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 THey stole GIR'S Data Tank

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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THey stole GIR'S Data Tank Empty
PostSubject: THey stole GIR'S Data Tank   THey stole GIR'S Data Tank Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 2:30 pm

They Stole GIR’S Data Tank

Zim’s base, night, inside

Zim: GIR will you turn the TV down!

GIR: Sorry! I was trying to hear but my head was stuck in the pickle jar!

(Time passes and GIR has not turned the volume down. Eventually Zim is getting sick and tired of the noise.)

Zim: ok GIR why aren’t turning the TV down….

(GIR isn’t moving and Zim try to get him to move.)

Narrator: did you really think it was going to be a simple tale?

(Zim eventually notices that GIR head has been opened up…..his DATA TANK (Robot Brain) is missing.)

Zim: WHAT!!!???

Narrator: I think I should be leaving by now. So in order to avoid the NC-17 rating I’m going to show what the Commander of the US army. Don’t worry we’ll see Zim later.

(The Narrator runs off screen.)

(we see The US army Celebrating HAMMERDOWN with cakes as if it’s a birthday party.)

Narrator: back to Zim’s base

(we see Zim putting the dog suit on GIR and heading to where the most likely place the suspect would go…..The local Museum.)

Zim: now to find out who’s behind this, go home and get some snacks. Hey look a snack machine!

(after eating we see Zim go to see the cultrate and see it’s…..Quasnax!)

Quasnax: with these ancient artifacts we’ll take over the entire universe.

General: are you sure that’s a good idea about that these are high

Zim: GIR?!

(We see GIR’S data tank in a jar.)

GIR: I really don’t like this. Get me out of here it smells like Mexican spices in here.

Quasnax: its Zim get him me!

GIR: I hope Zim survived the minions attack. These guys are just as boring as public radio.

(We see Zim managed to avoid the minions attack he then walks into a room where there’s Egyptian artifacts.)

Zim: ancient Egypt. I wonder if there‘s any video games.

(we see Zim finds a brain still pulsing. He also finds a crown and picks that with him. He takes it back to GIR’S lifeless body.)

Zim: wow with this I wonder what will happen. I just hope it’s not like the mummy.

(We see Zim put the brain in GIR’S skull it surges with some kind of physic energy.)


(“GIR” Puts the crown on his head and starts to speak.)

Sekhotep: (God like) Tormentors of Sekhotep will be laid upon your feet! Go back monster do not treat the boy-king this way!

(He pauses and notices Zim.)

Sekhotep (his real voice sounds like a child.): Ack! Osiris!

Zim: the god of the underworld….no I’m Zim.

Sekhotep: oh…my. A new body! It’s so…energetic!

Zim: that’s on of GIR’S sugar rushes. Try to get used to them.

Sekhotep: I’m Sekhotep, boy-king of Egypt.
Now suppose you want a reward for saving our spirits form the land of the dead….I was having fun in heaven until you reactivated this body.

Zim: if it’s not too much trouble sir, I would like you help me retrieve GIR form a couple of world conquering nimrods. If everything goes as plan you can have a body of a snake-like monster.

Sekhotep: A SNAKE!!!?? That does sound promising, very well we help you in your quest!

(Eventually while Sekhotep distracts the guards Zim tries to rescue GIR’S data Tank he manages to use his Organ snatcher to Give GIR his body back and Put Sek hotep into Quasnax body.)

Sekhotep: Attention all minions. This is you’re divine lord Sekhotep were heading home.

(the Marikal leave and Zim and GIR leave Quasnax brain lifeless in the jar.)

Zim: that was a weird adventure GIR.

GIR: can we go home now.



. There are many references to the mummy

. the reason Sekhotep mistakes Zim for Osiris is because both are green

. the Egyptian crown looks like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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THey stole GIR'S Data Tank Empty
PostSubject: Re: THey stole GIR'S Data Tank   THey stole GIR'S Data Tank Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 4:57 pm

poor Gir head stuck in a pickle Jar (i am sure he doesn't mind)

Funny stuff Very Happy farao farao farao farao
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THey stole GIR'S Data Tank
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