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 Tower Heist

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Tower Heist Empty
PostSubject: Tower Heist   Tower Heist Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2011 7:44 pm

Josh Kovacs is the building manager of a high-rise luxury apartment complex called The Tower in Columbus Circle. The most noteworthy tenant is wealthy businessman Arthur Shaw, who has a strong rapport with Josh and the building staff. One day, Shaw is caught by Josh and FBI agent Claire Denham trying to flee the city, and it is revealed that Shaw is being accused of a Ponzi scheme. Josh had offered Shaw his and the other building employees' pensions for an investment opportunity and are therefore lost as a result. Shaw is sentenced to house arrest in his penthouse apartment until his guilt or innocence can be proved. Lester, the building's retiring doorman, attempts to commit suicide by jumping in front of a subway, but is saved at the last minute and taken to a hospital. Lester reveals that he not only lost his pension in Shaw's scheme, but his other sources of capital as well. Josh goes to Shaw's apartment with Charlie Gibbs, the concierge and Josh's brother-in-law, and Enrique Dev'reaux, the bellhop and newest tower employee. When Josh mentions Lester's suicide attempt, Shaw appears insincere, suggesting his guilt, and Josh responds by destroying the windows of Shaw's prized Ferrari 250. Josh, Charlie, and Enrique are fired by Mr. Simon, their boss, as a result.

Josh and Claire meet at a bar and after a few drinks, Claire drunkenly mentions that Shaw has a safety net of around $20 million in cash and suggests they should break in and take it. Josh gathers Charlie and Enrique, along with Mr. Fitzhugh, a former Merrill Lynch employee who was recently evicted from the Tower and divorced from his wife, to discuss stealing Shaw's money. Everyone agrees except Charlie, who states they don't know how to steal. Josh hires his neighbor Slide, whom he was friends with in daycare, to assist them with the robbery. Slide teaches them how to perform various crimes. However, Slide realizes he cannot perform the robbery as he only performs petty thefts and doesn't know how to crack the safe Shaw's money is supposedly hidden. They decide to bring in Odessa Montero, the Tower's maid whose family ran a locksmith business.

Charlie has a change of heart when he is asked to be the building manager of the Tower, Josh's old job, and warns Josh to stay away or he will have him and his team arrested. Claire also warns Josh that Shaw is set to walk free and is planning to charge Josh for the damage done to his Ferrari, stating that his hearing had been pushed up to Thanksgiving during the Macy's Day Parade. Josh tells his team that they will break into Shaw's apartment then.

On Thanksgiving, Josh, Enrique, and Fitzhugh spot Slide going in without them, realizing he is going to steal the money for himself. Enrique texts Charlie using Charlie's pregnant wife's cell phone, saying she is going into labor to get him to leave. Meanwhile, Odessa distracts the other employees by feigning one employee's birthday. Josh, Enrique, and Fitzhugh sneak into the building but find Slide and Mr. Simon going up in the elevator. Josh and the others climb up the stairs to Shaw's apartment. Slide has Mr. Simon show him Mr. Fitzhugh's old apartment which is under renovation and locks him in a closet while he continues upstairs. Josh and his team are confronted by Slide at gunpoint, but Odessa points a gun at Slide and convinces him to work together. They find Shaw's safe inside a wall which was left during a renovation.

Meanwhile, Charlie realizes the text message was faked and rushes up to the apartment. Likewise, Claire realizes the court date was faked by Josh and his team when they find the courthouse locked and ride back to The Tower. Back at Shaw's apartment, Odessa opens his safe but finds nothing in it. Slide struggles with Fitzhugh for his gun; the gun goes off and hits the car. Josh notices the bullet hole in the car took off some of the paint and sees gold underneath. They realize that Shaw invested his cash in gold, had it melted down, and recast it as car parts in his apartment, and is worth around $45 million. They decide to lower the car out the window of Shaw's and down into Fitzhugh's old apartment. Fitzhugh nearly falls trying to bring the car inside but is saved by Charlie, who rejoins them. They decide to ride the car down the top of an elevator. Before going down, Josh finds the ledger which contains all of Shaw's illegal finances. They ride the elevator down but are taken back up by Claire and Shaw. In his apartment, Claire notices Shaw's safe, which he had failed to mention to her, and officially arrests him.

Looking at the security cameras, Claire notices Lester using Slide's stolen truck supposedly trying to escape with the car. She and other agents catch up to him, but find the truck empty. Claire arrests him and the other accomplices except Slide, and secretly congratulates Josh for what he did. In the police van with Shaw, Josh tells him he has the ledger and that Shaw will spend the rest of his life in prison. Shaw offers to make a deal, but they refuse, stating he deserves to go to prison. During Josh's questioning with Claire and FBI Director Mazin, Miss Iovenko, a Tower employee who recently passed the Bar Exam, arrives posing as Josh's attorney and gives Claire and Mazin Shaw's ledger. She requests that Josh and his team go free in exchange for the Ledger. Mazin agrees to let the others go, but Josh, being the primary conspirator to the robbery, must serve a 2 year sentence, to which they agree.

The rest of the team, minus Charlie, meet with Slide at Shaw's rooftop pool where the car is hidden. They then send the various parts of the car to Tower employees to compensate for their lost pensions. Shaw begins his long term prison sentence and the final shot is of Josh beginning his 2 year sentence; a satisfied grin slowly forms on his face.

in my opinion this film is laugh out loud funny, Silde is one of the best parts of the films
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Tower Heist
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