.

Recording device:

(Zim and GIR proceed to use their jet packs, to scale the roof and get to the top floor. Zim uses a lazier cutter to open the glass.)

Building, inside, night

Zim: OK GIR, now all we have to do is free the hostages that were captured.

GIR: Got it.

(Zim and GIR pass various people in the building and free them.)

GIR: How many more people to free.

Zim: Just one more.

(Zim and GIR enter a room in the building where they see a girl who looks like this.)

Taco Night Girl12

Girl: G-gracias, Senor.

Zim: We don't speak Spanish miss.

Girl: Oh.........well hears a bandage encase you get hurt, what a nice little doggy.

GIR: Bandage? Is it microwavable?

Zim: We have more important things to do GIR.

Girl: by the way those crooks stole my cell phone could you get it back please.

Zim: sure thing, just stop pulling this crazy stuff.

Room, night

Criminal 1: Either way were going to be rich.

Criminal 2: when should I detonate this explosive.

Criminal 1: well-

(Zim and GIR bursts into the room, causing some device to go off revealing that the criminals are vaguely shark-like aliens.)

Zim: Well that's different.

(Zim and The criminals engage in a fight, Zim eventually wins and defuses the explosives.)

Zim: Well the Irken Empire Put a bounty on these guys heads, GIR check for other weapons.

GIR: Right Zim.

( GIR walks into the storage room and finds a cell phone he opens it up to see some an unusual button attached to it, GIR clicks it and it shoot into bright blinding light.)

GIR (off screen): Zim......I found some unusual device.

Zim: let me see it.

GIR (off screen): man, this thing is huge Zim.

(Zim turns around to see a golden rod about the size of a spear, one end is meteor shaped, while the bottom end is crescent moon shaped. Zim has a panicked look on his face.)


GIR: are you OK.


GIR: Calm down, What is this?
Zim: *sigh* a Lucifer Spear, GIR.

GIR: Wait, what......I just want tacos.

Zim: A Lucifer Spear is a weapon that can destroy an entire planet, this weapon is used by the Angolan
a group of aliens who are unbelievably ancient, these creatures are lead by the King of Terror. We don't know how they function on a biological scale.

GIR: So I just found a doomsday weapon.

Zim: Exactly, quick we must destroy this thing, it means that there is an Angolan in this building, leave the criminals here I put a beacon for the Irkens to find them.


Underneath the pier, Night

(We see Zim and GIR underneath the pier in the harbor Zim is thinking while GIR is attempting to guard the Lucifer Spear.)

GIR: Hey Zim, what can the Angolan do physically without the Lucifer Spear.

Zim: They can transform into a more human-like form.

GIR: So that's why we needed to leave the building, I want Mexican food!

Zim: Wait......I though of a way, GIR you know how you eat everything.

GIR: Yes.

(Zim then proceeds to shove the Lucifer Spear Down GIR'S throat, GIR eventually spits it out.)

Zim: Odd I though robots can't suffocate.

GIR: I spat it out because it was too hard, I couldn't crack the metal open.

(Suddenly the Girl form earlier shows up.)

Girl: So there you are, what are you doing?

GIR: Trying to depose of-


Girl: oh......can I come too. I think that device is mine.


Zim: GIR what are you doing?!

(GIR hands over the Lucifer Spear to the Girl.)

Girl: Thanks for giving back my Lucifer Spear.

Zim: Wait a minute, who exactly are you

(Suddenly the Girl's body transform into bright blinding light assuming a odd form that looks like this.)

Taco Night Angol10

Angol Mois: My name is Angol Mois( Pronounced “Mwa”), it's really nice to meet you.

GIR: It's real nice too.....wait, Zim what is that thing.

Zim: An Angolan, it's what they really look like. In other words their true form.

GIR: Oh no.

Angol Mois: First thing first test to see that this Lucifer Spear.


Angol Mois: Excuse me?

Zim: What are you going to do after this, if you destroy the planet then what?!

Angol Mois: I don't understand you question.

Zim: *sigh*.

(Zim grabs GIR, activates the energy field as a explosion occurs with bright blinding light. Fortunately destroying the pier, but leaving no remains of the pier)

Mexican Restaurant, night, inside

Waiter: Well no costumers so far........*sigh*

(Suddenly Zim, GIR, and Angol Mois crash through the roof of the Restaurant.)

Waiter: May I take you're order.

(Angol Mois then transforms into the previous form.)

Angol Mois: 5 Fajitas and 1 Caesar salad.

(The Waiter gives the food to Angol Mois and she walks away quietly.)

Waiter: What about you two.

GIR: Tacos.

Later.......Restaurant, night, inside

Zim: Well, GIR those criminals are arrested by the Irken Empire and peace is restored to earth.

GIR: Sounds great!

Zim: But, the Agent that we replaced got sentenced to office duty and Angol Mois is still at large.

GIR: The food does taste great though.

Zim: I still wounder what could possibly go wrong.


(We see 5 silhouettes in some advanced base that Angol Mois approaches. The silhouettes are about GIR'S height.)

Angol Mois: At long last I serve you uncle under my true colors.

(Angol Mois transforms into her real form.)

Silhouette 1: Don't say that, did you get our food. Remember I'm not you're uncle.

Angol Mois: I only use the rem to sound respectful.

Silhouette 1: right......time to eat men.

(One of the Silhouettes pouts.)



. This episode parody’s spy films

. The Shark-like criminals were inspired by this image

. The idea of having a computer/robot that is prone to mood swings was inspired by this clip which the author finds hilarious

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Taco Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Taco Night   Taco Night Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2012 10:56 am

LOVE IT Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
I lke the use of real language-one we can all use cheers cheers

Funny line about the food and the microwave lol! lol!

Like seeing the characters picture during the writing. It makes the reader more engaged in the episode.

I like the useage of both mission impossible theme songs. I like the older version-both a great.
I like how gir felt that theme music did not suit him lol! lol! lol!

I enjoyed the play of music-cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

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Taco Night
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