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 Wasabi blues

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Wasabi blues   Wasabi blues Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 10:46 am

Wasabi blues

Japan, some GARBAGE DUMP

(We see Zim and GIR walk across this GARBAGE DUMP.)

Zim: I remember when I was just a little toddler, Living on simple food. Welcome to Japan!

GIR: This place smells bad why’s that?

Zim: look around you GIR, this is a GARBAGE DUMP does it look like a vacation! Hey look an onion truck let’s hop along.

(We see Zim and GIR jump on a truck while it’s going at unusually fast speeds.)

GIR: you know it’s nice of people to give these nice little onions a free ride, that’s very green of them.

Zim: Um…GIR there not taking these onions home.

GIR: Where are they taking them…Oh…a produce plant.

Zim: I always thought silicone parts were made for toys so that’s why I don’t buy those weird magazines.

City, day, cinema

GIR: one ticket for this movie….the Curse.

Zim: um…GIR be careful what movie you’re picking.

(They walk into the cinema and wait for the film to play suddenly everything stops.)

Narrator: the following scene is so scary that it will give us an R rating so instead we’ll show you something else.


Narrator: back to the show.
City, night, cinema

Zim: it’s like some horrible nightmare, please try to wake me up.

GIR: so…Want to get a bite to eat.

Zim: lets!

Restaurant, night, inside

(we see Zim and GIR eating food eventually two criminals show up with armed clubs.)

GIR: I and Zim don’t mind the way you handle our food…



Criminal: freeze or I have to flood the place!

Zim: you’re incapable of doing that….because I’m holding the other end of the hose.


Zim: were leaving now…..AND YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT THE TIP!!!!




. this parodies various food products through the episode

Wasabi blues Great_11

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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PostSubject: Re: Wasabi blues   Wasabi blues Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 2:00 pm

i like the line about the hose

and i want to see the mega monster movie sometime alien
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Wasabi blues
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