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 I found……Something

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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I found……Something Empty
PostSubject: I found……Something   I found……Something Icon_minitimeTue Nov 30, 2010 2:17 pm

I found……Something

Movie additions, night, inside

(We see these directors viewing the cast for the alien when suddenly Zim and GIR accidently show up.)

Director: This is perfect just where did you get those costumes!?

Zim: What?

Director: Never mind this is going to be perfect!

GIR: OOOOO what just happened?

Zim: apparently we got signed up for some science fiction film.


Zim: Here it is you do realize being a star isn’t everything?

Director: PLACES everyone.

Zim: This is going to be along night.


Zim: apparently we got casted as the alien Villains, I think I was called the alien Grand Prince.

GIR: An alien invasion?

Zim: Ironic.

(Zim puts his oxygen helmet on while GIR puts his armor on.)

Director: Lights camera action!

(Zim and GIR Blow up all these buildings as a couple celebrity/heroes watch in terror.)

GIR: Greetings-

(Zim knocks GIR down.)

GIR: Forgive us Grand-Prince We would have come sooner if you didn’t call us.

Zim: how can I call when THEY CAPTURED ME LIKE THIS!!!


Zim: Ready aim fire.

(They blast the cannon at the white house)

Zim: this will make perfect in our army, as for the rest of you have to pack you’re stuff for transportation.

(They take out the Main-Character’s brain and put into a smaller ship as his Love-Interest suddenly the color turns from blue to red.)

Zim: What the-

GIR: This is cool…

Zim: Apparently there’s a malfunction in the device. What have you done you ruined everything!

(Suddenly a claw extends form the ship taking the Love-Interest with him.)

Zim: You bio-ships find him we can’t let him get away except for you get me something to drink.

(The ships leave except one who gives Zim a Drink.)

Love-Interest: What are you doing?

(The Defective ship Battles others eventually he manages to destroy most he rams into the main frame but is blown up into the main frame but cannot completely destroy it, However the Main-Character is dead.)

Zim: You can’t destroy me Human, I know everything about this planet and its future. YOU’RE KIND WILL NEVER BE SAFE FORM ME!!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GIR: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zim: I hate this FILTHY planet!

(Zim and GIR fall into a worm hole as the Love-Interest watches.)

Director: Cut that was great!

Zim: It was quiet easy to act this Grand-Prince.

GIR: That was cool.

Movie theater, Night, inside

(We see the exact same scene seen earlier but this time the Love-Interest leaves the place.)


(We here shaking suddenly the Love-Interest get up as she hears something flying over head.)

Love-Interest: What the?

(the camera pans into space as we see…..AN ENTIRE FLEET OF ALIEN SHIPS 90 TRILLION TIMES THE SIZE BEFORE.)

Zim: Hello.

(The film ends as GIR along with Zim leave.)

GIR: Let’s not do that again.

Zim: Agreed do you want to go to a fast food restaurant?

GIR: Sure.


. The film is a parody on Independence Day and skyline

. this episode has many science fiction reference
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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I found……Something Empty
PostSubject: Re: I found……Something   I found……Something Icon_minitimeTue Nov 30, 2010 5:06 pm

i really like the cast and the way the directosr set up the movie (REALLY COOL)

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I found……Something
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