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 The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war  Empty
PostSubject: The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war    The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war  Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 8:30 am

The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war

Narrator: recently a dictatorship country has changed its name to UnitedStatesTopiaLand and declared war on the United States of America, Zim and GIR were sadly drafted into the war, on the bright side they survived their first day. The leader of the country Bubo, is still at large.

The Jungles of UnitedStatesTopiaLand, night

(We see wearing an army helmet Zim sitting in a hammock while GIR is sitting on the ground.)

Zim: Well GIR that was some fight.

GIR: I liked the explosions, Hey Zim do you have the news paper.

Zim: The sections of sports, political cartoons, and adds are earthier charred or covered in many bullets.

GIR: I don’t care just give me a sample.

(Zim passes GIR a newspaper and just when he is about to eat he sees a mirage of a white steak.)

White Steak (Singing):

(GIR pounces on it only to see it was a mirage, he then causally eats the news paper remains.)

Zim: Listen to this the Nishizawa Business Company has gone through the roof.

GIR: how does this matter.

Zim: The girl who attacked us on black Friday is related to this company.

GIR: I think these news papers, so where do you suppose we are.

Zim: the South Pacific Ocean towards Hawaii, Although UnitedStatesTopiaLand looks a lot like Vietnam.

(As Zim is eating we see a LONG tong grabbing parts of his food, He notices it and proceeds to drag it towards him showing it’s…...)

GIR: Cool is that a Salamander?

Zim: It’s an Axolotian, native inhabitants to planet Ahotoron, the 23rd Planet of the Gamma star cloud.

GIR: Are they edible.

Axolotian: YOU’RE GOING TO EAT ME!!!??

Zim: GIR you don’t eat salamanders.

Axolotian: This is no place for an Axolotian Woman, you do have good food though.

 Zim: Well maybe you should leave.

Axolotl: Alright just don’t do anything sharp.

(The alien gets back into her ship and goes back home.)

The Jungles of UnitedStatesTopiaLand, day

Commander: get ready me for the attack.  

(The soldiers of both sides battle one another for some time.)


Zim: What the heck?

GIR: McDonalds.

(We see A McDonalds in the middle of the jungle.)

Zim: After this McDonalds let’s try to get to Bubo’s house.

GIR: Right.


(We see Zim and GIR wandering the Jungle until they see a Crocodile scientist.)

Crocostein: Hello and Welcome, to the Crocostein show, prepare to meet my experiment.

GIR: Hey Zim How is the United States not realize you’re missing?

Zim: I sent a letter telling them I was on a vacation.


(Suddenly an Undead Cybernetic Land Shark comes out of the jungle.)

Zim: Holy shipwreck.

Crocostein: ATTACK

(Zim Fights Both The experiment and Crocostein, resulting the Undead Cybernetic Land Shark getting exploded and Crocostein flying up into space.)

Crocostein: I’m BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!


Zim: That was weird.

GIR: Aren’t supposed to go to the dictator’s house.

Zim: Right.

Dictator’s house

Zim: Alright Bubo come out with you’re hands up.

Bubo: The heck I am.

GIR: SO cool  
(A fight occurs between Zim and Bubo eventually Zim manages to narrowly defeat him.)  

Zim: That was close.

GIR: Were going home soon.

Zim: Good.



.the Axolotian looks like this

. Crocostein looks something like this

Crocostein is a cross between the words Crocodile and the company Finkelstein and Partners

. The Undead Cybernetic Land Shark Looks like this The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war  B10

.The Way Crocostein is defeated spoofs Pokémon

. Bubo the owl looks like this The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war  The_Grand_Duke_of_Owls

. Bubo is the science term for an owl

. the entire episode spoofs old war films

. the episode was inspired by this song

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war    The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war  Icon_minitimeSun Feb 27, 2011 6:27 pm

the land shark was wow.

I like the name of the united states of utopia (that would be so cool) lol! lol! lol!

A Mc Donalds in the middle of a jungle-I can imagine a McDonalds in the Middle East. lol! lol!

Funny read for the night-a good laugh cheers alien lol! lol!
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The UnitedStatesTopiaLand war
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