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 Tropical Drain

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Tropical Drain Empty
PostSubject: Tropical Drain   Tropical Drain Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 7:12 am

Tropical Drain

Tropical Island, resort

(We see Zim and GIR walking across a tropical island.)

Zim: Well here we are at this fine island to relax.

GIR: Zim, I like the taste of those leaves.

Zim: What don’t you eat?

GIR: Um…

Zim: I thought that, anyway were here to relax and have fun.


(We see Keroro, Kululu, Tamama, and the corporal silhouette discussing something. Tamama is playing with a stuffed toy while talking.)

Keroro: Attention you Keronian, This is Sergeant Keroro we have an operation in the tropics.

Kululu: *KUKUKU* In that case why don’t you try to hire people that can take care of the job.

Keroro: W-what are you saying this is impossible?

Kululu: What do you mean impossible? You’re plans have been crushed by that woman and her two kids for like, eh, ever. Those Guys stop it’s their job or something, in a matter of fact I can’t remember a plan they didn’t stop.

Corporal Silhouette: Kululu they haven’t stopped all of them.

Kululu: Name one plan.

Tamama: Um…

Kululu: Exactly Tamama.

Keroro: Actually this one that haven’t been stopped this operation involving draining all the volcanic liquid and holding the planet hostage.

Corporal Silhouette: sounds pretty good I’m coming.

(They walk on a pad as it sends them up wards into a ship.)

Kululu: Well that’s that.

Tamama: The guy get’s an “A” for effort that’s for sure.

Kululu: If you’re looking for me tell them I’m going to read anyone’s documents on their computer through hacking.

Tropical Island, day

Zim: I got a bad felling about this GIR.

GIR: So it’s not just me.

Zim: Well if you dust flying from the ground and people running for their lives that’s bad news written all over it.

(We see a large tanker device battling all these helicopters.)

Zim: According to a scan this device is not very well defended without a shield.

(The two make their way to the control switch to shut off the shield and…… a silhouette attacks them.)

Zim: W-who are you because for a guy less than 4 feet you’re quiet intimidating.

GIR: Well he’s not the Pillsbury dough boy.

(We finally see the Corporal for the first time showing….A RATHER aggressive looking red frog with a stitch on his face.)

Giroro: Corporal Giroro Reporting, apparently all life forms on this planet register as targets, time for practice.

Zim: Oh sho-

(Zim would have finished his sentence if it wasn’t for the fact that Giroro attacked him, a massive and epic battle begins results in Zim narrowly winning the first round.)

Giroro: Hmm not bad.

Zim: *whispering noises*

Giroro: Did you just “say why don’t I just give and go home”?

Zim: Yeah.

Giroro…Time for phase 2.

(This time he uses a bigger energy weapon in this round, and even more intense and epic fight begins after sometime Giroro collapses.)

Zim: Now to turn that switch off.

(After turning the switch off the ship and just when there about to blast it)

Keroro: Well time for plan B…..

(Suddenly a robot that looks like a Keronian to attack)

GIR: I don’t suppose you’re satisfied with a hug?

Zim: Well that’s a new one.

(A battle between Zim and the robot begins eventually after a long battle the robot is blown up along with the ship ejecting Keroro into the blue yonder.)

Zim: Well let’s go back to partying.




. The Stuffed animal Tamama is playing with in the beginning looks like this

. Keronian soldiers look like this

. The Pillsbury dough boy is mentioned

. the robot fought in the end looks like this
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Tropical Drain
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