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 Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire   Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire Icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 8:27 am

Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire Machin10


Produced, Directed, and Written by: The Irken Empire, Nickalooden and Paramount pictures

Rating: PG For Viloence, Scenes of peral and some rude humor

Relase: summer time

Country: USA

Languge: English

(We hear a voice in the Darkness.)

Narrator: Have I ever told you about the Irken Empire? They are a highly Advanced and Ancient civilization of Galactic Conquers, they have sent the Invaders to planets to weaken them. They have even managed to infiltrate earth and sent an Invader known as Zim to planet Earth, A robot named GIR came with him on this dangerous.

Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire

Opening Credits:

Planet Irk, Day

(We See planet Irk Under attack by Some robotic army, we see many Irkens fighting Off the attackers. Eventually all the robots are destroyed.)

Zim: Well this is getting very odd, why would someone want to assault us directly, GIR.

GIR: UMMM........I don't know.

Zim: The usual answer again.

Female Irken: the Almighty Tallest would like to speak to you.

Irken Palace, day, inside

(We see a strange device placed on a table that has black energy coming out of it.)

Almighty Tallest Red: Can anyone explain this device?

Irkens: Nope we have never seen this thing before.

Almighty Tallest Purple: Say Red Want any chips?

Zim: I might have an answer.

Almighty Tallest Red: Invader Zim you have an answer.

Almighty Tallest Purple: glad you showed up.

(Purple Continues eating chips, as Zim examines the device.)

Almighty Tallest Red: Purple Come here.

Zim: This device carry’s a signal to its original source.


Zim: I'll track it to it's original source.

Space, Voot Runner, inside

(We see the Voot Runner is drifting through space as they are about to land on a planet the device breaks.)

Zim: This is not Good!

GIR: Aw man it broke, Zim.

Planet Mins

(We see a large desert landscape being attacked by a robot army.)

Zim: Planet Mins is an Irken Mining planet.

GIR: Then Who are those robots attacking the area.

Zim: Were about to find out. GIR activate duty mode.

(a battle begins between Zim, GIR, and the Robots. Zim and GIR eventually destroy the robots.)

Female Irken: Thank you very much.

Zim: Excuse me miss but do you know where I can the original source to all these robots.

Female Irken: Not sure but the Nefarious Corps (Pronounced: “Cores”) Might know.

GIR: Odd name but OK.

Zim: Well we better see them.

Space, Voot Runner

(Zim and GIR fly to a certain area of space and see a ship flying at the area too.)

Zim: Wonder who these Corps are?

GIR: I bet there some guys.

Zim: You're really have simple thinking patterns.

Nefarious corps ship, inside

(We see a silhouette watching The Voot Runner board the ship.)

Silhouette: Lawrence!

(Suddenly we see a robot dressed like a butler appear.)

Lawrence: right here sir, Like I care.

Silhouette: Lawrence someone is boarding our ship do something-

(Suddenly the Silhouette overloads.)


(Zim and GIR walk into the room accompanied by an army of robots.)

Nefarious Trooper: Sir we brought them in here.

Silhouette: Great work.

Zim: Who are you anyway?

Silhouette: Zim?!

(The silhouette steps out of the darkness revealing he's a large robot with a green brain casing.)

Zim: Dr. Nefarious!

Dr. Nefarious: So you were asking.

GIR: Hey Doctor!

Zim: Do you know where these things came from?

Dr. Nefarious: Nope.

Lawrence: You the “Wit” in “twit” Sir.

(suddenly an army of robots show up. The leader has a face like a camera.)

Mechanical Emperor Akuro: You Nefarious Corps have stood in way for too long you will now face the wrath of Mechanical Emperor Akuro.

GIR: Oh no!

Zim: Were not going down with a fight GIR activate duty mode.

(Zim, GIR, Dr. Nefarious and the Nefarious Troopers attack the Mechanical Emperor army. However the Mechanical Emperor Vanishes, Zim and GIR grab onto him and he sends them to the location he's going to.)

Dr. Nefarious: WHAT!!! Lawrence Contact the Irken Empire! NOW!!!

Lawrence: right away sir.

Mechanical Emperor Akuro's flag ship, inside

(We see Zim and GIR in a orb shaped prison with Mechanical Emperor Akuro Holding Zim's PAK.)

GIR: Zim, who is Mechanical Emperor Akuro?

Zim: a robot who existed 65 million years ago he raised an army so powerful that he managed to damage the entire universe, eventually the god-like Angolan destroyed his army with the Lucifer Spear, a hand held weapon with the power to destroy an entire planet, it didn't destroy him and he was sealed away. However Akuro is attacking this planet right now.

Mechanical Emperor Akuro: excellent telling my story Zim I will now gain enough energy to do this again by draining this planet.

Zim: WHAT!!!???

GIR: Can I have nachos, Zim?

Zim: What on earth are you trying to accomplish? How are you going to rule without land?

Mechanical Emperor Akuro: I have no goal, but to ravage.

(Suddenly the Irken Empire and the Nefarious Corps show up and attack his fleet freeing Zim and GIR. Zim Grabs the PAK and puts it on.)

Zim: Time to end this.


Dr. Nefarious: I'll hold off the soldiers finish him. Lawrence!

(Dr. Nefarious walks away. As Zim battles Mechanical Emperor Akuro, Zim wins the fight .)

Mechanical Emperor Akuro: Can you handle this.

(a more intense fight occurs by Mechanical Emperor Akuro powering himself with dark energy, Zim Fights him and completely destroys the Robot.)

Planet Irk, day

Almighty Tallest Red: We thank everyone for helping us in a time of great need.

Almighty Tallest Purple: and for the snack supply.

Lawrence: Even dueling idiots have fields in science for example you Doctor.

Dr. Nefarious: Well we better get back to the ship Lawrence-

(Dr. Nefarious overloads.)


Zim: Well done with.

GIR: So you want to get some food on the way home.

Zim: Let's.

(Zim and GIR walk off into the distance.)

Ending Credits:



. a Corp (pronounced: “Core”) is a group of 20,000–45,000 soldiers

. Dr. Nefarious looks like this

. Lawrence looks like this

. the reason the Doctor and Lawrence appear is because the author finds them Hilarious, the question is do you think the same

. the Nefarious Troopers look like this

. The Angolans look like this

. The term when they use the term“ Lucifer Spear” They Are referring a weapon that blasts Light before destroying it's target not something demonic

. The Mechanical Emperor Akuro was inspired by this image
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire   Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire Icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 10:57 am

Fun summer read cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
Who does not like nachos cheers alien alien cheers

LOVE THE MOVIE POSTER alien alien Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
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Invader Zim 2010: The Machine Galactic Empire
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