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 Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

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PostSubject: Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus   Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Icon_minitimeFri Oct 16, 2009 6:25 pm

Like it's predocessor it is a multi-award winning[1] platform video game developed by Oddworld Inhabitants and published by GT Interactive. It is a sequel to the video game Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. It is considered a bonus title in the Oddworld series, and not part of the main Oddworld Quintology. It was released in 1998 for the PlayStation video game console and Microsoft Windows for North America, Europe and Australia,[2] and in 1999 for the PlayStation in Japan
Allies, enemies and wildlife
Allies in the game include Mudokons, humanoid species encountered as rescuable slaves. Normally, they will follow any GameSpeak-given order, but as described above, some Mudokons will be emotional and must be consoled by the player character. The player character can also possess other creatures, in order to gain help with a task. For example, when possessing a Paramite, the player character can use GameSpeak to communicate with other Paramites, in much the same way as Mudokons.

Enemies in the game primarily consist of Sligs, semi-robotic creatures who will attempt to kill the player character on sight. Although most have mechanical legs and carry machine guns, some Sligs wear helicopter flight packs and launch grenades. Some Sligs choose to sleep without wearing mechanical legs, in which case they are vulnerable until they can obtain a set. Sligs can be possessed by the player character, who can then control the Slig and utilize its weapon. Sligs cannot see in dark shadows, which prove to create natural hiding places. Often accompanying Sligs are Slogs. Slogs are bipedal dog-like creatures that, as with the Sligs, chase and attack the player character on sight. Slogs can be commanded by Sligs when the latter is possessed by the player, and can be ordered to attack and kill others. Sloggies are the puppy form of Slogs, and are slower but just as deadly if the player character encounters them. Slogs and Sloggies can be distracted with bones.

Other enemies include Greeters, robotic security guards that were originally designed for public speaking and advertising, but who began to attack their customers. Greeters have a motion detector, and if the player character or another Mudokon triggers the detector, the Greeter will give chase and attempt to kill the victim with an electric charge.

Glukkons also feature as the game's primary antagonists. Glukkons are tall-foreheaded, humanoid creatures who are ruthless, malevolent businessmen and capitalists. They walk on their arms as their feet are located upon their chest, which is why they look like they have no arms. Because of this, they are physically defenseless and rely on Sligs to protect and serve them. They are the owners and bosses of the industries Abe visits throughout the game, and the masters of the Mudokon and Slig slaves. Glukkons play more of a role in Abe's Exoddus than they did in the previous title, and can be possessed by the player. While possessed by the player, Glukkons can command Sligs through GameSpeak, either to kill other characters, or to pull levers and move platforms.

Animals and wildlife consist of the Scrabs and aforementioned Paramites; both carnivorous predators that live in the burial vaults of Necrum, though as seen in Abe's Oddysee, they live primarily in the Scrabania (desert) and Paramonia (forest) regions of Oddworld respectively. Scrabs are highly territorial and attack and chase any other life form upon sight. Should they encounter another Scrab, a short fight ensues in which one is killed. Paramites are pack hunters, and when encountered individually, they are shy and will flee (though if cornered they will lash out and attack). When confronted in number, however, the player character ceases to threaten them and they will immediately chase and attempt to attack. Paramites can be distracted with chunks of meat.

Other wildlife include the Fleeches, worm-like creatures that live in the Oddworld underworld. When woken from sleep, they will chase the player character and any other Mudokons, attacking with their long tongues before swallowing the victim whole. They fear Scrabs and Paramites and try to avoid them whenever possible. Slurgs, the lowest form of life on Oddworld, are often found alongside Fleeches, as when stepped on by the player character, Slurgs emit a noise that wakes Fleeches from sleep.

[edit] Story

Abe's friends retaliating against him, before they get drunk.The events of Abe's Exoddus follow on immediately from the events of Abe's Oddysee, with Abe being celebrated upon by his fellow Mudokons. The game begins with the protagonist standing in front of a cheering crowd, having saved ninety-nine Mudokons from RuptureFarms, the meat processing factory from the previous game. Abe falls from the stage, and loses consciousness as he hits the ground. In a vision, three Mudokon spirits tell Abe that the Glukkons are using Mudokon slaves to exhume Mudokon bones at Necrum, the burial grounds of the ancient Mudokons.[5] Abe and five friends cross the deserts of Oddworld, and succeed in infiltrating Necrum Mines, where Abe is separated from his friends.

Abe explores the mines, but when he finds his friends again, they drink an excess of Soulstorm Brew and become sick. Soulstorm Brew is an addictive drink which, Abe discovers, uses Mudokon bones as one of its ingredients. Abe proceeds to the boilers that power Necrum Mines and overloads them, only just escaping the resulting explosion. Abe navigates the jungles of Necrum, and the Mudokon burial vaults, liberating trapped Mudokon spirits as he does so. Eventually, Abe finds the three Mudokon spirits who told him about Necrum. They ask him to shut down Soulstorm Brewery, which is also exploiting Mudokon slaves, and brand a scar across his chest, which gives Abe the power to heal sick Mudokons. This is similar to the hand scars which Abe received during Abe's Oddysee, which gave him the power to invoke the Shrykull. Abe returns to his friends and heals them.

Abe then proceeds to the FeeCo Depot, a large railway station and transshipment/storage area, where he learns that the entrance to Soulstorm Brewery has been sealed by three high-ranking Glukkons: Director Phleg, General Dripik and Vice-President Aslik. To unseal the entrance, Abe infiltrates a bone processing plant named Bonewerkz, the Slig Barracks, and the FeeCo Executive Office. By possessing all three Glukkons in turn, Abe orders the Slig guards to open the main gate leading to Soulstorm Brewery, and uses a train from the FeeCo Depot to get there.

As Abe explores Soulstorm Brewery, he discovers the second ingredient of Soulstorm Brew: Mudokon tears. The Glukkons obtain the tears by attaching Mudokon slaves to machines that electrocute them repeatedly and force them to cry. Abe also discovers that he can destroy the brewery by overloading its main boiler and causing an explosion.
Abe succeeds in destroying Soulstorm Brewery, and escapes to be greeted by the Mudokons he saved. He is called a "terrorist mastermind" by the Magog Cartel, and a hero by his fellow Mudokons.

In my opinion this is a good sequeal for a video game and I like the creatures that apper in it i also like the slap-stick humor
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Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
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