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 Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood

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Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  Empty
PostSubject: Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood    Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 30, 2010 1:37 pm

Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  Ed_edd10


Produced, Directed, and Written by: The Irken Empire, Nickalooden Paramount Pictures, Cartoon Network, and AKA Cartoon

Rating: PG For Viloence, Scenes of peral and some rude humor

Relase: summer time

Country: USA

Languge: English

The Jurassic Period, Earth

(We see an object heading towards earth while these silhouettes hide under ground.)

Voice: We headed underground to wait in status chambers. Little did we know we were wrong, and then we headed 6 millennia out of our comfort zone.

Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood

Opening theme:

2010, Drill Station, day

Eddy: Step Right up for a taste of this Ed flakes.

(The group pauses to see no ones there)

Eddy: What happened to the crowd?!

Double D: How not putting it near a Drill Station Mining for minerals!

Ed: E is for Cookie.

(The Three walk up to the Drill station to see everyone looking at the still working metals, they wheel their stand while doing this.)

Everyone: Cool.

Eddy: How about come buy some Ed flakes.

Ed: MMMMM!!!

Double D: Ed you do realize that what you’re eating is cheerios painted green.

Ed: They still taste good. NOW GET YOUR OWN!!!!

Jimmy: It looks neat when I grow up I’ll get this job. Hey look cereal.

(Jimmy Pays them and walks off with it.)

Jimmy: Why does it taste like paint?

Eddy: Have you ever heard the saying a sucker is born every minute?

Double D: Only Too much.

(Suddenly all these cracks move across the ground and form quick sand trapping Jimmy and Kevin.)

Double D: Is this a dream?
Kevin: I’ll get you for this you-

(He would have finished his sentence if he wasn’t pulled under ground.)

Sarah: JIMMY!!!!

Jimmy: I feel queasy with this entire marsh gas still a good drill.

(She tries to hoist him out only to be dragged under too.)


Double D: I-I don’t know what’s happening there’s got to be a ventilation shaft under ground or something.

Rolf: Is this a Part of you’re scamming Ed boys Double D, Eddy, and Ed, Rolf knows too well?

Double D: Heavens no!

(They all walk of the building.)

Jonny: Plank says that there is strange lighting outside.

(They all look outside and see that red light is gilding across the sky.)

Ed: This looks like something out of my movies.

Double D: Those things are completely different.

Eddy: Big deal.

(HE throws a rock at the sky and it……BOUNCES OFF?!)

Double D: Ok Ed what happened in the film.

Ed: these Creatures try to destroy all life. It’s awesome living a horror film.

Eddy: This is getting from bad to worse at least I got my money.

(Suddenly the Ed flakes stand is sucked under ground.)

Double D: First thing’s first, WE BETTER GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!!

(They end up preparing everything suddenly a creature that looks half man/reptile attacks them, Double D and Ed locked in a truck as Eddy sprays it with a fire extinguisher. The sky becomes day again. However the creature uses a Slick and whip like tough to whack Rolf in the neck.)

Eddy’s house, day, inside

Eddy: That’s why should not mess with the Eds! Double D you’re going to talk with the reptile!

Double D: Why can’t you do it Eddy.

Eddy: Because I’m gathering my forces Ed, Jonny, Plank and Rolf to guard this place.

(Double D quickly takes the Mask off the Creature revaluing it’s face to have…..HUMAN FACIAL FUTURES.)

Double D: What on earth are you?

Tlask: I’m Tlask of the Silurian, we came here to set things right and take this earth from you apes.

Double D: Wait a second Miss you’re form the Silurian era?

Tlask: Correct my sister will get you!

Ed: Welcome to earth Lizard woman.

Silurian caves

(Kevin Regains conscience to see he’s… a dentist chair behind glass and a Silurian Doctor is operating.)

Kevin: Ed is that you in some kind of sick costume? When I’m through with I’ll-

Silurian Doctor: Shhh!

Kevin: DID YOU JUST SHHH ME!!!!???

(The Silurian Doctor just hits a button activating Sleep Gases.)

Eddy’s house, day, inside

Double D: I have an idea gentleman!

Everyone: what is it?!

Double D: Two of us will go down and try to negotiate with them they seem quiet nice.

Everyone: Ok.


Double D: I need someone to come down with me because 1. I need company and 2. I’m not good at combat incase they try to jump me.

Ed: Pick Me Pick Me!

Double D: Ok I pick Ed. Rolf, Jonny, and Eddy you stand Guard of the Silurian.

Tlask: I’ll try to provoke a war between us! You’ll see!

Eddy: Whatever.

(Ed and Double D leave.)

Eddy: You want to see a new episode of “Jersey Shore”

Rolf: Rolf is not familiar with jersey shore.

Jonny: I and Plank think it’s good.

(As Ed and Double D walk out the ground beneath them cracks open causing them to fall thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.)

Ed & Double D: * Screams in terror*


Jimmy: I feel so weird with all these metal walls. Is there anything to eat down here?

Sarah: Hey mister could you let us out? DO IT BEFORE WE CRACK SOME-

Silurian: *whistles causally*

Eddy’s house

(Rolf collapses only for them to discover that some of veins are green.)

Jonny: Look Plank Rolf is infected!

Rolf: Don’t Worry Rolf has seen worse.

(Eddy Walks out side only for him to be sucked under ground too.)

Silurian Caves

( Ed And Double D are about to fall when Ed uses his powers to slow them down.)

Ed: MMMM!!!

Double D: Intriguing crystals.

Ed: Hey Double D you said there was only a small colony!

Double D: So?

Ed: Is that small?


(suddenly Eddy falls next to them.)

Ed: My wish has come true Eddy is here!

Double D: We have better stop these cracks. Oh and Ed stop eating the Crystals!

Alya: Those are the people who took my sister take them away!

Silurian: Yes General Alya!

Silurian Doctor: You cannot do this there people like us.
Alya: Just watch me 1…2…3….open-

Silurian Elder: You do realize I’m back I agree with the Doctor Silurian!

Double D: Now to have this treaty!

(Many Silurians apologize and even shake hands with them, as Double D talks with the elder about peace Eddy, Ed, the Silurian Doctor go look for Jimmy, Sarah, and Kevin. They Free them shortly.)

Jimmy: I think we will make good friends Doctor.

Silurian solider: Sorry we didn’t realize you had our level of intellect.

Sarah: Don’t do it again or else I’ll-

Silurian Solider: You want to see our village?

(we see Alya watching everyone is disgust.)

Eddy’s house

(Suddenly Tlask Breaks free and Tires to attack Rolf and Jonny but Fails because Rolf manages to inject her with his poison.)

Jonny: Woops!

Rolf: Let’s try to find a quick place to put away.

(We see a camera placed by Alya is watching them.)

Silurian Meeting hall

Silurian Elder: So let’s start some peace!

Alya(Recording): Are You with that sock hat?

Silurian Elder: Yes.

Alya: Tell him to have a nice Boom!
(Suddenly we see an energy bomb placed on the Silurian Elder.)

Double D: AN EXPLOSIVE!!!!

(as Rolf and Jonny enter they See Double D run past them.)

Jonny: What’s his problem?

Silurian Elder: Beat’s me.

(as Double D tries to turn it off suddenly.)

Double D: Oh N-


(Everyone is fine except…..)

Ed & Eddy: Double D! Come on, Double D! Double D!

Double D: ...Must have a nap... since I'm so...very sleepy...

(He loses consciousness. he seems……DEAD.)

Eddy: ALYA!!!

Alya: And Look I’m about to fire my dooms day weapon see you later!

(Ed uses his superhuman strength to destroy the weapon. After a long chase everyone is cornered into a wall.)

Ed: Too bad I never got to see the ending of the space people.

Eddy: I’m so so sorry for everything I’ve done.

Everyone: We forgive you.

Alya: Quiet! Say hello to this big laser gun I’m destroy all of you wit-


(We see that Alya is dead the person who saved everyone is……DOUBLE D.)
Double D: I’m back!

Everyone: You’re alive!

Silurian Elder: Now that there’s a piece time to surface the city.

Silurian Doctor: I couldn’t agree more.

(WE see the Silurian city surfaces and the world sees them.)

Silurian Elder: We come in peace!

Crowd of People: We like peace!

Eddy: All well ends well.

Ed: I like this ending.

Plank: That’s all folks hope you enjoyed the show.

Everyone: WHAT?!

Jonny: Told he can talk.

Credits Theme:



Action Guy---Ed

Invader Zim---Double D

Vector the Crocodile---Eddy

The Sales Clerk---Kevin

The Weird guy down the Street---Rolf


SpongeBob SquarePants---Jonny 2X4

The Little kid down the Street---Sarah

Lawrence---Silurian Doctor

The President---Silurian Elder

Dr. Nefarious---Silurian Soldiers

Ms. Bitters---Tlask/Alya

Brooklyn Guy---Plank


Overall the film was praised for its humor and cool effects although some viewers were disappointed when it turned out what the Silurians looked like without their masks.


With a minor acceptation of the opening scene everything is traditionally animated.


. the Silurians look like this Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  Reptil10

. the Silurian city looks like this Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  City10

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood    Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 30, 2010 4:13 pm

the dialogue was Great cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
i can actually hear their voices ed double d eddie etc.

Their manerisms and language was great lol! lol! lol! lol!

Panted cereal I can see that happening
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Ed Edd N Eddy: Cold Blood
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