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 The God Emperor of Tunguska

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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The God Emperor of Tunguska  Empty
PostSubject: The God Emperor of Tunguska    The God Emperor of Tunguska  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 2:37 pm

The God Emperor of Tunguska

Eating contest arena

Zim: I’ll watch from here GIR make me proud!


(we see GIR walk up to a table.)

Announcer: our champion has never lost a fight but can this dog win this match?

Champion: a….Dog?

Announcer: ready….set…GO!!!

(GIR and the champion eat food like 13 stack burgers and other food that could make you sick eventually the Champion can no longer take all this eating.)

GIR: How about desert?

(the champion faints. GIR takes the reward as Zim grabs him and runs off. They get into the Voot runner )

GIR: Is there a problem Zim?

Zim: In a matter of fact yes! A after the “Tunguska Event” the meteorite that caused the explosion was carrying radiation.

GIR: You mean it mutated the people and food there!? MY CANDY!!!!!

Zim: um…no it mutated an Earthworm and now the Giant earthworm thinks it’s a god. It’s crowned its self emperor of Russia!

(GIR Is drinking juice as Zim says this stuff. The Ship takes off.)

Russia, Tunguska, night

Zim: well here we are GIR in Russia were going to fight a giant worm you ready!

GIR: this is cool!

(As the two are talking they see an unseen man in armor following them. The two walk into the place.)

Robot-Guard: Show what you’re carrying.

Zim: I don’t think that’s a good idea but ok.

(Zim show a laser weapon with him.)

Robot-Guard: ATTACK!!!!

(Zim and GIR engaged combat with the guards eventually Zim and GIR win the battle and destroy the robot-guards and free the Leaders of Russia, There just about to fight the worm when suddenly…)

Armored-man: HALT!!!

Zim: another guard to fight? This is getting to weird GIR.

GIR: I just want my pan cakes.

Armored-man: I have a question… (His voice becomes more high-pitched and gruffer.) but first I will take my mask in order to prove myself.

(off screen he takes his mask along with everything off.)

Zim: WHAT THE!!!??? It can’t be?!

GIR: but it is and he’s cool.

Zim: Former freelance deceive Vector the Crocodile?! What on earth are you doing here in Russia?!

Vector the Crocodile: Hey Guys! Have any of you found the computer room?

GIR: Can I have your autograph.

Zim: why would a Crocodile need a computer room?

Vector the Crocodile: Well you see do to the fact crime is decreasing now a day, I need to get money and food on my plate so I got a new job, and I’m trying to email my mother.

Zim: What would that job be?

Vector the Crocodile: I’m a DJ for a night club, the other jobs wouldn’t take me. Where is the computer room?

GIR: on the other side!

Vector the Crocodile: Umm…What?

Zim: Elevator 5th floor, oh and watch out for the explosions….do you know where the Earthworm is.

Vector the Crocodile: He’s on the 17th floor. I’m leaving

Zim: in return for your services I’m going to make you my general when the time comes.

Vector the Crocodile: Ok so call me when that happens.

(Zim, GIR, and Vector the Crocodile goes into the elevator and go to there respected floors.)

Vector the Crocodile: I’m starting to like that little Lime Green and His little Green Dog.


Zim: ok GIR Fertilizing time!

GIR (robotic): Duty mode activated Lord Zim!

(The 2 battle the earthworm for sometime eventually Zim and GIR manage to destroy there opponent and repair the government building.)

Zim: our work is done!

GIR: Cool! Want to get a diner at a restaurant in Louisiana?

Zim: I’m hungry so let’s.

Louisiana, Night club/Diner, night, inside
GIR: these appetizers taste Good!

Zim: the DJ’s coming I wonder who it is?

Club host: attention please I’d like you to meet DJ Vector!

Zim & GIR: WHAT!!!???

(The crocodile walks up to the key disk board and starts to play the following song.)



. For information about the Tunguska event here is a link

. the God Emperor Earthworm was inspired by this image

. the title and plot was inspired by the God Emperor of dune

. Vector the Crocodile looks like this

. the eating contest was a parody of man vs. food
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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The God Emperor of Tunguska  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The God Emperor of Tunguska    The God Emperor of Tunguska  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 3:06 pm

i Like the man vs. dog v. food contest. Funny Challenge lol! lol! lol!

Whoa that is one big ugly worm YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny episode
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The God Emperor of Tunguska
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