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 Hop(2011 film)

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PostSubject: Hop(2011 film)   Hop(2011 film) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 7:29 pm

On Easter Island, E.B., a teenage rabbit, is intended to succeed his father as the Easter Bunny. However, E.B., intimidated by the calling's demands, runs away to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer. While the young rabbit struggles to find a home, unsuccessfully asking Hugh Hefner to take him in at his Playboy mansion, his father sends his royal guard, The Pink Berets, to find his son. Meanwhile baby-chicken Carlos and his music-obsessed assistant Phil plot to take over the Easter organization.

Wandering through Los Angeles, E.B. is hit by Fred O'Hare, an out of work slacker who was driving to the house he is then the caretaker of. Feigning injury, E.B. persuades Fred to take him in as he recovers. Unfortunately, E.B. causes trouble in the home and Fred attempts to abandon him in the wilderness. However, E.B. persuades the human to help him by claiming to be the Easter Bunny, whom Fred saw in operation in his youth. When the rabbit sees the Berets closing in on him while waiting in the parking lot while Fred is having his interview, he is forced to flee into the business. Although he enjoys a successful recording session with the Blind Boys of Alabama as their substitute drummer, he ruins Fred's job interview in the process while getting a tip about an audition opportunity with David Hasselhoff.

Meanwhile, Easter Chick Carlos, disappointed that he is not allowed to take E.B.'s place, plots a coup d'├ętat against the Easter Bunny.

Promising to leave Fred alone if the human helps him get to the audition, E.B. eventually performs for the star. Hasselhoff, both impressed with the rabbit's performance and accustomed to talking things, invites him to perform on his show in a few days time. Afterward, Fred (with E.B. hiding in a satchel) is obliged to attended his precocious adopted younger sister's Easter school pageant, but E.B. alarmed that the Pink Berets have apparently found him, dashes out and disrupts the show even as Fred tries to stop him. Trapped on stage and wanting to hide E.B.'s intelligence, Fred feigns a ventriloquist's act with the bunny's cooperation as his dummy and they lead the show in singing "I Want Candy."

Although both his younger sister and father are angry about the upstaging, Fred is inspired to be the Easter Bunny himself. Although E.B. is skeptical, he agrees to train the human and eventually finds that Fred has some genuine talent for it. On the day of E.B.'s performance, the Pink Berets have found the house. Although he tries to fake his death with a frozen turkey dressed in his clothes in a cook pot, E.B. cannot bring himself to abandon his dream and leaves for Hasselhoff's show.

The Berets see the turkey, and horrified that the human in the house has apparently killed E.B., capture Fred and take him to Easter Island. Once there, Fred is held captive and confronted by the Easter Bunny and Carlos about killing E.B.. At this opportunity, Carlos ignores Fred's protests about the truth of the decoy and seizes control of the Easter factory.

As this is happening, E.B. is wracked with guilt at selfishly abandoning his friend to the point where his own reflection is berating him about it. After discussing the situation with Hasselhoff, the star advises him to go back and help his friend with no hard feelings for this sudden departure. When he finds evidence of the Berets' capture of Fred, E.B. races back to the factory.

At the Island, E.B. is tossed into the chocolate bunny carving line. Fred and E.B.'s father are tied with black licorice and are to be boiled alive. Fred eats his way out enable his and E.B.'s father's escape while E.B. survives by dodging the blades. Carlos, now a chick-bunny combination due to the Easter magic, tries to lead the Easter sleigh out with Phil directing via lighted wands. E.B. improvises a drum session. Uncontrollably driven to dance to the beat, Phil provides the wrong signals, causing a crash and Carlos is subdued.

At the conclusion of this crisis, E.B. decides to accept his responsibilities. Remorseful for denigrating his son's interests, E.B.'s father compromises by appointing both E.B. and Fred co-Easter bunnies to address the workload concern. Fred's family is now proud that he has a job and responsibilities, although they are a little creeped out on the over said job's nature.

in my opinion this a great film
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Hop(2011 film)
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