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 The Great Oil Well

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Great Oil Well Empty
PostSubject: The Great Oil Well   The Great Oil Well Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 7:41 am

The Great Oil Well

Collage town, day

(We see Zim and GIR walking across a collage town.)

Zim: Well GIR this collage town could provide some secrets for my plan to conquer this planet.

GIR: I really like those big fancy buildings, plus all these rocks taste good.

Zim: Speaking about collage, after visiting Wikipedia I’ve noticed something about Twilight.

GIR: Did you notice that a lot of Native American people don’t wear shirts in that area.

Zim: No, actually that’s not what I’m saying, Edward and the Cullens are the good guys because ... well, they don't eat humans. They let their vampire buddies eat humans, routinely show up the Humans, use their awesome powers for pure personal gain, and screw up the lives of many a people to get their way, but at least they don't eat humans.

GIR: Now that you put that way I think that woman has a bad taste in people, do you want my rocks.

Zim: It doesn’t stop there Also, Bella. She is supposed to be the perfect woman, but she's just a supponent, incompetent, snotty, VERY superficial, clingy, obsessive bolt who is decidedly as heroic as a Bag of Manure.

GIR: I’m really starting to wonder if that author really has a bad taste in moral character.

Zim: Well were not really that good earthier but we do stuff for military purposes.

(We see a speech platform ahead we see a crocodile standing on it, Zim and GIR walk up to it.)

Announcer: Please welcome Wani!

Audience: *Lack of clapping noises*

(We see Wani the crocodile walk up and Give a speech, this crocodile speaks in a slight Australian accent)

Wani: Thank you I prepared a speech.

GIR: Hey Zim who’s that big Crocodile.

Zim: That’s Wani he’s a filthy rich, white collar criminal.

GIR: then why is he giving a speech.

Zim: There’s a lack of evidence that he committed his crimes, but a lot of people are concerned he did them.

GIR: is he related to Dracula?

Zim: Despite his style of clothing no actually, I’m going to check the plat form for some clues.

Wani: So I’d like to begin with a saying…

(Zim meanwhile walks up to the stage and inspects various things before accidently…….STEPPING ON WANI’S FOOT.)


Zim: Son of a Gun.

(A huge chase scene occurs resulting in Zim narrowly escaping the Crocodile.)

Wani: That boy knows too much about me.

(Wani Takes out a cell phone and dials a number.)

Wani: Hello Viper.

Viper (Off screen): What do you need this time Wani?

Collage grounds, Night

Zim: Who knew a member of the reptile family can run that fast.

GIR: I’m hungry you want to get something to eat-

Voice (off screen): Not so fast.

(We see a vicious humanoid creature resembling a snake, it speaks in a gruff and raspy sounding voice)

Zim: Who are you suppose to be.

Viper: I’m Viper A member of the Viper species.

Zim: You’re quiet odd that every in you’re Species has the same name.

GIR: I wonder how they identify themselves.

Zim: These guys are from Keron but are currently forced to wander space, nasty piece of work.

Viper: I’ll shut you up.

(Zim Takes out an energy weapon and just blasts him with it resulting in a one-shot detonation.)

Zim: If looks could Kill.

(Suddenly an entire army of Vipers come out.)

GIR: I’m scared, they look the same

Zim: These guys lack any individually, in fact only body structure, size, and intelligence is what they have, in fact Bothe genders look the same.

Viper 1: I’m Viper’s Brother.

Viper 2: I’m Viper’s mom.

Viper 3: I’m Viper Great grandfather.

Vipers: are names are all Viper.

GIR: Is this the part when these space gangsters fight us, that would be pretty cool.

Zim: No this is the part where they break into song about how bad they are.

GIR: That sounds even better.

(Suddenly the Vipers break into song.)

Vipers (Singing):

GIR: That was wicked!

Zim: See you soon.

(They run into a mansion and slam the door.)

Mansion, Inside

Zim: Shoot I just realized something.

GIR: Does it have to do with The Vipers working for Wani.

Zim: No Wani LIVES Here.

Wani (off screen): Glad you can make it!

Wani: Mr. Zim I plan on making this place an oil refinery for oil resources underneath the ground.

Zim: But that is private property.

Wani: On the contrary I’m going to plant bombs, but first I’ll have some dinner.

GIR: I want food too.

Zim: Don’t you get it, he’s going to EAT US.


(a fight starts between Zim and Wani after fighting for sometime Zim wins the fight.)

Wani: well the operation isn’t heard of.

Zim: On the contrary a camera crew was here and filmed the entire scene.

GIR: I was eating the chips.

Wani: At least the Vipers don’t know that I’m cutting the deal.

Vipers: YOU DID WHAT!!!

Wani: OH-

(The rather bruised looking crocodile, flees form the dust covered snake aliens.)

Zim: Well looks our job is done.

GIR: Let’s get something to eat first.

Zim: Agreed.



. “Wani” Is Japanese for “crocodile or alligator”

. Wani Looks like this The Great Oil Well B10

. the Vipers look like this

. the reason the Vipers Break into song is because I’ve noticed that in musical films, the bad guys mostly get the cool, but slightly intimating ones

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Great Oil Well Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Great Oil Well   The Great Oil Well Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 2:01 pm

i like the reference and insight to Twilight. Different alien

I thought this was funny-the musical number not really expected Laughing Laughing

All the vipers WOW affraid affraid affraid

A fun read lol! lol! lol!
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The Great Oil Well
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