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 The Forth of July

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Forth of July Empty
PostSubject: The Forth of July   The Forth of July Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 7:32 am

Zim's Base, day, inside, living room

(We see GIR wake up on the couch as he looks around.)

GIR: Aw man I guess Little Nemo never existed.

(GIR Looks around then and rips some candy and a film cover off the back of his head.)

GIR: oh it wasn’t a dream it was real.

The Forth of July

Opening Credits:

City, day

(We see Zim and GIR across the city as they discuss something.)

Zim: GIR I have herd the Forth of July is coming up.

GIR: They get to do things like barbecue and fire works.......wait do you have any fire works?

Zim: Of course I to set them up and put them some where safe.

GIR: Zim I still agree that going to burger king for lunch was a good idea.

Zim: I still think someone should do something about that thing in the lagoon.

GIR: Eh.....

Zim: did I ever tell you that as much as I like you, there’s a fine line between reality and a dream, you GIR cross that line multiple times.

GIR: wow.

(They walk over to an area where there are fire works stationed everywhere.)

Zim: Now let's see what everyone else is doing.

GIR: I like this stuff.

Zim: Well GIR let's see, there's my energy fire cracker...........

GIR: How it going Zim.

Zim: good now all we have to do is wait for the fire works to launch at nightfall.

GIR: where does he get this stuff.

City, park Night

Zim: Before we slam this thing GIR I have one thing to say.

GIR: Oh boy!


(A radio activates.)


Zim: Now to launch these things and call it a break.

GIR: Good idea Zim.

(Zim puts on a formal looking hat and clicks a button activating the fire works causing them to launch into the air and explode. Some of them though spin out of control)




Zim: Should have reprogram those things better at least no one was harmed.


Zim: GIR why are you trying to carry the ashes of the fire works.

GIR: MMMMMMMM I like their taste.

Zim: Never mind.

Ending Credits:

In tribute of all soldiers who have to protected our country past and present



. In the opening scene GIR is not referring to “finding Nemo” but another film about a kids dreams

. It is a common occurrence to launch fire works on this holiday

. The Hat Zim puts on in the ending looks like this
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The Forth of July
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