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 Keronian Tales

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Keronian Tales               Empty
PostSubject: Keronian Tales    Keronian Tales               Icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2011 9:16 am

Keronian Tales               Keroni16

Promotial Poaster


Keronian Tales focus on a four player cooperative multiplayer mode which allows for drop-in and drop-out game play. The Player Controls a total of 5 Keronians but can only use 4 on screen to ally him and only can control one at a time. The Keronians controlled are Hiroro (Male Tadpole), Kirara (Female Ninja), Tesusu (Solider), Zagugu (Scientist), and Minini (Female Tadpole), each one has their own weapon that is used ( In order of appearance Sword, Samurai Sword, Lazier guns, Hammer, and fists). The player usually has to get to the end of a level, however there are some sections where the player must fight a large number of enemies and must destroy ALL of them in order to get to the next part of the level.


Town, outside, day

(We see a small green planet in the middle of space as we zoom in we see a advanced city populated by some frog-like aliens. There is a light blue tadpole walking through the town with his mom.)

Female Keronian: OK Hiroro we need to get bread, milk and........

Hiroro: Hey mom look at that candy! I want some!

Female Keronian: OK.......uh do realize that there is somethings we need for our house.

(Suddenly a huge robot bursts down an ATM machine and starts to open fire, Hiroro then sees small metal sword that a statue is holding, he grabs the sword and proceeds to fight the robot, resulting in him winning the fight. We see 3 silhouettes watching.)

Silhouette 1: Well we could use a guy like him.

Silhouette 2: I saw training like that in a war but not like this.

Silhouette 3: I really don't see the big deal but I'm going with what you guys said.

(As the robots attack the area the silhouettes jump out to help Hiroro, revealing that are a purple female ninja, a jet black solider, and a lime green scientists.)

Hiroro: Gee thanks...........who are you guys?

Kirara: Kirara, I practiced martial arts.

Tesusu: Tesusu, I fought in a war when I was younger.

Zagugu: Zagugu, I work in a lab.

Hiroro: We are........Team Kero

Zagugu: No just no.

Level 1: City

Level Music:

The Player must navigate through a city being attacked by a group of robots, that are trying to fire at you and must be destroyed. A wall explodes after the fight, this leads to the highway where you come across some police officers who are working.


City, highway, day

(Hiroro, Kirara, Tesusu and Zagugu stumble across a police officer.)

Hiroro: Hi guys!

Zagugu: Why are you suddenly alert.

Officer: Well some weird guy just placed a bunch of explosives across the highway be careful if you want to get from one end to another.

Kirara: Why thank you for......wait a minute what?

Zagugu: The enemy probably did this in-order to prevent the Keronian Army, From getting one end to another Kirara. What do you think of this incident Tesusu?

Tesusu: Whatever, just as long as I get to put the smack down on these guys I fine with this. Time to Dish out a world of pain!

Zagugu: OK then....Hiroro were leaving.

(We see a silhouette watching them carrying a cartoon-like bomb.)

Level music changed:

The Level Continues by having to doge cartoon-like explosives thrown by a silhouette form a high end building. Eventually you run into a group of enemies, you must fight them then the level ends.


City, streets, day

Hiroro: Who's throwing all these explosives?

Kirara: OK you shadow start talking!

Tesusu: Prepare to enter this.

(Tesusu starts to fire an energy beam at the silhouette knock him down.)

Hiroro: YAY now we can proceed to that factory, Thanks Tesusu.

(Suddenly the silhouette gets up revealing he's a small creature resembling an owl he looks like this. NOTE: HIS VOICE HAS A SLIGHT BRITISH ACCENT AND IS CRAZY SOUNDING, SOMETHING LIKE THIS

Keronian Tales               Owl15

Whatley: how dare you throw that at me, I, Whatley working for Lord Mordred.

Kirara: how did you survive that?

Whatley: I don't know.

Zagugu: Let's ignore him he's even lower ranked than those robots we had to fight.

Hiroro: So what exactly do you want.

Whatley: I challenge to a duel in that factory.

Hiroro: OK then....let's go Team Kero.

Zagugu: That's not our name.

Hiroro: Do we even have a group name.

Tesusu: Would you two stop auguring about the name and just help defeat him.

Level 2: Factory

Level music:

When you move through the factory you have to walk across a long hallway and open a door.


(We a silhouette starts to stalk the group, Hiroro attacks it. The Silhouette is knocked on to a platform,)

Kirara: Whatley?!

Whatley: OK forget sneaking up and attacking your enemy have these explosives.

BOSS: Whatley

BOSS Music:

The Player must fight Whatley through out this section of the level, Whatley only attack is a explosive he throws at you, you have to throw an explosive at Whatley causing him to fall off his platform, you then can using any attack on him until he recovers where he will jump back on his platform. You must do this until his health bar runs out.


Whatley: YOU cheated!

Hiroro: Did not!

Zagugu: You're point is.

Whatley: it doesn’t matter.......Lord Mordred will be here any minute, and I just let all the minions in here. *BAHAHAHA* *cough*, time to........activate this bomb.

(Suddenly the bomb explodes in his own hand sending him flying through the roof of the factory.)

Tesusu: That was...........different.

Zagugu: Well what are we going to do.

Kirara: Destroy those enemies.

Hiroro: Hooray.

Level Music:

You have to avoid falling pieces of ceiling form the explosives, then after getting out of the collapsing room, then you bump into a salamander-like alien. That looks something like this

Keronian Tales               B14


Factory, inside, day

Hiroro: It's an Axolotlian.

Female Axolotlian: Hello there were currently having problems producing goods after Modred's General Dosselmeyer attacked the facility and kidnapped the factory owners daughter Minini.

Hiroro: don't worry well save here.

Zagugu: Just as long as we don't break the law Hiroro.

Kirara: We better get moving Tesusu.

Tesusu: What's that rumbling.

(Suddenly the soldiers of the Keronian army burst through and start to battle the army of Mordred.)

Level Music:

You are walking on a large platform where you have to avoid not only falling materials but some flying missiles that are out of place and have missed the enemy, later you bump into a group of robots and must destroy all of them you then exit through a exploded wall.


Factory, inside, day

(We see a the group walks in and see a pink female tadpole being dangled above a large pot of molten metal.)

Hiroro: What's all this.

(We see a large bird-like alien holding a contraption Giving a speech. He looks something like this)

Keronian Tales               D16

Dosselmeyer: Hello Hiroro, Kirara, Tesusu, and Zagugu, My name is Dosselmeyer *BAHAHAHAHAHA*, Because the factory owners don't have enough money then I just drop his daughter in the metal.

Zagugu: Y-you Monster!

Kirara: Either way we can't let you get away with this, Hiroro do something!

(Hiroro throws his sword at the the molten pot and it spills on some robots.)


Tesusu: You and what weapon?

(Suddenly Dosselmeyer Summons a large battle robot and starts to pilot.)

Zagugu: Where dose he get this stuff?

BOSS: Dosselmeyer

Boss music:

Dosselmeyer pilots a robot through the entire battle, the robot contains a missile and a set of energy guns, the robot will fire these weapons at you through the fight. However, he has take a break after using them, during this moment you have to inflect damage by attacking the cockpit of the robot until he recharges. You must do this until his health bar runs out.


Factory, day

(We See Dosselmeyer piloting his robot, as the energy overloads.)


(The Robot Explodes Destroying Dosselmeyer in the process. The pink Tadpole walks up to them.)

Minini: Hi, my name is Minini, thanks for saving me.

(She then proceeds to hug Hiroro.)

Zagugu: Well.........that's very nice.

Kirara: AWWW.

Tesusu: *cries*

Minini: Can I come too.

Hiroro: Come along.

(Suddenly a Knight-like alien appears, he looks something like this. NOTE: HE SPEAKS IN A DEEP RASPY VOICE, SOMETHING LIKE THIS

Keronian Tales               E16

Mordred: I am Mordred, well you little frogs may have foiled my plan but you have not one the war........Nothing stands in my way in the quest for achieving my ultimate goal.

Hiroro: W-what is your goal.

Mordred: Either way you frogs mean nothing to me, I let you live this time but next time.....I probably slice you into tiny pieces.

(Mordred then vanishes without a trace.)

Zagugu: Mordred forces are attacking the area east of the city we better go there.

Minini: wait for me!

Keronian Military base, inside, day

(We see a group of Keronians a Red Elite accompanied by a Orange female communications officer and a yellow normal male one.)

Ranono: Communication Officer Karoro.

Karoro: Yes Marshal Ranono.

Ranono: What is the report of our solider that was sent to gather information.

Karoro: He is still alive and gathering information, I miss him.

Ranono: it's OK, anything you can inform us with Sergeant Major Bezuzu?

Bezuzu: Yeah, a new restaurant opened up let's go there.

Ranono: Oh brother.........

Level 3: Mysterious East

Level Music:

This level resembles a Japanese garden and the very first thing you do is have to solve a puzzle of trying to get through a group of plat forms hovering over a bottomless pit. You then have to fight a group of enemies who are Living Origami. Then everything starts to turn night.


Mysterious East, Night

(We see a the group bump into small green dog with zippers for ears/tail, he looks like this. NOTE: THE DOG MAKES NOISES THAT SOUND LIKE A PERSON ON HELIUM. SOMETHING LIKE THIS

Keronian Tales               Ragdol13

Hiroro: Hey Doggy. I'm Hiroro

Dog: *gasps*

Minini: He's so cute! Can we keep him Tesusu.

(Minini Pets the Dog and then he proceeds to do some weird motions.)

Tesusu: Are trying to attack something? What is he doing Kirara?

Kirara: what is he implying? Zagugu what do you think.

Zagugu: He want us to follow him.

Level music:

Through out the rest of the level you have to follow the dog, Across a path where you then have to swim through a lake while following the dog you then have to fight a group of killer origami.


Mysterious East, night

(Suddenly a bomb drops right in front of the group it's..........WHATLEY)

Whatley: Well you guys put one heck of a fight, My arch nemesis!

Minini: Is this Whatley Hiroro?

Hiroro: Yes. I barely even know you so you can't call me an arch nemesis.

Zagugu: Why do you keep using bombs?!

(Suddenly a rumble occurs underneath the ground and a huge paper wasp emerges.)

Whatley: *Screams in terror*

Kirara: Why is that paper wasp so huge, Zagugu.

Zagugu:'s because they were exposed to a type of energy.

Tesusu: Who cares as long as I get to fight this thing, move out everyone.

BOSS: Massive Paper Wasp

Boss theme:

the wasp can be harmed by any of your attacks, however it will not fight until you destroy all of it's origami minions, after this the wasp will come out and try to sting you, however it's very tired and is slow but huge. You must try this battle tacit until the wasp's health runs out.


House, night

(After escaping the wasps nest group continues following the dog and sees an old frog wearing odd looking sun glasses resting.)

Hiroro: Hi Old man how are you


Old Man: *yawn* so who are you guys?

Hiroro: Hiroro.

Minini: Minini.

Kirara: Kirara.

Tesusu: Tesusu.

Zagugu: Zagugu.

Old Man: You know why you're here right?

Hiroro: TO train under your guidance.

Kirara: We want to defeat Mordred.

Old Man: you must pass this obstacle course in order to prove to me to defeat Mordred.
We can do this tomorrow.

Zagugu: OK.......wait, what?

Level 4: Obstacle Course


Old Man's, house

(We See a huge Obstacle Course that takes up a great deal of land.)

Old Man: Hiroro, Kirara, Tesusu, Zagugu, and Minini, if you cross this Obstacle Coarse this will not prove that you can defeat Mordred, but I will also tell you what he is planning to do.

Hiroro: YAY!!!

Zagugu: Deal.

Kirara: What exactly do we have to fight through?

Old Man: Well some robots got loose in the arena.

Tesusu: Bring it On!

Minini: I'm ready.

Old Man: Let the obstacle course begin

Level Music:

You're first challenge is to try to jump on plat forms above a pit of fire. After this you walk a cross some planks of wood straight to a ledge that has a door leading to the next section.


Old Man: Well you're next challenge is to fight off these robots.

Minini: Sounds easy. Right, Guys.

(Everyone Draws out their weapons.)

Zagugu: What's the catch? Minini This is suppose to be tricky

Tesusu: Zagugu, we just beat up enemies

( The Robots Proceed to surround them and then burrow into holes. Then we see a series of holes.)

Hiroro: Reminds me of whack a mole.

Kirara: You still play that game Hiroro?

Level Music:

This section of the level is strangely similar to the arcade “Wack a Mole” it involves you enemies rising out of the ground and trying to attack you, you must attack them when they rise out of their holes, after destroying all of the enemies, a wall explodes providing entrance to the next level.


Obstacle Course, day

Old Man: Now for the final round!

(Everyone looks formal.)

Old Man : Now to make up Monsters......Doggy Come here.

Dog: *cheers*

(The Dog walks over and bursts into dark energy turning into a Samurai sword.)

Zagugu: that suppose to happen?

Hiroro: A sword? That isn't scary.

(Then all of a sudden A huge robot appears.)

Tesusu: Bring it on I need someone to fight!

Kirara: Where do these things come from?!

BOSS: Giant Robot

Boss Music:

This robot will try to smash you with it's huge claws and crush it opponents and dropping bombs. you must destroy it throwing a bomb at the robot stunning it, you then can attack it in it's weak point the eye, however it eventually recover and try to attack you. You must repeat this tactic until his health bar runs out.


Old Man's House, day

Old Man: wow not only have destroyed all the robots that invaded my home but you completed my obstacle course.

Zagugu: We did our part now you do yours.

Kirara: Fair is Fair.

Old Man: OK I will tell you.

Hiroro: YAY!!! Story!

Old Man: Is a being of intense Greed and Hatred as you know, he wants tor rule the entire universe and is starting on Keron to conqueror it.

Minini: that kind of seems like standard villain stuff.

Old Man: He wants to gain ultimate power so he can rule the entire universe as it's god.

Everyone: WHAT!!!

Tesusu: I can't wait to knock some senses into this guy.

Old Man: Go to the desert there is something their that Mordred wants there.

(Suddenly Black energy engulfs the rooms and something appears.)

Mordred: Thank you for revealing the location of the energy source I need to become God of The Universe, I will repay you by collapsing this building.

(Suddenly robots appear everywhere and proceeds to make the building collapse as the group flees as the Keronian army shows up and fends off the robots and finds the Old Man.)

Ranono: What is the status of that solider that is sending us information, Communication officer Karoro?

Karoro: He sent back information that Mordred has a plan is to become god of the universe.
I still wanted to tell him something that was important.

Old Man: Who are you guys.

Ranono: I'm field Marshal-

Bezuzu: Hi I'm Bezuzu, and this is Ranono Leader of the Keronian Army.

Ranono: Why do I even bother.

(Bezuzu Takes out a defused explosive that Whatley used.)

Bezuzu: I Got this weird ball and I have no idea what it does.

Karoro: I believe that's some explosive Bezuzu.

Bezuzu: Oh.

Level 5: Desert


Zagugu: So let me get this straight Kirara you're plan is to go to the ruins and break the power source of Mordred?

Kirara: correct, we don't have much time.

Tesusu: Let's roll.

Hiroro: Time to set things right.

Minini: YAY!!!

level Music:

Through out this level you have to try to get past some robots that are hiding in the sand, eventually you have to defeat a large robot. After this you go through a crack in a cave wall.


Cave, inside

(The Group as they walk in the cave they see Whatley standing there, they proceed to knock out all the explosives out of his hands.)

Whatley: How did you know I would be here!?

Hiroro: You again?

Zagugu: Look you have the key to the ruins let us have it.

Whatley: fine.

(Whatley takes out a key and gives it to them before walking away.)

Minini: Bye Whatley.

Hiroro: You can hold it.

Minini: Gee thanks.

(The two tadpoles hug.)

Kirara: we need to get a move on now.

Ruins, day

(The group uses the key to get inside the ruins............AS THE DOOR SLAMS SHUT BEHIND THEM.)

level 6: Ruins

Level Music:

the very first thing you have to do is move across a hallway that has a pit of flames above in it. You then have to fight a bunch of enemies guarding a door it will then open after they are defeated.

Cut scene

Kirara: The energy source must be strong if it powers this entire facility.

(Zagugu is playing on his lab top and typing up something.)

Tesusu: Zagugu Quit typing up stuff we have a planet to save.

(Hiroro and Minini proceeds to drag Zagugu across the room to get him to the next section. Suddenly the group is ambushed by robots.)

Level Music:

This part of the level features a fight with a group of large robots after you fight them you come across a gaping hole in the wall.

Cut scene

Tesusu: That was pretty easy........

(Suddenly a huge octopus robot surrounds them with tentacles.)

Zagugu: You just pushed our luck, Tesusu. Minini and Hiroro Prepare to fight

Hiroro: Oh no......

Minini: ready.

Kirara: Terminate with prejudiced

BOSS: Robot Octopus

Boss Music:

In order to inflict damage on this robot you must attack it's tentacles in order to harm it, you have to avoid some of it's attacks in order to avoid some of it's damaging effects, do this until it's health bar runs out.


(The group walks through the ruins to the point they see the Keronian Military.)

Kirara: Were-

Ranono: you don't need to explain you're self.

Karoro: ZAGUGU!!!

(Zagugu walks up to Karoro, who then proceeds to hug him.)

Hiroro: You know her........

Ranono: General Zagugu, Second in command of this part of the Keronian Army. He was sent to gather information when he bumped into you're group and decided to use it so our people would be safe.

Minini: Wow Zagugu.

Tesusu: Why didn't you tell us.

Zagugu: You never bothered asking.

(suddenly Mordred shows up and proceeds to attack everyone and proceeds to pick up a glowing sphere with white energy.)

Mordred: Now then I have found the source of power that I need I have no need for you.

(Suddenly Ranono and Karoro are sucked into a portal of white energy, while the group vanishes in a dark energy.)

Beach, night

Zagugu: Karoro........

Kirara: We'll look for them tomorrow..... tonight we get rest

Hiroro: YAY!!!

Minini: I like this plan already.

Level 7: Beach


(We see the group ready and awake.)

Zagugu: OK we have found, Ranono and Karoro.

Kirara: Their location?

Zagugu: The fortress on the beach.

Tesusu: No problem after we knock some sense into these robots.

Hiroro: Let's go!

Minini: YAY!!!

level Music:

Through out this phase of the level you have to avoid some projectile weapons aimed at you by robots on a ledge, you can throw it back at the robots. You then have to scale the top of the sand made fortress where you have to follow the dog again. You have follow the dog to a door.


Hiroro: Hi doggy.

Minini: Can we play fetch?

(Suddenly one of the dog's zipper ears unzips causing 3 Keronian Mail ladies to jump out. One of them takes out a radio.)


(As the music plays the entire group looks dumb struck.)

Mail Lady 1: Hello we have a important message to send, to these guys.

Kirara: Read it.

Mail Lady 2: We have placed explosives at a certain area of the building and have activated them eliminating most robots all you have to do is find Ranono, Karoro and Bezuzu.

Tesusu: Got it.

Zagugu: Move out.

Level music:

You then move across the ruins of the sand fortress and you have to jump across bottomless pits, after that you then have to fight a group of robots guarding the prison cage. You must destroy them in order to open it.


Zagugu: You're free, you can go now.

Ranono: Listen you guys, our army has found the base of Mordred.

Hiroro: YES!!!! Could you tell us where it is?

Karoro: Were sending a ship to take you there right now.

(We see an Advanced looking spaceship arrive in the area and the group goes on top of it.)

Level 8: Mordred


(We see a Chrystal like-lair that the spaceship approaches, however it accidentally crash lands at the lair's top.)

Hiroro: That was close

Zagugu: Which person was the one flying the machine?

Minini: I did.

Zagugu: Why did we let her fly this air craft?

Tesusu: No idea.

Kirara: Where is Mordred

Mordred: Well you really done it now, entering my lair at the height of my power when I defeat the being that created the universe and rule it a god.

Minini: Why are you doing this? What hope do you expect to gain?

Mordred: I want to rule everything so when I become god, I will punish this planet reshaping a world where peace and light will be clocked by the shadows of night and fear. It will be a world where inferno will be considered a safe haven. Where the bodies of my enemies will pave the streets, and be eaten alive by the crows and the rats, it will be a world ruled by I. MORDRED!!!

Zagugu: Y-you monster.

Hiroro: We won't let you get away with this everyone attack.

(They all draw out their weapons.)

BOSS: Mordred

Boss Music:

The basic stagey to defeat Mordred is to avoid his attacks used by his sword, he is also extremely agile so watch out for him. You then have to attack him head on and inflict as much damage as possible. Do this until his health bar runs out.


(We see Mordred is defeated by the Group.)

Mordred: How is this can I loose to a bunch of frogs.

Zagugu: Simple good always wins.

Kirara: Now surrender.

Mordred: I'm not finished yet.

Hiroro: Huh?

(Suddenly Mordred jumps into a pool of liquified energy as the lair starts to collapse.)

Minini: Let's get out of here!

Level 9: Collapsing Lair

Level Music:

You have to get through a Collapsing Lair by avoiding ceiling parts that are falling from the roof. After moving through this there are some enemies guarding the exit that leads out of the place.


Collapsing Lair, Outside, night

(We see the group gets out at the last minute.)

Hiroro: We made it!

Kirara: IS it over?

Tesusu: At least we got to beat up this guy

Zagugu: All we have to do is get home.

Minini: I wish it wasn't dark.

Level 10: Wasteland of Woe

Level Music: N/A

You are on a large hill all you have to do is walk up onward towards a huge ledge........


(As everyone walks on top of the ledge they see Mordred Emerge from the castle ruins.)

Everyone: MORDRED!!!????

(Suddenly Mordred limps to the end facing the hill.)

Mordred: T-too.....Much............ENERGY!!!!

(Suddenly Mordred changes from a knight-like alien, to a huge dragon with seven Halos above his head Something like this. However he is so heavy that he is partially submerged underneath a pool of ice.)

Keronian Tales               Dragon12

Tesusu: I can't believe you just made yourself a bigger target.

BOSS: Ultra Mordred

Boss Theme:

Surprisingly this fight is MUCH easier than the previous fight, all you have to do is avoid some of his attacks which include breathing a beam of light energy and his claws. He will eventually get tired so then attack him in the face/head until he starts to attack again. You must do this until his health bar runs out.

Finale Cut-scene

Wasteland of Woe, night

(We See Ultra Mordred disintegrates into light as he shrikes........Mordred is........destroyed.)

Kirara: What just happened?

Zagugu: it's finally over.

Tesusu: Finally this bad guys defeated.

Hiroro: But........How are we going to get home?

(We see the Keronian Air force drop a rope causing everyone to grab onto it.)

City, night

(We see everyone partying except Hiroro.......who walks across the city looking for something. He bumps into a Keronian Woman.)

Keronian Woman: Hiroro I was worried sick about you.

Hiroro: Hi mom.

Keronian Woman: Were going home.

Hiroro: Could you wait a minute.

Keronian Woman: sure but make it quick.

(He walks up to Minini.)

Hiroro: Minini......

(He hugs her as everyone watches. He then Puts his sword back to the statue)

Minini: Thanks.

(Hiroro walks away with his mom, as everyone continues to celebrate.)

Ending theme:



. The Advanced Hammer Zagugu uses was inspired by this image

. The Sun glasses that the Old Man Wears looks something like this

. The Base of Mordred was inspired by this image

. The Wasteland Of Woe was inspired by this image

. The Way the Ultra Mordred is fought was inspired by this image


. Whatley's Theme

. Mordred's theme

.Old man's Theme

.Dog's Theme

.Keronian Amry's Theme


Adult Male Keronians

Keronian Tales               Frog11

Adult Female Keronians

Keronian Tales               Pururu

Male Tadpole/Male Keronian Children

Keronian Tales               Tadpol11

Female Tadpole/Female Keronian Children

Keronian Tales               Karara

Old Male Keronians

Keronian Tales               Ph_12-2

Old Female Keronians

Keronian Tales               Ph_01w

Weapon Specialist Keronians/Soldier Keronians

Keronian Tales               Giroro

Elite Keronians

Keronian Tales               Garuru

Ninja Keronians/Male Ninja Keronians

Keronian Tales               Dororo

Kunoichi Keronians/Female Ninja Keronians

Keronian Tales               Ph_09-4

Keronian Sciencetist/Adult Keronian Sciencetist

Keronian Tales               Kururu

Tadpole Sciencetist/Children Sciencetist

Keronian Tales               Tororo

Samurai Keronians

Keronian Tales               Ph_08

Male Keronian Communication Officers

Keronian Tales               Urere2

Female Keronian Communication Officers

Keronian Tales               Ph_04-1

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Keronian Tales               Empty
PostSubject: Re: Keronian Tales    Keronian Tales               Icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2011 12:27 pm

That was some writting cheers cheers cheers cheers

Intro was great alien alien I like the characters their voices-so Exclamation Exclamation cool

I like their theme music=all of them were well chosen

It is hard to pick a favorite. I also enjoyd the photo gallery-intersting to see all the characters farao study rendeer santa cherry albino

I thought it was cool when moldered turned into uber moldern lol! lol! lol!
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