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 Colony Drops

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Colony Drops   Colony Drops Icon_minitimeWed May 11, 2011 2:15 pm

Colony Drops

Zim's base, inside, day

(We see GIR watching TV as Zim is repairing some device.)

GIR: Hey Zim, take a look at this television broadcast.

Zim: It better not be the same add on that one product that absorbs everything again.

TV broadcast studio

Announcer: We have recently herd that a space colony has been launched orbiting earth, the device has been built by Prof. Membrane.

Zim's base, inside, day

Zim: I guess we should see what all this business is all about, after all I have nothing better to do.


Zim: Just try not to eat the metal around you GIR.

(Zim and GIR enter the Voot Runner as they head to the experimental space colony.)

Space Colony, Control room

(We hear a several voices that are completely mechanical and menacing.)

Voice 1: Scan what that ship belongs.

Voice 2: I obey........appears to be from Irken Property.

Voice 1: Make sure you Exterminate them! You hear me! Exterminate!

Voice 3:I obey.

Space Colony, town biosphere

Zim: Kind of reminds you of earth.
GIR: too bad there's no taco stands anywhere.

Zim: Hey look at this thing.

(Zim and GIR walk up to a dead casing of a creature that looks like.........A CROSS BETWEEN A TANK AND A SALT/PEEPER SHAKER.)

Zim: Looks like a Dalek.

GIR: Can I eat it.

Zim: Sure it's pretty much dead already, Judging by it's appearance a Supreme Dalek.


Zim: I wonder what it's like eating that stuff.


(We see a Red Dalek Blows down the door.)

Zim: run it's a Dalek Drone!

GIR: Wow they look much different.

Dalek Drone: Exterminate!

(They run near the elevator, as the Dalek comes closer, suddenly the elevator comes towards the Dalek and-)

Dalek Drone: Ex-


(As the elevator crushes the Dalek off screen, we see Zim and GIR'S reactions as Black liquid splatters the wall.)

Zim: I Can't tell weather that's Dalek Juice or Oil. GIR You are not eating that!

GIR: Nice elevator.

Elevator, inside

(As Zim and GIR enter the elevator, a transmission of the Supreme Dalek Comes on.)

Supreme Dalek: Prepare to feel the full might of the Dalek Empire!

Zim: You wish. Why do you look so different?

Scientist Dalek: we were up graded by the evolution by the energy core.

Strategist Dalek: Try to stop us.

GIR: Pretty colors.

Zim: Fine I will!

Energy generator

GIR: This place is huge.

Zim: Now to find the core.


(We see the Scientist Dalek in a fighting robot.)

Scientist Dalek: This area shall be you tomb!

Zim: I'd like to see you try!

(Zim and the Dalek battle for some time until the Mechanical device breaks resulting in the Dalek Getting cracked open before exploding. This also destroys the main generator.)

Zim: That was easy.

GIR: Cool the grounds shaking.

(suddenly the colony is dropping to the ground as it shakes.)

Supreme Dalek: This is perfection! Soon we shall Exterminate humanity causing an explosion!

Zim: On the contrary I planted bombs in the energy bombs as it explodes.

GIR: Cool.



(We see that only the Eternal Dalek survives.)

Eternal Dalek: Exterminate!

Zim: Predictable!

GIR: Cool!

(Zim battles the Eternal Dalek for sometime eventually it turns to stone before it explodes.)

Zim: Let's go home.




. The term “Eternal” Means longer lifespan

. The space colony was inspired by this image

. Did you know the Dalek Emperor and the Supreme Dalek have same voice

. The Old Supreme Dalek looks like this

. The New Supreme Dalek Looks like this

. The Strategist Dalek Looks like this

. The Scientist Dalek looks like this

. The Eternal Dalek looks like this

. The Eternal Dalek before exploding looks like this

. Dalek Drone Looks like this

. Irken Spacesuits look like this Colony Drops Zim_an11
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Colony Drops
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