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  The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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 The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR Empty
PostSubject: The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR    The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 4:36 pm

Narrator: Welcome everyone glad you could make it to our Election day special! Stay Tuned for The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR.

Zim’s house, day, inside

Zim: Breaking news GIR apparently the president is making wacky laws!

GIR: COOL!!! Such as?

Zim: Forcing people to hug one another during a sporting event!

GIR: Hmmmm.


GIR: Get in the ship.

Opening theme:

White house, day, outside

(We see Zim and GIR land the Voot Runner towards the building. Zim is disguised as an bearded man in a tuxedo.)

Zim: Now to get things straight.

GIR: Are we going to handle the situation Good cop bad cop.

Zim: No, were going to do it Freelance Hyper Cop and Freelance Nonsense Cop.

(They walk in to see the congress holding a meeting.)

Congress: Mr. President your choices are irrational! Go back to your scenes.

President: Happy! Happy! Happy!

Zim: There’s something wrong with the president’s eyes. I wonder if he drank too much Soda.

GIR: Cool eyes.

(Zim walks up to the president to see he has something in his back.)

Zim: Mr. President you have something in your-

(He yanks it out showing it’s a…..WIND UP KEY.)

Congress: *Screams in Terror*

Zim: He’s a…..HUGE WIND UP TOY!!!!

GIR: Can I wind him back up?

Congress: We quit all of us!

Zim: You can’t just quit!

(Congress runs out of the room and to parts where nobody can find them.)

GIR: Do you realize what this means?

Zim: NO BUT LET ME GUESS!!! It means who ever is responsible for this will extend his schemes to control the entire free world. Not just that but congress can’t impeach him if he tires something evil.

GIR: It means that you’re going to have to run for president of the United States.

Zim: An emergency election? Well…

GIR: I always though that you wanted to take over the world?

Zim: do you think we could get women this way GIR?


Zim: I mean from our own species. You know dates.

GIR: *Sigh of relief* Ok I guess.

Zim: Than I’m going to be president of the United States. This calls for an emergency election! Wait I need a Mascot for my party, a Vice President, a Deputy Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense, and a Secretary of State. Plus I can’t use my real name

GIR: I’ll be the mascot and the Vice President. I think we know people who can help us.

Narrator: and so the places that they are running for are the following.

The RAC party (Random Acts of Chaos)

President- Wesley Samson/Invader Zim

Vice President/Mascot- GIR

Deputy Chief of staff- Vector the Crocodile

Secretary of Defense- Action Guy

White house, inside, night

Zim: America, I have foreseen America under one rule, we all can make it a reality. Stay Frosty America.

GIR: I like it.

(We see two Muppets walking by.)

Zim: Jib and Smiley?!

Jib: Hello Mr. Samson.

Smiley: Cool the future president.

Zim: what are you doing here?

Jib: after our show went out of businesses we became the Governors of North and South Dakota.

Smiley: it’s a real great job.

Zim you guys want to be secretary of state when I get elected?

Jib & Smiley: Sure I guess.

(They walk out of the room. Zim and GIR walk into a secret room resembling a war room.)

Zim: This is room we held a meeting when Vinnie the Pooh took over the United States.


Zim: I wonder if I can contact the person I need GIR.

TARDIS, inside

(We see Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence waiting for when to enact.)

Dr. Nefarious: This will be good.

(Suddenly a picture of Zim appears on screen.)

Zim: Nefarious!

Lawrence: I have laundry to do.

Dr. Nefarious: What do you need?

Zim: Transmit this broadcast around the United States of America, except for one house.

Dr. Nefarious: Name it.

(Suddenly it is broadcast across America.)

White house, inside, night

Vector the Crocodile: Wesley Samson? You look familiar.

Zim: SO what have you come to show me?

Vector the Crocodile: well I have this truth serum.

Zim: IS it illegal?

Vector the Crocodile: its Mexican spices, and octopus mixed with cough medicine.

(The crocodile leaves.)

Zim: Tomorrows a big day.

Action Guy: as a reward Mr. President I will give you a poster for my first film…Sharks On a rollercoaster.

GIR: I liked that film!

Next Morning…

(We see everyone shows up for the Election.)

Zim: Thank you for coming everybody.

Woman: where have I heard that voice before? *thinks* that’s the Guy who called about the aliens!

Zim: Stay frosty America.

(the two have back and forth opinions about something the Sales clerk acts as the moderator)

GIR: I’m bored.

Sales clerk: Lastly what do you plan to do about the havoc Doctor Eggman is doing?

Senator: Well….

Zim: Prevent him from doing this.

(Suddenly the Senator shows himself to be……DR. EGGMAN.)

Dr. Eggman: Now I will build my empire.

Zim: Bad move you’re surrounded by members of the FBI, CIA, and every government division in America.

Dr. Eggman: Oh-

(Suddenly he is teleported to some government building.)

Sales clerk: And we have a winner.

Zim & GIR: *Cheers*

(Suddenly the President shows up.)

Zim: Mr. President.

President: well I’m back form vacation. I heard about everything…tell what when I’m out of office you and your friends will get this job.

Zim: Don’t we get a reward?!

President: here’s the key to your city.

(Zim and GIR walk off and Head back to the Voot Runner.)

Zim: What should we do first?

GIR: the Ice cream shop.

Narrator: That raps up our fine story good night everybody.



. The poster for sharks on a roller coaster looks like this

.Zim’s disguise is this only in a tuxedo and Top hat
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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 The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR    The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 7:51 pm

I like hyper cop and other cop very funny

i also liked the poster cheers alien alien

the presidental rules i agree if they cancel tacos-thats has to be stoped
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The Presidential Invasion: Starring Zim And GIR
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