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 Yogi Bear (film)

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Yogi Bear (film) Empty
PostSubject: Yogi Bear (film)   Yogi Bear (film) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2011 4:42 pm

Yogi and Boo Boo are two brown bears who have a knack for stealing picnic baskets, and park ranger Smith tries to prevent them from doing so. Meanwhile, Mayor Brown realizes that his city is facing a financial crisis. To solve it and ensure his election as the next state governor, the mayor decides to "find some place losing money so he can earn it", and he picks Jellystone, the park where the bears live. The park is selected as a logging site, and Jellystone is shut down. Now seeing that their home is in danger of being destroyed, it's up to Yogi and Boo Boo, along with Ranger Smith and a documentary-shooter named Rachel , to save the park. Before the park is shut down, Ranger Smith holds a Centennial festival, but Yogi wrecks it by setting his cape on fire, which causes the fireworks to launch prematurely. After Jellystone is shut down, Ranger Smith is forced to stay in Evergreen Park, a small urban enclave. Smith, Rachel, Yogi, and Boo Boo plan to stop the sale of Jellystone. They learn that Boo Boo's pet turtle is a rare species, which means that the Park cannot be destroyed with the turtle there. Mayor Brown finds out and orders his guards to kidnap the turtle so that he can cut down all trees of Jellystone and confesses to Yogi, Smith, Rachel, and Boo Boo, that he doesn't care about the law and wants power more than what is best for the people. However it is learned that Rachel has secretly recorded Mayor Brown's confession, on her laptop, and the turtle escapes Mayor Brown's guards and so Yogi keeps the guards busy so that Smith can record Brown's confession and succeeds just before Mayor Brown can record his governor speech leading the people to become furious and record his confession on the TV news and have the police arrest Mayor Brown, especially when Mayor Brown lies that there is no rare turtle, but then the turtle reveals himself to the people. Smith gets his job back and the Park is saved.

In my opinion this good film

Yogi Bear (film) Great_11

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Yogi Bear (film) 079

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Yogi Bear (film)
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