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 They came from the lake

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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They came from the lake Empty
PostSubject: They came from the lake   They came from the lake Icon_minitimeTue Oct 19, 2010 2:20 pm

They came from the lake

Zim’s base, night, inside

Zim: have you noticed that what’s with those businesses companies? There always trying to corrupt themselves in some way.

GIR: I heard that brand flakes getting a raise.

Zim: You know I’m kind of trying to make contact with the tallest.

GIR: How come there not answering?

Zim: there very far away right now. Which reminds me its movie night right?

(We see the phone ring, Zim talks on it for sometime)

Zim: GIR we need to go to the local lake apparently some people have gone missing lately. Oh and bring the cheerios.

The lake, night


(They land the Voot Runner near a swamp.)

Zim: The lake population……..1. If there is an answer to this…….CANNIBALISM! I VOTE CANNIBALISM!

(Suddenly an old man walks over to the place in fear.)

Zim: Hey how it going?

Old man: Everyone’s gone there brains are take out and walk like zombie’s I tell you!

(Old man flees in terror we see all these people walking like zombies.)

Zim: He’s right remember GIR walk like a zombie. Oh and get the candy.

GIR: Zim wait we don’t have gills….oh right.

(Zim and GIR walk under water for sometime we see weird structures.)

GIR: Zim this guy must be watching too many James Bond flicks.

Zim: Still this place looks weird.

Voice: I take that as a complement.

(Zim and GIR turn to see a fish in a jar attached to a metal humanoid body. The body is placed in a wheel chair.)

Zim: its Goldfish… know the gold fish you flushed down the toilet 5 years ago.


Zim: How often do you clean this bowl?

Goldfish: YOUR CASUIAL INDEFFRICE CANNOT SAVE YOU NOW YOU FOOL!!!! Behold the bounty of my ingenious plan.

(a curtain appears and is let loose revaluing….)

Zim: SEA CHIMPS!!!??? You’re best work is sea chimps?!

Goldfish: They look like the ones on the box.

Zim: You’ve answered our prayers! You’re a great MAN...I mean Fish.

Goldfish: I give them hormones to make them bigger to sell them as fast food.

Zim: So these people are you’re zombie workers!


Goldfish: Sturgeon! Get over here!

(We see a giant Sturgeon walks over.)

Goldfish: I use him as braw force to remove the brains you’re next Zim!

GIR: Cool!

Zim: I heard the really big ones are in Alaska

(Suddenly the fish grabs him…but GIR throws 30000 pieces of candy into his mouth.)

Zim (Under Sugar rush): Mama! Doom from above! Who’s cooking spear ribs!

(Sturgeon Looks troubled and shakes him.)

Zim (Under sugar rush): GIR is that you! In the name of justice and the moon! Tamama Impact!

Goldfish: You idiot that was too much candy!

GIR: *bursts into child-like laughter*

Zim (Under sugar rush): * Voice becomes more high pitched* The Lollipop guild! The Lollipop Guild!

Goldfish: Stop Him! He’s running amok!

(We see Zim as he’s under high sugar giving everyone back their brains. Suddenly Sturgeon grabs him and is about to….)

GIR (Robotic): Freeze or the mater mind get’s it!

Goldfish: do what he says I think he means it!

(Zim recover the Sugar rush and activates the self destruct systems.)

Zim: SO you want to watch a movie?

GIR: lets



. When under sugar rush Zim quotes the Japanese television shows Sailor Moon and Sgt. Frog along with the wizard of OZ

. Besides species name Goldfish is also a parody on Goldfinger

.Goldfish was inspired by this image
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
specices: sea sponge

They came from the lake Empty
PostSubject: Re: They came from the lake   They came from the lake Icon_minitimeTue Oct 19, 2010 5:09 pm

first love they came from the Lake-cool intro Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

i enjoyed the sugar rush-talking lollipop guild etc lol!

Girs comment dont forget the cherrrios lol! lol!

Try to sat SWAMP PEOPLE with a straight face
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They came from the lake
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