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 The Scarto Operation

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: The Scarto Operation   The Scarto Operation Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 2:19 pm

The Scarto Operation

Scarto, day

(we see Zim and GIR walking across a weird desert-like landscape with purple sky.)

GIR: I LIKE CANDY!!! Say Zim do the Irken have blood type?

Zim: Well we only have one it’s known as –X. (Pronounced Negative X.)

GIR: MMMM!!! Rocks!

Zim: This place is reminding me of something out the film “9”. You know the one with all those rag dolls. Still better than Meekrob, We really need to get one of those cool TV stuff.

(Suddenly the cloudy purple sky opens up and a shaft of light and three meats descend form the sky. They are a Hot Dog, A Stake, and a slice of Ham.)

Zim: WHAT A MINUTE!!!! You’re those guys from that long deceased show “Meaty Tales”! I saw you on TV when I was a little boy.

GIR: Cool I want to eat!

Meaty Tales Cast: Do not be afraid were to help destroy it.

GIR: What beliefs to they teach?

Zim: Zonsannanity (Zon-San-anity) The beliefs of the Irken Empire.

Meaty Tales Cast: we have a lot to show you.

(We see they guide them across the weird place to a strange building.)

Meaty Tales Cast: There coming back from the shadows.

(We see a very brief future Vision where we see a earth and a planet is about to hit into it. They vanish)

Zim: That was weird….moving on.

GIR: Hey look!

(They see the City is covered in strange metal.)

Zim: GIR DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS!!!???? This looks like something out a video game.

GIR: Tacos?

Zim: No not only is this planet dead but the Meekrob Conscience has taken over this place. Image how many Meekrob are there.

GIR: Zemmun-Gar?

Zim: this is getting weird but maybe we can find out what there doing.

(they sneak for some time before going into a strange chamber.)

Meekrob Conscience: Plan Zero is not complete sir. Scarto is now conquered sir.


Zim: NOW!!!

(HE activates the Sonic beam and plays the following. He also shoots several before this. Everyone is affected for a Purple one)

Sonic beam:

Zim: Cool music. Did you pick this GIR?

GIR: I want to dance

Zemmun-Gar: Meekrob Rabe last member of the cult of Meekrob get him!

GIR: OOOO PURPLE!!! Wait are they this color?

Zim: No, they specially breed ones to think of new ways they even give them names. In Meekrob this considered abhorrent.

(Suddenly the Lava rises to get them eventually Zim and GIR escape.)

GIR: Did they survive?

Zim: the ones who weren’t affected. Let’s go home.



. This episode has a brief parody on veggie tales
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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The Scarto Operation Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Scarto Operation   The Scarto Operation Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 3:15 pm


Just one line to Add a reference to LADY GAGA- she wore a dress made out of MEAT for the MUSIC AWARDS

I like the music spiderweb-lets all hear it at Dinner time confused confused confused I like the color purple that you chose for the sky setting
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The Scarto Operation
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