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 Karate fight

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Karate fight   Karate fight Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2011 8:19 am

Karate fight

City, park, day

(We see Zim and GIR guarding a trophy.)

GIR: Remind me again Zim, why are we guarding this trophy.

Zim: Well, we have to guard it so nobody will take it in order to cheat in the community race. I was listening to what they were saying while you were trying to travel time with algae.

(GIR takes out a wad of algae.)

GIR: MMMMMM algae.

Zim: GIR, I honesty wonder about your diet.


(We See 5 silhouettes hiding in the bushes.)

Silhouette 1: HMMM that would look nice on the old man's wall.

Silhouette Female: It looks so nice I wish I could take the gems off and make them into rings.

Silhouette 2: I don't know what the big deal is about, what did the old man ask us to grab?

Silhouette 3: Doesn’t matter as long as I get to slash things with my sword.

Silhouette 4: *sigh* you and you're constant fight obsessions, let's grab it and go home.

(Suddenly the 5 silhouette bust forth and grab the trophy leaving Zim and GIR in shock.)

GIR: What was that Zim?

Zim: After them!

(A chase between the 5 silhouettes and Zim begins after avoiding various obstacles in the park one of the Silhouettes drops a prouder causing them to vanish in bright pink smoke.)

GIR: What did we fin out?

Zim: Well GIR apparently Ninjas stole the trophy.

GIR: oh.

Zim: Luckily were in china town now so all we have to do is find them. china town, day

(Zim and GIR bump into a man while looking for the 5 silhouettes.)

Man: Hello, did you come for Kung Fu lessons sir?

Zim: No, but could you point the direction to the nearest karate school you find odd.

Man: It's about 10 feet away.

GIR: Thanks mister.

(As Zim approaches the school he notices a very odd looking statue that looks like this.)

Karate fight C13

Zim: On second thought I think I know what built that.

(GIR Approaches the statue and attempts to make friends with it, he breaks it.)

GIR: Oops, who built it?

Zim: The Keronians.

GIR: Doesn’t ring a bell, Zim.

Zim: Little frog-like aliens.

GIR: Oh yeah I know them.

Karate School, inside

(We see an Old man Keronian thinking to himself about something while admiring the trophy on his wall.)

Female Shrine Attendant Keronian: Sir there is someone who wants to see you.

Old Keronian: Bring him in.

(We See a Keronian elite walks in accompany by a heavy Weapon Solider.)

Keronian Elite: Hello Old man, we came here to strike a bargain, we want to see how you're Ninja and Samurai.

Old Keronian: Why is that?

Keronian Elite: So they could be potentially listed in the army in the future.

Old Keronian: Why didn't you say so. Were about to start a martial arts tournament.

Female Keronian Communication officer: Let's start everything!

Heavy Weapons Keronian: I'll act as the guard.

On the roof....

(We see Zim and GIR struggling to climb up the roof.)

Zim: Well were safe as long as we don't look down.


Zim: Well don't do it again

(Suddenly Zim looks at the plat form there standing on and realize it's made out of glass.)

Zim: Oh n-



Karate school, inside

Female Keronian Communication Officer: in the right corner stands our best Ninjas, Kunoichis, and Samurais.......and in the other corner stands........

(Zim and GIR then fall through the ceiling and land in the school in the fighting ring.)

Female Keronian Communication Officer: Stands these weirdos........well fighting time.

(Zim Turns to face a Normal Looking Ninja, a Normal Looking Kunoichi, a Samurai, a Ninja with cybernetic implants on his body, and a Fierce looking high ranking “master” Ninja.)

Zim: Well fight time.

( Zim proceeds to fight the 5 highest members, eventually Zim wins the battle and leaves with the trophy.)

Keronian Elite: That was incredible! Even though you're team lost there all qualified for the army if they want to join.

Old Keronian: Thank you, sir.

Heavy Weapon Keronian: See you then.

City, Park, day

(We See Zim gives the trophy to the winner and runs off.)

Zim: Well first things first, GIR let's get lunch.

GIR: Agreed.



. The Entire Episode was inspired by this song

. The Man, Zim talks to is heavily implied to Jackie Chan

. The Term “Kunoichi” is another name for a “Female Ninja”

. Normal adult male Keronians look like this

. Normal adult female Keronians look like this

. Normal Male Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Male Keronian Children look like this

. Normal Female Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Female Keronian Children Look like this

. Old Male Keronians Look like this

. Old Female Keronians Look like this

. Male Shrine Attendant Keronians Look Like this

. Female Shrine Attendant Keronians Look like this

. Keronian Soliders Look like this

. Keronian Elites look like this

. The Heavy Weapon Solider Keronians Look Like this

Keronian Ninja Masters Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

. Cyborg Keronian Ninjas look like this

. Kunoichi Solider Keronians Look like this

. Samurai Keronians Look like like this

. Male Keronian Communication Officers look like this

. Female Keronian Communication Officers Look like this
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Karate fight Empty
PostSubject: Re: Karate fight   Karate fight Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2011 3:33 pm

LOL about the line i honestky wonder about your diet FUNNY

i like the reference to Chakie Chan a classic cheers cheers

i like the reference for the male and female keronians-i like the female their eyes look softer in shape santa

I liked the statues real ZEN Like

Great Read cheers Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

Great amphibians
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Karate fight
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