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 Felix the Cat: The Movie

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Felix the Cat: The Movie Empty
PostSubject: Felix the Cat: The Movie   Felix the Cat: The Movie Icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2011 11:08 am

In the Kingdom of Oriana, war has begun. The Princess Oriana, whose evil uncle, the Duke of Zill, has just taken over all the other kingdoms using his army of robots and is about to take over her kingdom next, has to reach out to another dimension for help. She is captured by the Duke and imprisoned, but not before sending a messanger into another dimension to contact help. The messenger, taking on the form a tear with Oriana's image, finds Felix the Cat, and guides him to the abandoned Anairo Gold Mine, where the dimensional transporter is located. Felix and his magical bag of tricks are soon transported to the fantastic and strange Kingdom of Oriana. When he arrives there, his bag changes into a drill, and accidentally floods the transporter control room when it drills into an ocean. After escaping being devoured by a shark-like creature and resurfacing in a swamp, located in the Land of Zill, Felix meets Pim, a reluctant lacky to Wack Lizardi, the owner of a local circus. Pim suggests that Felix could be a new attraction, so Wack confiscates Felix's bag and locks Felix in a cell before and after every show. Meanwhile, Poindexter and the Professor have followed Felix to this dimension, the Professor to try and steal Felix's bag finally, and Poindexter to document this alien world. Felix meets Oriana and promises to escape, which they do. After braving the creatures of the world, they arrive at Oriana, where they confront the Duke. After discoving what the Book of Ultimate Power contains(which the Duke has been desiring for so long), the infuriated Duke commands Master Cylinder to destroy the group. When Master Cylinder is defeated, all other cylinders and cubes(robots designed by the Duke), self destruct. The Duke is defeated, and the Kingdom soon returns to its former glory. After that, Felix, the Professor, and Poindexter go home through the dimensional transporter.

in my opinion this is pretty weird but pretty good film
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Felix the Cat: The Movie
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