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 Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War Empty
PostSubject: Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War   Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 2:32 pm

Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War

Narrator: Welcome back everybody, America is now ruled by Emperor Vincent Charles Tang-zin Pu AKA Vinnie the Pooh A genetically Mutilated bear who took over America, prior to that he was under organized crime and Overthrew the president. Currently Prof. Membrane’s Paradox machine and has conquered an alien species, that is non-Irken.

Zim’s Base, Day, Inside/Control Room

(We see Zim standing inside the room.)

Zim: computer, Take an Indication.

Computer: go ahead Invader.

Zim: things to do once the Paradox machine is Destroyed Number 1 Retire Lord Garvorlon and allow him to do anything he wants, Number 2 reestablish Mission of Earth Domination or Operation Impending II, And Number 3 Take GIR out for dinner.

Computer: very well sir.

(suddenly a creature appears that is a purple alien-head in a tank attached to a robotic battle suit.)

Lord Garvorlon: INVADER ZIM!!!!!

Zim: AHHH!!!

(Zim jumps 20 feet into the air and falls flat on his face he then gets up.)

Zim: And you are….?

Lord Garvorlon: Lord Garvorlon, I’ve seen reports that the operation is getting Risky!

GIR: Oh hi Mr. Head tank. It’s GIR.


(Lord Garvorlon Cowers in fear of Zim’s reaction.)

GIR: I’ll leave you 2 alone.
Zim: look if Vinnie the Pooh masters time everything will go bad! We need trained specialists. Meet me at the white house.

Meeting room, inside

(We see meeting rooms seated at the chairs are Zim, GIR, The Commander, The President, Action-Guy, Lord Garvorlon and Prof. Membrane all are in the same war room in doctor Strangelove at the center of the room is a plate of cookies. NOTE: Zim, and GIR are in disguise and Lord Garvorlon convinced everyone he’s a genetic mutant.)

President: Everyone is here thank you for coming I my wife made the cookies. That’s not important we have to decide how we’ll attack them, any questions.

GIR: can I have the cookies?

President: well sure No one’s eating them.

(GIR inhales them as the president speaks.)

President: well here’s the plan!

Prof. Membrane: How are you going to project the plan?

Action-Guy: can you get the plan now I have some major butt to kick!

President: Gentlemen, Mutant, and Dog! Behold my plan! First party: me, Garvorlon, Prof. Membrane, and Action guy will battle off the forces of Vinnie while the Second Party: Zim and His dog will try to fight Vinnie and Destroy the Paradox machine.

Action-Guy: this rules!

Commander: I will express my opinion.

(he pauses and looks around, then clears his windpipe

Commander (sing):

Zim: Let’s get a move on boys!

GIR: MMMMM!!! These Cookies are great!

White House, Day, inside

Vinnie the Pooh: remember to motor the Slaves at all times.

Robot: well do sir!


(we see everyone outside as they see the ruined white house. The President leads Zim and GIR to the secret entrance.)

President: I used this to get away from people who wanted my autographs…Go and Hurry.

Zim: let’s kick some Vinnie Butt.

GIR: I wonder if there’s any snack machines.

(The President Shoves Zim and GIR in and goes to fight some robots along with Action-Guy, Prof. Membrane, and Lord Garvorlon believe or not the Humans are very skilled in hand to hand combat and they eventually run into several alien creatures held in the containment felid, the President summons a giant donkey to take out the robot general and destroy the containment field releasing several Frog-like aliens.)

Keronian #1: Thank you for freeing us form that prison in reward well help you fight for food.

Keronian #2: And Get snacks!

(As everyone Fights we see Zim and GIR looking form a window.)

Zim: let’s get down to business GIR!

GIR (robotic): Roger Roger!

(The two fights their way to the white house office and eventually get to Vinnie’s office. They enter through the air)

Vinnie the Pooh: so you’re back for more, I give you something to fight about!

(Suddenly Vinnie’s chair turns into a walking mech Zim battles for time eventually Zim destroys him.)

Zim: now to end this once and for all!

(Zim shoots the Paradox machine restoring the Keronians proper time line. Zim and GIR walk out of the white house only to see Lord Garvorlon…..seemingly dead.)

Lord Garvorlon: I see a tunnel full of bright light and oh…heaven is at the end!


GIR: WHY!!!!!!!

Lord Garvorlon: Um guys I’m not dead.

Everyone: *cheers*.

Narrator: and so Action-Guy went back to being in action movies, Prof. Membrane went back to his job along with everyone else, with a minor exception Of Garvorlon who is now the CEO of a sketchers store.



. The president looks like this

. Vinnie the Pooh is a spoof on Winnie the Pooh

. The entire plot was in inspired by this image

. The Keronians look like this

. the War room looks like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War Empty
PostSubject: Re: Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War   Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 6:30 pm

i love CEO of sketcher store Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Plus a guys I m not dead yet cheers cheers cheers cheers

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Invader Zim VS. Vinnie the Pooh: Masters of War
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