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 The Thief and the Cobbler

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Thief and the Cobbler  Empty
PostSubject: The Thief and the Cobbler    The Thief and the Cobbler  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 3:00 pm

The film opens by the narrator describing a Golden City. According to a prophecy, if the three golden balls on the top of its highest minaret are taken away, the city will fall to destruction and death; however, the city can be saved by the "simplest soul with the smallest and simplest of things". The two titular characters, an unsuccessful but persistent thief, and Tack the humble and good-hearted cobbler. When the thief tries his luck at the home of Tack, Tack accidentally sews their clothes together while he is asleep and the thief is leaning over him. They stumble onto the street, and Zigzag the blue skined rhyming grand vizier, who is proceeding through the street, steps on one of Tack's tacks. Angered by the pain, he orders Tack to be arrested, while the thief manages to escape. When Tack is being taken to the palace, the thief sees the three golden balls in the courtyard. Zigzag takes Tack before the sleepy king Nod and his beautiful daughter, princess Yum-Yum, who takes a liking to Tack (and vice versa.) Before Zigzag can convince the king to have Tack executed, Yum-Yum saves him by breaking her shoe on purpose and demanding that the cobbler should fix it. Tack fixes her shoe while developing a romantic bond with the princess that leaves Zigzag, who harbors great diser to have the crown by using Yum-Yum, intensely jealous. After he is done, the thief, who has managed to break into the palace through the sewer system, steals the shoe, and Tack chases him through hallways filled with optical illusions. After Tack manages to get the shoe back, he bumps into Zigzag, who notices that the shoe has been fixed and uses the opportunity to lock Tack away in a prison cell.

Outside the city, a race of monstrous one-eyed men, led by the warlord Mighty One-eye, plans to conquer it. Unknown to them, a single soldier of the army they have just defeated is still alive, though mortally wounded, and rides to warn the king. Meanwhile, Zigzag tells his starving pet vulture Phido his plan to marry the princess and take over the kingdom. Phido hates Zigzag due to the fact he does not feed him and treats him badly (accidentally setting him on fire multiple times). The following morning, king Nod has a vision of the Golden City's doom by the one-eyes and calls Zigzag immediately (interrupting his attempt to feed Tack to Phido). When Zigzag has managed to convince the king that they are "safe from any threat as long as the three golden balls are on the minaret", the thief manages to steal the balls after several failed attempts, but drops and loses them to Zigzag's minions. Meanwhile, Tack breaks out of his cell using his cobbling tools while people panic over the loss of the balls. The dying soldier finally arrives and warns Nod about the one-eyes. After seeing that the balls are gone, the horrified king tells his subjects about the dire situation and prepare the city's defense for an invasion. Later that night, Zigzag receives the balls from his minions and attempts to blackmail the king to let him marry his daughter Yum-Yum. When king Nod refuses, Zigzag decides to defect to the one-eyes instead and give them the golden balls.

Nod sends Yum-Yum, her nanny and Tack on a perilous journey to ask for help from the Mad And Holy Old Witch, who lives in the desert. The heroes meet a band of dim-witted brigands in the desert, whom Yum-Yum declares as her royal guard. Together they travel to the hand-shaped mountain where the witch lives. The witch says that Tack is able to save the Golden City, and gives him the advice: "Attack, Attack, ATTACK! A tack, see? But it's what you do with what you've got!". Meanwhile, Zigzag goes to the Mighty One-eye and impresses him with his skills as a sorcerer and by taming the alligators that the one-eyes throw him to. They then prepare to attack the city.

The protagonists return to the city while the one-eyes' huge war machine is approaching. Remembering the witch's riddle, Tack steps forward and shoots a single tack into the enemy's midst. The tack starts a Goldberg-esque chain reaction that causes the war machine to slowly collapse, destroying the whole one-eye army in the process. When trying to escape, Zigzag falls into a dark pit where he is ambushed by the alligators and Phido. Because Zigzag has not kept his promise to feed them, they eat him alive. The Mighty One-eye, who had been watching from a nearby cliff, is killed by his own slave women. The thief, while evading many deathtraps, steals the balls from the war machine, but they are taken from him by Tack: The thief, who has had various misadventures throughout the film, finally gives up and lets him have them. With peace restored and the prophecy fulfilled, the city celebrates as Tack and Yum-Yum marry; before their kiss, Tack, says "I love you" to Yum-yum. The movie ends with the thief stealing the entire film and running away.

in my opinion this film is not bad but needs some work

here is the tralier

The Thief and the Cobbler  Great_11

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The Thief and the Cobbler
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