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 Hansel and Gretel (2007 film)

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PostSubject: Hansel and Gretel (2007 film)   Hansel and Gretel (2007 film) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2010 3:50 pm


The scene began with pictures that narrates the original Hansel and Gretel's story. It then shifted to Eun-soo, a salesman, driving his car on the way to his mother's house while talking to his customer on the phone. Suddenly his girlfriend called and said that she's four weeks pregnant and she wanted him to be responsible. He said he couldn't and he's going to visit his sick mother. She hung up and when he tried to make another call he drove into a boulder and caused his car to flip on the other side of the road.

When Eun-soo wakes up, he realizes that he had been unconscious for hours and that he's in a unknown dark forest. He tries to keep himself awake as he wander around in the woods but eventually faints. In the next scene,as he becomes conscious again. Eun-soo sees a light in the distant. The source of light was actually a lantern held in a little girl's hand.

The little girl comes and helps Eun-Soo up and as they are walking, Eun-soo asks her name and she tells him her name is Young-hee, and she is looking for her sister's hairpin. He then follows her into a big, neat house in the middle of the forest. The house's signboard read "House of Happy Children".

In the terrace her parents are waiting, with her two siblings, who is introduced as Man-bok, her older brother, and Jung-soon, her little sister. After being cured, Eun-soo asks if he could use their phone, because his cellphone doesn't work. The father tells him that the phone got disconnected few days ago. We see that the parents both looks very scared. Eun-soo falls asleep.

(Day 1) the next day, Eun-soo wakes up and is surprised because he falls asleep in the livingroom but finds himself sleeping in the guest room,which is full of rabbit pictures hanging on the wall and dolls spreading all over the floor. He looks at his cellphone which is lying on the floor and picks it up, tries to call but he can't get a signal. Suddenly someone opens the door, it's Young-hee. They have sweets and cakes for breakfast, but the kids are following every move he makes. Eun-soo asks again if the phone is working and explains his situation. The kids asks their parents why a mother could pass away, Eun-soo replies that she was sick, but that's ok coz he's not that close to his mother. That answer makes Man-bok angry and tells Eun-soo that he should be lucky he has a mother. His mother tries to calm him down. Eun-soo apologizes and thanks everyone, saying he's leaving. Eun-soo tries to get out of the forest, but suddenly the sky's getting dark. He looks at his watch, which doesn't work at all. He keeps walking and walking but the forest is so dark and deep. Luckily, he sees a light in the distant, but when he comes near it, he finds himself back in the house. He asks the kids' parents to go with him but they said they can't. We can see that the father is sweating and the mother often scratching her neck. So the kids tells their parents Eun-soo would go with them. Man-bok smiles as he sees Eun-soo playing with his sisters. Eun-soo once again stays in the house, he wonders if this area's some kind of Bermuda Triangle. He hears a loud banging sound and tries to investigate, he finds the parents are quarrelling. He sees a girl watching him from the distance and asks who she is coz it might be Young-hee, suddenly the door is shut and she disappears. Eun-soo comes to the kids room. Man-bok tells him that Young-hee often sleepwalks so it is her whom Eun-soo saw. He asks why Eun-soo care for them, then mumbles, thanks to Eun-soo they're wide awake. When Eun-soo sleeps, an unseen figure walks out of his room. We see a piece of paper stuck on the middle of his window. Suddenly he wakes up and goes out to find the paper lying down on the grass. He sees someone sitting on the swing. Suddenly he wakes up and finds it's just a dream.

(Day 2) he hears someone crying, he goes downstairs and sees the children are crying. He asks what happened. He reads the paper, the parents told him to take care of the children when they're gone, because their mother is sick and they went out to find a hospital. The children keeps crying so he tells them to be quiet or else he will punish them. But he quickly apologizes seeing the children keep crying. They eats lunch, Eun-soo asks Man-bok if he can show him the way out. He leaves the house once again, Young-hee and Man-bok looks at him from the distance, she says Eun-soo's nice, Man-bok adds, "For now." Eun-soo notices there is someone following him. He tries to get out but he can't. He gets back into the house, and asks the kids if there is someone besides them who lives in the woods. Man-bok declines. Eun-soo goes looking for the phone, the kids tell him it's no use, he has to stay there for a "few days". At night he asks again if Man-bok could draws a map and gives it to him. The kids ignore him. When he goes to sleep he hears a strange noise in the attic. He goes out and follows the noise, he finds a door. He decides to enter it, suddenly the noise stops, so he comes out, but he stops at the door as the noise starts again. Turns out it comes from the ceiling, he goes up to the attic through a hole in the ceiling, suddenly a woman ,covered with her hair, looks at him. He was surprised and falls down as she disappears. Man-bok shows up, Eun-soo tells him that someone else is there. Both of them goes up, Man-bok tells him that there's no one there, but Eun-soo insists that someone was there. He asks Man-bok the way to get out. Man-bok replies, "How?" and pulled out a map that he drew himself. Looking at Eun-soo with envy, he says that he must have missed his mother. Meanwhile, a woman who was startling Eun-soo looks at them.

(Day 3) Eun-soo once again gets out, now using Man-bok's map. It begins to snow all of a sudden, and the way is already covered with snow when he meets a couple who's walking from the opposite direction. The woman tells him not to go out of the forest since it was snowing, she explains that they are also lost and their car broke down in the same highway where Eun-soo had an accident. Eun-soo warns them not to go his direction, but the man says there's a house where they can stay for awhile. Eun-soo asks how can they know there's a house. Man-bok appears, he tells Eun-soo not to go away. Eun-soo is surprised and still insists that they shouldn't go, then goes away. It turns out the telephone is thrown out of the house. The couple and Man-bok arrives at their house. They asks the whereabouts of the kids' parents. The woman, Kyung-sook looks at their jewellery and grins. She compliments at Jung-soon's necklace. Eun-soo still looks for the way out. He sees a bunny tied to a branch of a tree, with a hairpin on it. He walks closer and tries to grab the hairpin, he falls down. The trees' branches are moving and tries to get him. He faints. He dreams about the house; Man-bok looks at him suspiciously, Jung-soon is doing somthing horrible to the teddy bear's belly, Young-hee with eyes full of tears saying "Don't go" over and over. Eun-soo wakes up, he looks at the hairpin laying next to him. He comes back and scolds Man-bok. Jung-soon starts crying, while Young-hee calmly goes to him and tells him to rest. Eun-soo gives the hairpin to Jung-soon, who suddenly stops crying and smiles as it is, her hairpin that Young-hee's looking for. The man smiles, looking at them and stands up to introduce himself as Deacon Byun.

(Day 4)Eun-soo narrates, "It keeps snowing. The snow keeps falling on my desperate hope." He looks out of the window from the living room, then looks at the children and the couple are eating in the dining room. He watches TV, the show is about a bunny who keeps running after a bear, and after catches the bear, the bunny tears his foot off. Eun-soo narrows his eyes in confusion and changes the channel. Jung-soon asks Kyung-sook to feed her. She refuses. Jung-soon keeps nagging, Young-hee stares at them. Kyung-sook smiles and tells her to eat, she grips her hands. Young-hee stands up in anger. Kyung-sook teases their parents for spoiling them. Deacon Byun tells them to stop. Eun-soo stares in disbelief. Even when he changes the channel, it plays the same show. Except one channel-it shows news which the reporter asks two children about Christmas. Eun-soo looks at the back of the TV, the TV cable is unplugged. The kids are playing snowball outside. Young-hee accidentally throws at Deacon Byun. Deacon strokes her ear. Man-bok stares at them with jealousy.

I feel so dustirbed

Hansel and Gretel (2007 film) Great_11

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Hansel and Gretel (2007 film)
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